Another Bedtime Story

….well…it’s not really a story as it is another monthly reflection. Once again, let’s be thankful that we all made it through another month in SL and in RL. This month seemed better than recent months. I have been taking better care of myself, but I still have some ways to go. I did have some days where I was just tired. I am tired now, but that’s just because I’m sleepy 😀

Dress: Ghee Bunnycorn Dress – LARA (group gift)
Hair: Lamb. Thieves Like Us
Glasses: LEN$[- 33 – White – Glasses
Shoes: N-core BRIGITTE “Fatpack” for Maitreya (Materials)
Underwear: [hh] Bethany C- String MAITREYA
Lipstick: Pink Fuel  CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Troublemaker (Powder Pack April)
Pose: FOXCITY. Oki Doki
Backdrop: CMYK// 7. I Want you by ۰ ᴍ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ۰ (marinestella)

This is a dress from Ghee – it is their group gift for April. Even though Easter is over, I decided to wear it because it is blue, and I like the color blue. And bunnies can represent spring still, so there.

Is it bad that the only thing that I opened so far from Powder Pack Catwa was this lipstick from Pink Fuel?

This month I joined SL Single’s Lounge on FB. I know a while back someone wanted to create a meetup group, but they didn’t want to put the work into it. They do have a number of questions up for discussion. One question went something like, “Ok so you found “the one” he/she wants to just partner and you want a wedding (or vise versa) do you bend and do it their way or push them for what you want?” Personally, I think if you guys can’t agree on that, chances are you can’t agree on other things as well. I said I wanted a wedding because you may as well have some good memories before the breakup. But in terms of myself, there won’t be a wedding if the engagement ring isn’t right. I am sure some of you already know where I would want my ring from, so we will leave it like that.

Second Life friends had some interesting questions today, such as: “With the amount of people who are perverted on SL…Do you leave your house without any underwear on?

My answer (and I am not answering that in group) is no – I either wear some kind of undies (applier/mesh thong, g-string or c-string. I actually have a c-string on now :P) or just alpha it out. But pre mesh I got a kick out of not wearing any panties. My ex best friend used to remind me and I was like “So?” and we both would laugh.

Next month The Fashion Loft is participating in Light It Up for Huntington’s Disease, and will do a fashion show on the 4th. So stay tuned for more details on that.

I think that’s all I wanted to say really. I did get a chance to share a lot this month, which makes me happy. I hope to keep this up, and share more with you guys, with time permitting of course.

Happy shopping!


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