MISS SL 2018 Recap

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a happy June so far. If not, there is still time to get this month off to a great start 🙂

On Saturday, May 26, I attended the MISS SL 2018 Grand Finale. MISS SL is a Second Life pageant where contestants compete in elaborate runway and photography challenges. The finale lasted 7 hours. But with 15 finalists styling for three categories (National, Victoria Secret, and Formal) and answering questions by the judges, this was to be expected.

About halfway through, I decided to do a blog post on the event because I was blown away by what the finalists had come up with. If you want to see photos of what the contestants wore for the challenges during the finale, you can check out Melinda Bayn’s Facebook album. I believe you do have to be her friend on Facebook to see the photos, but they are indeed worth it!

Judges’ Seating Area

Main Audience

There were over 100 people at the event across two sims. The audience sim had around 75 people at its peak. The seats that you see there were all filled at one point, which is why you see people standing in the back. After people had left/crashed, they still remained standing. I myself crashed like 3-4 times, so I was very fortunate to be able to see everyone still. Can you find me in the audience? 😀

So, here are the finalists in the MISS SL 2018 pageant (click for slideshow):


Host: Venom Zanzibar

Host & Singer: Djembe Dragonfire

I put the responses and gown descriptions to those who were in the top 7 (otherwise this will be an extremely long post) below.

MISS SL ♛ Austria

“MISS SL ♛ Austria’s inspiration came from the dresses worn by the Misses in their final walk of pageants in the past few years. The idea was a structured dress, like a mermaid, highlighting the beauty allied with brightness and vibrant color. The chosen color was a green of the season, the Summer Green, bringing the freshness and the sensation of peace of the nature. The design and structure was designed by Lucy Hope, from Tiffany Designs.  MISS SL ♛ Austria finishes her outfit with jewelry from Kunglers and Lazuri, wears the stylish Cassie Pumps from Gos and finally adds Matte nails from Alme.”

Answer to question

“Good afternoon to all of you! I appreciate the opportunity! Well, in my opinion the three qualities that MISS SL 2018 should have are: Humble, to help, support and teach who is starting in the fashion world or even among experienced colleagues; Commitment to the team and the brand MISS SL in all its works with great professionalism and commitments and Style to conduct everything with commitments with much glamor, beauty and joy. And a way to support the fashion industry in SL is to publicize brands, proposing and holding events and shows and giving the opportunity to new talents. Thank you.”

MISS SL ♛ China 

“There are numerous beautiful flowers in China which rare meaningful – MISS SL ♛ China loves Chrysanthemum, which signifies nobility and elegance, in white for the addition of Purity. The little Plum Blossoms in gold are the Winter flowers, which have the characteristic of endurance and strength through the challenges. It is just like her in the MISS SL ♛ 2018 Pageant, building her herself up by facing every challenge from the beginning to the Grand Finale, her goal to do better every time. MISS SL ♛ China thinks this is surely an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that she really appreciates. MISS SL ♛ China chose a Royal blue dress – this color is associated with superiority – it was specially created for Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), hence it signifies as well the elegance. The match of color white and gold creates a feeling of calmness and harmony, comfortable for the eyes. MISS SL ♛ China is wearing a gown by KiB Designs with the tiara and earrings by Shanghai, all custom created for this challenge, and adds bracelets and rings by Avaway, makeup by Izzie’s and hair styled by Amacci. MISS SL ♛ China ’s poses were also custom made for this ensemble by BAXE.”

Answer to question

“Thank you for the question!! ♥ Remember the starting line of MISS SL ♛ 2018 ? The lady who has “Beauty, Creativity and Talent” would be crowned as MISS SL ♛ 2018!

MISS SL ♛ 2018 should be the lady who has 1. TALENT – about styling – in both being on Photos (Blogger or Print Model) or as a Runway Model – Good at speech and relations.  2. BEAUTY – as the “outside” in the way that her avater, her styling and her performance are making people impressed in a positive way, as well as the “Inside” – MISS SL ♛ 2018 should have a kind heart, polite, respect the others, open-minded about ideas and critics, hard working to make things perfect and high EQ to deal with dramas.  3. CREATIVITY – she should be able to create different kind of “styles” and not limited into one style only and able to brainstorm for new concepts, ideas or suggestions.

