Dancing Machine

Hey guys! Today I wanted to try something a bit different when it came to my posing for my blog. I had bought an animated dance from the 60 L Happy Weekend sale, and I decided to take pictures as I was dancing. It’s similar to what people do in RL when they take pictures, they are in motion while the photographer takes a series of shots.

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Sisters In SL – Roller Skating!

Hey guys! I decided to do a quick post on this because I had a lot of fun on Saturday afternoon. I actually wanted to plan a roller skating party last year but right after I made the reservation my aunt had passed away…so had to make plans to go out of town.

I met a lot of people that afternoon, including the CEO and management team. It was awesome ^^

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Miss Virtual Universe 2020 – First Challenge

Yesterday I attended the Miss Virtual Universe 2020 competition. I went to most of the challenges last year, and some of you may have remembered that I did a few posts covering the various challenges.

For this challenge I will not do the whole script, partly because not all of it was said to the audience (especially towards the end), and partly because it’s easier for me to post if I can cut down on my workload. Also, I used the recommended lighting to be able to see everything at its best.

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Miss Virtual Diva 2019 – Big Final Competition

On September 15th, I went to the Miss Virtual Diva 2019 finale show, where they would announce “The Next Face of Fashion”. It was a great turn out, and lots of exceptional styling not only from the contestants, but in the audience as well.

Miss Virtual Diva 2019 - BIG FINAL by Angels Kristan

Miss Virtual Diva 2019 – BIG FINAL by Angels Kristan

I took the transcript from the show and incorporated it into my blog. I did not write the script, but the photos were taken by me. I hope you guys enjoy – for some it will be a refresher, and for others it will be a way to find out what you missed 🙂

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Celebrate Back to School with YoU by GeMyles!

YoU by GeMyles & Myles Harvy Couture celebrates September with their Back to School EVENT!

For each day in September, both stores will give a 50% discount on ALL items with the same letter. For instance, September 1st  they will discount all items starting with the letter “A”.

In addition to the sale, YoU by GeMyles has a cool schoolgirl gacha set for Maitreya, Belleza Venus/Freya, and Slink Hourglass/Physique. You can win a schoolbag, skirt, socks/black pumps, shirt, or tie in the colors teal, blue, purple, red, or black.


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