Carilynn O’Hare Tribute Fashion Show

Last night I went to a special tribute show for Carilynn O’Hare. Although I had never had the pleasure of meeting her personally, I did know of her, and I saw her at SL fashion shows and events. Even though the show was held at 6 PM SLT, there were over 90 people on two sims in attendance – something that I had never seen for that time of night or on that day of the week. In a time where models have come under fire for everything from having disproportionate shapes to not having that much of an impact on today’s SL fashion, it was honestly a good day to be a Second Life model. There was not only so much talent on the stage and in the audience, but to see the impact that one person had on a group of people was truly inspiring.

The organizers for the tribute show were Frolic Mills ,  Owner of Advanced Modeling Academy and Editorial Clarity, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for LTD – Love to Decorate Magazine.  The show took place on the Orchard Heights community sims. Regi Yifu provided the stage for the show, and I even got a chance to speak to him briefly after the show was over.

We were told to set our windlight to midnight, but I chose 9 PM instead because I felt that brought out the details better for the photos.

Marcus Lefevre-Enimo was the voice host and DJ for the show.

Venom Zanzibar  was the text host.

This was the stage set up ( was a gyazo screenshot so was not the greatest photo):

Rissa Bolissima was the runway director for the show. A backstage team was mentioned, but was not sure who else was part of it so I only took a photo of Rissa.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of all the models that walked in this tribute show, but I did get quite few. Not everyone rezzed for me, but I believe that the photos that I did take showed the magnitude of an event like this. Everyone in the show shared some words about Carilynn, so I recorded that as well. It was announced that a memorial website would be made in Carilynn’s honor, and that all messages would be put on there. So I would strongly recommend checking that out once that is set up so that you get to see the full range of sentiments shared about this special woman.

Intro by Marcus & Venom:

Today we are coming together to pay tribute to a lady, who is loved and missed by many in Second Life, Carilynn O’Hare.

She has been for long years friend and manager to Enzo Champagne and his most fabulous brand, Champagne! Sparkling Couture. But if you’d think that is a handful to manage already, she also was a restless model, for many agencies, magazines and in many uncounted fashion shows, for many years. Her resume alone is long as a novel, but probably the most complete and the most colorful one there is.

Just to name her most recent achievement, she won the title of Miss Kelini 2016 – a dream she has worked hard and long for – to once receive the honor of a title, by competing in styling challenges, in which she showed her talent to style creatively and flawlessly.

Her incredible beauty and the most elegant and classy styling she’s donned so many times, brought her to be featured in many magazines or even to be the cover model, most prominently on the cover of the Best of SL Magazine, September 2013 issue.

But the limelight of the runways was just one side of her. Many models remember Carilynn has as mentor during their academy times, and beyond that. She has guided everyone with her best knowledge, always approachable to any time, and always motivating one to raise the bars for oneself.

Everyone also will remember her unique high pitch voice and her contagious giggling. Once she started giggling, or talking really, you knew, she would not stop!

Though, no one really needed her to stop, because everything she had to say, was modest, clear and reasonable, always considerate, even for things she may have not approved entirely. She maintained a neutral position above all circumstances, like a true lady would.

Marcus remembers her: “When the world was near to shatter around me, in MR SL 2016 back then, she would sit the whole night until the early morning with me at the stage, while I was working, either listening to me and advising me, or just to keep silent, with me. It is the moment, that I have shared with her, that I keep in my heart and memories. There was this whirlwind of woman, always in the very best mood, though always humble and classy, but in the moment I needed it most, she would sit with me and hold peace with me.”

It is now almost two years ago, that we have seen her actively in Second Life, or be it on Facebook. It is known that she fought against cancer, and especially in the later years, 2015 and 2016, she has voiced her weakness and tiredness more often. No one has heard from her since so long time and it is, that we hope, that she is in a better place, wherever that may be.

We are joining together today, to remember Carilynn, as the friend and fabulous role-model she is to all of us. Backstage are waiting a number of personalities – CEO’s, artists, Misses and Mister’s, Models, Bloggers and everything in between, to walk this fabulous runway and to recollect their memories, they have with Carilynn and to pay tribute to a lady, we assume to be the epitome of class and elegance.

We would like to thank everyone who has made today’s show possible. Foremost all we thank Frolic Mills and Editorial Clarity, who have organized today’s show.

