Pumpkin’ Donuts: The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Lately, I have noticed that in the evenings I am in dire need of sweets. Even though it’s not the greatest to use food to sooth your emotions (too much potential to overdo it), it really does hit the spot.

Tonight I am getting my sweet fix with something that I saw during my Fifty Linden Friday rounds: Pumpkin’ Donuts.

Donut Box: [-BLUE SKY-] Pumpkin Donuts Box
Donut: [-BLUE SKY-] Pumpkin Donut – Vanilla
Outfit: United Colors – Violencia Jacket, shorts, & top
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Cote Sauvage Blk
Shoes: Heels – CAPE HENRY eggplant
Hair: little bones. Poison
My kitchen: Bazar – Floria Kitchen
Pose: Di’s Opera (Modified with Animare)

Anyone who knows me should know why something like this would make me happy. So I had to get a box to bring home. I wonder what the pumpkin stem is made out of…it sorta looks like caramel.

Now I need to find some coffee and…what? You want some donuts? Sorry, can’t share these. No, I really can’t share them because they are no transfer 😦 Next time I will share, I promise 😀

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