Another Bedtime Story

….well…it’s not really a story as it is another monthly reflection. Once again, let’s be thankful that we all made it through another month in SL and in RL. This month seemed better than recent months. I have been taking better care of myself, but I still have some ways to go. I did have some days where I was just tired. I am tired now, but that’s just because I’m sleepy 😀

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Waiting for Someone

I decided to go out for dinner tonight. There was a trendy steakhouse across town, so I decided to check it out. Some people may think that it’s weird to have dinner alone, but I didn’t mind. Besides, I tend to get perks like getting drinks for free. One time I had an entire meal comped by a stranger who left his phone number with the waiter. With my busy schedule, it’s hard to meet up with friends on a regular basis. Come to think of it, they are busy too…

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I AM FASHION – 2019 Styling Contest

The Fashion Loft

The Fashion Loft is hosting an upcoming photo contest from April 13 – 27, 2019.

There will be 3 fashion themes that you can choose to style:

1. Polka Dots
2. Neutrals
3. Tie Dye

Who can enter

Everyone can enter, but only members of The Fashion Loft will be eligible for prizes.

The Fashion Loft is an open group: secondlife:///app/group/8d07ba32-0835-6071-de87-49716dfd44fd/about


The top 3 stylists for each category will be able to win 1,000 L, 2nd place 500 L, and 3rd place 250 L.

Contestants will be judged for styling as well as photos. Emphasis will be on the styling, but if the photo is not presented well, that can affect the contestants’ placement. The judges will consist of members who are knowledgeable in fashion and/or photography.

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Game Over

I was having a discussion with a friend regarding using proper lighting in Second Life, especially when it comes to using items with materials.

Materials can bring shine to the outfit, because the way light reflects off of it. The best way to bring that out is to always make sure that the “Advanced Lighting Model” (ALM) is enabled. If you are using a higher graphics setting, then ALM is set automatically.

This outfit from Virtual Diva is a good example of how materials can enhance an outfit. Enjoy! 🙂

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Virtual Diva – 9th Anniversary Hunt

Hey guys! Virtual Diva is currently having a hunt to celebrate their 9th anniversary. After hearing of PurpleMoon’s closing, I think it is important to treasure our couture designers. I picked up a few things at their closing sale, and you should too. At least go there and check it out 🙂

Virtual Diva has 9 items for the hunt. At 20 Lindens an item, this is a very cheap and quick way to get some nice couture items in your inventory. If you are new to the brand, this would be an excellent time to shop and sample. I’m looking at you guys who want to blog for Virtual Diva but never ever blogged anything before! 😛

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