We also thank the many models and friends of Carilynn, who have agreed to walk today, to pay their personal tribute.

We also would like to thank the management of the Orchard Heights community, who are providing the land for our venue today. We are especially grateful to Regi Yifu, who has built and provided us with this magnificent stage.

We don’t want to start this event without thanking our audience. You are all amazing and we truly appreciate your support.

Without further ado, let’s see, who is going to walk today and what memories and thoughts they want to share with us, to pay tribute to Carilynn O’Hare!

This is for you, Cari!


Please welcome to the runway the owner of AIM Modeling Agency, Boniefacio.

 Cari, I don’t know where you are but you were a great friend, we all had so much fun. You were always laughing and your “mandala patras” in skype and voice was hilarious. Cari, you said it with so much flare that we all were laughing. Not to mention when you didn’t like the styling or look of a model. It went quick to ” shu shu, shu shu, mandala patras” .Cari you are/were a twister on the runway.  In December 2015 you and i were working on your portfolio video and then all of a sudden you became sick and we couldn’t finish it. But today i can show everyone who you are by presenting your video ! Ladies and gentlemen this is/was Carilynn O’hare.
Miss O’hare, I hope that wherever you are, you are without pain and happy!

Note: When I pasted Bonie’s url as posted, it did not work. I had better luck with this one – please let me know if this is not correct:


Next to join us is Desireme Alchemi, MISS V Egypt 2014!

The very first time I met the fabulous Cari, was as a brand new model, at my very first show. I landed inside a plant instead of on the runway! OMG..I was mortified. She immediately immed me with comforting and encouraging words, saying you look amazing in the plant, and have been there, for me, every since. Cari loves dramatic stylings, so Cari, this styling, “The season of the Asian Witch” is for you! Thank you for all you have done for me..I love you!!!!


Joining us now is the one and only, Diana Balhaus!

Cari is one of my great sl pillars, I remember my first day at MVW Academy November 2011 and Cari was there bigger than life and ready to guide a large group of wide eyed models.

After many months of hard work I was honored to be counted as her friend this is when the fun began, we used to go on late night shopping spree, this is how this headpiece came about we discovered Machoire and swore we would keep it a secret it was Machoire – Taig Hat Metal on April 24 2015, of course we bought everything in the store. I paired it with something from Enzo, if you know Cari you know that Enzo was very much part of her life. She also turned me on to Skip, yes he is the sexy photographer or the photograph me sexy? lololol.

Although i never wear lipstick I had to use her signature red lips, from ALMA Makeup its a great honor to be here in her tribute amongst these great models who also shared their second life with Cari.

Your friend Diana Balhaus


Please welcome to the runway, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for LTD – Love To Decorate Magazine, Editorial Clarity, one of the organizers of today’s show!

I spent hundreds of hours on Skype with Carilynn. Sometimes 11 hours non stop! Carilynn was one of a kind. The list of memories is endless but I will always remember the days we would take our hot air balloon and fly across the mainland trying to avoid the ‘noob apocalypse’ as we called it. I miss you.

These were the last words Carilynn said to me…

Cari (carilynn.ohare): OH FREAK
Cari (carilynn.ohare): I think I just totally did this styling wrong
Cari (carilynn.ohare): Oh well
Cari (carilynn.ohare): I look fab anyway

Anyone that was close to Carilynn will know that this pretty much sums her up. It didn’t matter what she did, she was always FAB! ❤


Hikaru Enimo, Editor in Chief for L’homme Magazine SL

I may not have been walking on the same runways as you have , but I do believe that you are a beautiful person , inside and out. If you are still out there, I’m sure that you will be happy that you do have some friends who still remember you like myself. It is an honor to walk on this runway to pay tribute to you and will do so with an heartbeat. Thank you!


The next model to join us on our runway today is MISS SL  2016, Ivyana Szondi!

Professionalism with genuine compassion was one of Carilynn O’Hare’s greatest values. We initially met in December 2012 after I had won Champagne’s Sparkling Face contest. Within minutes of us chatting, I was delighted to encounter someone that had such deep respect for the craft. Carilynn gave hope and encouragement to several aspiring models. An extraordinary model, stylist, instructor, and elegant lady.


Locuala Millet Corleone (locuala.madruga)

Carylinn fue una gran estilista y modelo de sl. Se notaba en sus estilismos que era detallista y perfeccionista. Pero sobretodo ella era una persona muy dulce y siempre dispuesta a ayudar cuando se le necesitaba. Así era Carylinn. Un beso muy grande.

