Revisiting the Past

Hey guys! Today I went to Luanes Magical World to take pictures of items from Ghee and Chop Zuey.  I had a feeling of deja vu, so I had a look at my blog archives. Turns out I was here in 2016 specifically to take photos for the same two designers. Funny, huh? Too bad my video making hasn’t evolved much since then. I just don’t like the set up for the videos…close all of your windows, take off all of your huds, do this, hide that. Meh 😦

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Self Reflection

Hey guys! After the sale at Merch where I was able to get the fur coat that I have been wanting for a while, I got some inspiration to take some photos. I have a friend who takes exceptional photos, and he has a certain style in taking his photos. So today, I tried to find my own, intimate style in taking photos. But first I’ll show you the other stuff that I got from Merch.

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Double Skulls

I started working on this photo on Mother’s Day. I was intrigued with the idea of a bad assed mother/daughter duo, walking in the forest at night time. Maybe it’s because of all of the GoT posts on Facebook and Plurk that influenced me to do something as well (no I don’t watch the show).

United Colors really outdid themselves with this set at Fameshed and Equal 10 this month. There are lots of styling combinations you can do. For instance, if you look at the bodysuits, one has long sleeves, and the sleeves can be hidden as you can see on the “daughter”.

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