MadPea: Who Are You In 2025?

Hey guys! Today I saw a cool game from MadPea on Facebook – Who Are You In 2025? In the past, I played a few experiences from MadPea, but due to lack of time and increase in HUD prices, I stopped playing for a while. So when I saw that the price of the HUD was only 300L, I said why not? 🙂

When I clicked Info, it gave me the following message:

“[07:07] INFO: Who Are You in 2025 is first in the series of MadPea smaller experiences. This QUIZ EXPERIENCE will put you into awkward situations giving you choices. Based on your answers you’ll find out who you will be in 2025 if you keep going to that direction. There are 4 prizes and 4 different achievements available and the experience is replayable to collect them all!”

The HUD looks like this:

and then minimizes to the left when not active.

Scenario #1

I am only going to post the first question and answer set, because I feel some things should be a surprise. But I will post the locations for the rest of them so you can think of your own potential questions to ask ^^

 Scenario #2

Scenario #3

Scenario #4

Scenario #5

Scenario #6

Scenario #7

Scenario #8

Scenario #9

Scenario #10

After this, I was teleported here and had to stand in the beam.

And I am a….

I think I will play this again to see what the other outcomes are, time permitting. I am happy that MadPea did this game, and I hope they do more like this in the future. I love the more involved games, but sometimes you don’t always have the time or the finances to make that investment.


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