Carylinn was a great stylist and model. Her outfits were full of details and perfect.. But above all, she was a very sweet person and always willing to help everyone when she was needed. Thus was Carylinn. A big kiss. Muá!!


Please welcome MISS SL  Mexico 2017, Melinda Bayn to the runway !

I didn’t had the pleasure of knowing Her closely, I guess when She was active in the sl fashion world I wasn’t in SL … but looking Her pictures and all the things She did , you can see how much work and dedication She put in this world. I really dont know about Her absence, I hope from the bottom of my heart, that She is fine. And if it wasnt possible, … also I wish Her the best, wherever She is…

No tuve el placer de conocerla de cerca, supongo que cuando ella estaba activa en el mundo de la moda en sl no estaba yo en SL … pero mirando sus fotos y todas las cosas que hizo, puedes ver cuánto trabajo y dedicación Ella puso en este mundo. Realmente no sé sobre su ausencia, espero desde el fondo de mi corazón, que Ella esté bien. Y si no fuera posible, … también le deseo lo mejor, donde sea que esté…


The next to join us on the runway is MISS V Italy 2018, Memole Giha!

I have some memories of her, most of them concern parades in which we participated .. Her enthusiasm for fashion, here is what I remember most about her.
  One above all, as soon as I heard about the event, it came back to my memory. Concerning the fourth challenge of MISS SL theme “Devil wears Prada” was fascinated by my bags and poses. This evening I propose again dedicated to you my dear caril. Wherever you are, I hope you can be peaceful right now
God bless !

Miele Tarantal

I am grateful to be included in this distinguished gathering of friends.
I did not know Cari as well as some of you, but I was inspired by her amazing styling, professionalism, and class, as well as her kindness and patience, and I feel fortunate to have worked and celebrated with her.

I chose to style this outfit by Champagne! Sparkling Couture to honor Cari’s work for Enzo Champagne.

Cari’s styling always rode that fine line between elegance and danger; always beautiful, always interesting, always devastatingly feminine.

I miss you, Cari, and hope wherever you are, you are safe and happy and surrounded by loved ones.


Please welcome on the runway, NANY Jurado, the LUXE Paris – Look of the Year 2018 winner!

CARILYNN OHARE a person with an immense ability to care for others, I remember the day I ever spoke to her, a few words but it was enough. It was at the old Finesmith, I asked her about the wings she was wearing, she very politely with the greatest patience in the world not only gave me place but the full instructions to the hunt., she was so kind i didnt have the heart to ask her for the cheats lol. Today I am honored to be here presenting the result of that encounter. I have many reasons to be thankful but Carilynn is also an inspiration not only for her sense of style but also for her personality..

Joining us on the runway now is Miss Color of Couture 2015, Nayomi Gartner!

When someone I know in Second Life is sick or going through some problem or even after a death it seems like a part of this wonderful universe is gone. All of us here are important parts of this virtual world and Carilynn OHare represents to me an inspiration in fashion, a woman who always treated me with a kindness, a great professional in everything she has done.


Look, who is there! Welcome Vanka Machiavello!

Been here trying to describe in some few words Cari O’hare is almost mission impossible. But if there is something ,the most important thing I can recall about her is her non stop laugh each time we had to judge together any pageant, that sincere, out of the heart, goofy, sparkling kind of laugh each time she tried spanish words, those glimpses that gave away her amazing overall personality. If i had to described her in few words she was that mix of sassy and classy, kind but strong at the same time, with not just a sparking laugh but a sparkling personality as well. May your personality continues to sparkle where ever you are.


Ponchituti Boucher

…Hello everyone. Thank you for coming.

…I believe people should receive recognition, awards and tributes when they are alive so they can enjoy this events and see how their good work and knowledge has impacted other people’s lives and of course, how much they love them.

I want to believe she still out there somewhere, I walk today to pay tribute and honor in life to one of the best gifts Second Life has given me. Carilynn OHare is not my friend, nor my colleague, nor my co-model, in fact Cari is all those things and so much more… Cari is my sister … my soul sister… Cari is the best confidante, the best advisor, the funniest person to be with, the best partner in crime. Cari is the most generous person you can imagine, the kind of person who having very little will share it even if that means she will end having nothing.

