Major Living

Hey guys! How have you been? Even though I know February is a short month, it just FEELS shorter, you know? Last time I remember thinking about the month was right before Valentine’s Day. And now here it is, almost at the end of the month. This month I have started to slowly get back engaged into Second Life. Thank you to everyone who was concerned about me ^^ It’s funny because when we were talking, they would mention that they, too were taking a break or RL was keeping them from being in SL as much. But I guess because they are used to seeing me on, it was different when we kept missing each other.

I have noticed from social media (the bit that I have been on this month) is that there are a number of people who are having a rough time (or should I say continue to have because I noticed this in January, too). It’s sad because we can’t do much to help them except to support them emotionally. And let’s not give them a hard time because they can’t maintain their regular routine.

Vest w/ top: Ghee Majorette Reloaded Top – Lara (w top) (@ The Darkness Monthly Event)
Skirt: Ghee Majorette Reloaded Skirt – LARA
Garters: Ghee Majorette Reloaded Garters – LARA
Stockings: REIGN.- Ruffle Lace Stockings (Maitreya-High)- THIGH HIGH
Hair: Sintiklia – Aislinn Bento FITTED
Makeup: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – 90s Supermodel, [PF] CATWA Eyeshadow – Smokey Boudoir (Type I), Pink Acid Razor Cheek Contouring Blush For Catwa Applier
Nails: CAZIMI:  Solids [Nearly Neutrals] (MAITREYA)
Pose: Foxcity

Backdrop: Saintstreet Japan Lovescene water

This month, Ghee came out with the Majorette Reloaded – Valentine edition at The Darkness monthly event. I didn’t want to make this a “Valentine” styling, but rather play up the darkness aspect of this outfit. Typically people don’t think pink can be “dark”, “goth”, but dark pink and black seems to do the trick here.

The vest comes with and without the top, and you have the option to wear pasties if you choose the no top version. The vest trim, top, choker and garters can be changed to black, dark pink, red, pink, or white.

I wish more people made blush – it works well to shape your face (even in SL) to give you a different look. Sometimes I wear a shape that has a rounded face (not exactly my choice), and I try to balance it out by wearing blush. It does the trick 😀

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