… Cari is the Queen of “Casual Chic” no one in all Second Life will style a casual chic as she does but everyone knows that. What maybe people don´t know is her love for crazy fantasy style. You can´t have any idea how much we laughed over a Fantasy styling and this one I am wearing today was one of her favorite… She also loves Beauty and fashion contests. The last time we saw her she was Miss Kelini… I so wish we could have more shu shu days and many, many more “MANDALA PATRAS” times I can be talking about her like forever so I better stop here with our favorite line:

… GIVE ME MY F (/(% (%$ CROWN BITCH!!!!!

… Wherever you are I love you and miss you sis…


RƖƇӇƛƦƊ ƊЄ ƓƦƛƬƛƖƝЄ ƧƲƠӇ (richardgratainesuoh)

I have not had the pleasure of working with her, but following her on flickr we can see her elegance and creativity. I was inspired by one of her works to make this style, because it reminded me of Spain and its folklore.
It is said that you can know how a person is by the friends she has, and seeing all those who, full of illusion, have gathered here, I am sure that she is special and wonderful.
Greetings from the heart, wherever you are at this moment, Carilynn OHare.

The next to join us on the runway is no one less, but MISS SL  2018 herself, Sienna Bellios!

The first time I met Cari was back in 2013 when I was a aspirant in the MVW 2014 pageant. I was so nervous and when I made it in, Cari was incredibly supportive and caring to this then rather inexperienced model.

With that said, regardless of how long we had been modeling when we met Cari, I am sure we have all been the recipient of Cari’s nurturing and caring ways. I do know that whenever she saw me in any show after MVW, she always had a kind word and always made me feel I should always reach for the stars!

Cari was always so elegant and classy in her demeanor and sophisticated and confident in her appearance, yet she never put on airs. It was impossible not to look up to her as she was an inspiration for many of us, but always for me as the type of model ….and person…that I wished to be.

I don’t believe that I ever heard her have a harsh word for anyone, and she only lifted us up. I do wish today that more people displayed the characteristics that Cari embodied, for I think we would all be kinder and gentler to our fellow brothers and sisters in this world and to those in our first lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Skip Staheli

It was 2010, and Cari had booked me for a photoshoot, it was in a time I had no personal assistent yet, was crazy busy, and I mixed up her shoot time with the time of another client (of all people it happened to be one of her best friends Serene Faith) So we started all messed up, and she thought I was doing her wrong, being the arrogant ass photographer… Luckily she wasnt thát upset with me, and gave me a another chance.. pfewwww!!! So soon the shoot happened..
From that moment on we had a huuuuge click, became in short time close close ❤ really close friends. I think her name Cari is so suitable for her, cause she cares so much for everyone, and would do just everything and anything to make others happy….

One day she surprised me big time with buying me a star.. Yes! a true star!! with a RL certificate!! I mean.. really? who would do that for you?? To go with it she bought me a galaxy to hang in the SL sky..and I did! With every move to another sim in SL I placed the galaxy again, so I only had to
look up to have her close to me.. unfortunally with one of the last moves, the galaxy got lost, cannot find it anymore in my invent.. gone.. Just as Cari did….dissapeared from SL and our lives.

My dearest Cari, wherever you may be.. know you are so missed, and will never be forgotten… I mean look at me, clumsy me even jumped on that damned runway for you… just because I know it would have cracked you up big time…

And what ever happened or is going to happen, I DO have this star in the RL galaxy, she will always shine for you, till eternity!

❤ love you always….

kiss, Skip

I liked these comments immediately after he finished his speech 🙂 It really was a momentous moment to see him on the runway. I even took a few more photos with him with the stars.

[19:14] EJ (eleanorjean) faints
[19:14] …Ty Yifu… (ty18): Who’s gonna photograph the photographer????


Rᴏɴɪɴ Hᴀᴠᴀɴᴀ sɴᴏᴡ™ (tiviyah)

When I first met Cari… oh, heaven help her. *laughs* I can’t imagine what she thought… I came into MVWMA as a nooblet little model who had discovered a love of Avant Garde. Unfortunately, that meant that EVERYTHING I styled in that time was Avant Garde. I couldn’t, or stubbornly wouldn’t, touch another genre to save my life… and it was Cari’s classical elegance and her everyday calm, patient attention that allowed me to dial back and keep snippets of myself in places where I didn’t want to lose them.

Cari was the quiet sort of role model to me – not that she was quiet… but in that she wasn’t the kind that all of us shout to the rooftops about when she was around, when perhaps we should have. I suspect that some of you would never have known that Cari touched all of us in the ways that she did, had we not spoken up today. Part of that was her calm, neutral sense of self – sure of herself but not to the point of arrogance. She accepted the praise and the attention that came her way without having to demand it.

I don’t think I would have ever stepped away from the black and the large, loud stylings that were hardly ever appropriate for a given styling challenge had it not been for Cari’s patience and her compassion. She took a scared little model who didn’t know what she was doing, and turned her into a little-less-scared model who knew what she was doing at least half the time! *laughs* I don’t think I ever would have survived without her, and I don’t think I say that enough. I don’t know that any of us truly say it enough.

So I hope Cari sees us now, and knows just how much of an influence she had on so many. And she always looked fab doing it!


My name is TymonAlexander. I am pleased to be part of this amazing tribute to the one and only Carilynn OHare.

Although I did not have the opportunity to know her personally, our paths crossed many times in the Second Life Fashion Industry. Carilynn OHare was much more than a model. She was also a dedicated professional and an inspiration of ambition and success. She was one of the few models that I admired greatly and feel that I share a commonality with her in our approach to styling. “Life is too short to dress boring.”
Amen, Carri.

Tonight I am wearing an outfit inspired by her Zebravangaza look. What is Zebravangaza? To be sure I can only guess, but Carilynn Ohare knew what it was and the full explanation of what it looked like to be sure. i am wearing Zebra, a black and white printed suit by Bakaboo. The headwear is from *LODE* called Winter Anemone. I chose the headwear as Carilynn would include flowers/roses into most if not all her stylings and thus it became one of her
major signatures. I definitely think the outfit I have styled here would meet her approval. I hope you do as well.

God Bless you, Carilynn Ohare. Thank you for having me.


Last but not least, please welcome on the runway the most fabulous, Frolic Mills, Owner of Advanced Modeling Academy!

What I can I say about Carilynn OHare? Those of you who witnessed our friendship know about our gaming quarrels, our humor and the immense love we had for each other.

Cari was the only lady in SL who made me doubt my sexuality… If you look at the image above me you will find the evidence.There I was… perving Cari.

Carilynn, my Farmville has withered, my City Girl looks like crap and my Second Life is simply not the same without you.

For one of my rezz days, you sent me this beautiful note:

“11/11/2009 is the day I met you. I wrote it down because I felt that one day, somehow, someway, I would get to know you. You impressed me from the start as you do most people. You have taught me a lot and I have tried to make you proud by sharing a lot of what I have learned with others. You continue to inspire and create, and it only gets better with every year.

Happy Rez Day, my dear friend, and I hope we will share many many more.

Carilynn OHare”

Cari, today it is me who stands in front of you to tell you that you impressed me even more with your kindness, your passion and love for others. You are the epitome of class and elegance. I come to you today, disguised as an Angel hoping that my message will make it over to you.

I know the fight you are going through with Cancer because I am going through the same battle as I write this to you. If you are still battling, please receive the love from all of us to give you strength, and if you’ve crossed the Pearly Gates, I would like to be the first one to petition to be protected under your wings.

God only knows, we all need an Angel just like you!

I love you Cari, may you find all the happiness wherever you may be.

Your friend,


I took a few more photos of Frolic to try to capture the full effect of his look, including when he poofed off the stage.

Photos of the audience section – this was also the first show that I have been to where it was standing room only. Kudos if you can find me in one of the photos 😛


I also like to do a gyazo or a screenshot of how many people were in attendance. I personally counted 95, but by the time I remembered to take one (towards the end), it was already at 80 people.

For everyone that was not able to make it, I hope this blog post helped some in recapturing what you have missed. Even though I was only a spectator at this event, I was glad to be a part of it in some way, and to have the privilege in recording this moment in time.


One thought on “Carilynn O’Hare Tribute Fashion Show

  1. jonelledevonshire says:

    I’m sorry I missed this event. Carilyn O’Hare was a special lady and phenominal stylist, role model , writer, and supporter for me. I couldn’t describe further how talented she was and a great person . Carilyn! You were a real gem and will be missed deeply by all of us .
    Sincerely, JonelleDevonshire

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