MISS SL ♛ 2018 should be able to be the active model and guide to the SL Fashion Industry – by multi-medias – Blogging, Runways, Magazines, Events and Charities. And by being a mentor and guiding the people who are interested in joining this world. She must be able to share her ideas and personal experiences in order to improve things, starting by people around herself and spreading it grid-wide. MISS SL ♛ 2018 would do all these things by supporting MISS SL Organization –  Agency, Academy and Pageant, as a nice team member. Thank you ♥”

MISS SL ♛ Greece

“MISS SL ♛ Greece has chosen to honor the country that she is representing in her formal wear. Greece is known as the Land of the Gods. In Greek mythology, Athena is known for being goddess of the loom and spindle among other things, which seems appropriate on this occasion. With that said, MISS SL ♛ Greece ‘s gown embraces the clothing of goddesses and this classic greek gown was conceived by her and Giz Seorn, and brought to life by the vision and talent of Giz Seorn. This gown also represents the way in which she has tried to carry herself throughout this journey, and that is with elegance.  This look consists of the gown by Giz Seorn, which was specially made for MISS SL ♛ Greece 2018. Also, she is wearing specially made jewelry by Empyrean Forge, and eye makeup was created especially for her by Zibska. Other items worn include Studio Exposure, Alme, Envogue and Nylon Outfitters. MISS SL ♛ Greece wishes to take this time to express her gratitude to the designers that so graciously spent their time and effort into transforming her formal into that of a greek goddess!”

Answer to question

“Good afternoon, Judges, our esteemed audience, and fellow contestants. The three qualities that Miss SL 2018 should possess are diligence, reliability and honor. Miss SL must exhibit diligence, working tirelessly in the industry as an ambassador for those already in fashion, those who might choose to spend their time in fashion and designers, as well. Miss SL must be reliable in her position, conscientious in her duties, and unfailing in her behavior. Being reliable means that she can be counted on to do what she says she is going to do and that she can be trusted to throw her all into everything she takes on as the face of the Miss SL organization. Most important of these, however, is honor. Miss SL 2018 is a representative of Miss SL to all she meets. She should present herself impeccably and with class in all forms, including the manner in which she presents visually as well as the ways in which she models dignity and kind respect toward others.

Miss SL can best support the fashion industry by immersing herself in the many facets of the Miss SL Organization. There are, of course, fashion shows but there are other avenues such as charity events, magazines and auctions that could be utilized as outreach into the fashion community and beyond. It would be an honor for me to be selected at Miss SL 2018 so that I can actively contribute to the organization and the greater SL fashion industry in these ways. Thank you for the question.”

MISS SL ♛ Italy

“MISS SL ♛ Italy for the Formal Challenge decided to wear a structured dress in the style of Versace, remembering the great Gianni, his iconic works and the Made in Italy. Remember the “Medusa” style, seductive, elegant and magnetic clothes … real works of art. She has chosen a luxurious, refined and contemporary style, a modern goddess. The whiteness of white combined with the regal gold make the look ethereal and austere. The dress leaves the right side of the body almost completely discovered in an elegant and seductive way. The left shoulder is structured, while the right shoulder is surmounted by a particular studded epaulet. Is the last challenge and MISS SL ♛ Italy wants to leave a memory of her style based completely on Italy, her style, her iconic and very appreciated fashion designers into all the world, the impeccable style, luxurious, grandiose, winning. MISS SL ♛ Italy is wearing a dress by David Heather with an epaulet by GizzA and shoes by Rowne. She adds jewelry by Mandala and David Heather completing her ensemble.”

Answer to question

” Ciao a tutti!! Thank you so much for this opportunity and my answer is:

The new Miss SL should not only focus on beauty, on the contrary, it is a strictly secondary factor in this role. MISS SL 2018 should honor this precious title, show all those qualities even if different from the past making them unique, aiming at the future, always thinking about it.

The first fundamental quality, which in my opinion should have, is the ambassador of personality, with an energetic character that can point and make use of the organizational spirit and its best qualities; the personality is relevant to a model of Miss totally new, out of the box and unprecedented, that manages to make its new path unique.

The second fundamental quality is the imagination, the new Miss should be able to shuffle the cards on the table, upset the usual patterns of performance of Fashion Show and events, make them unique and point to something great and never seen before, here in SL everything is possible, it’s nice to be able to rely on reality to make everything more realistic with a bit more madness.

The third and last fundamental quality is being Icon … an icon of style, of elegance, of class, of seriousness, of loyalty. An inspiring Muse, able to attract the eyes to themselves and arouse new emotions, good feelings and excellent projects. New horizons and new frontiers of art, culture, fashion and beauty.

Personally I would like to establish a more solid link between the Models and the Fashion Designers, just like the old days, where everyone enjoyed themselves together and created unique events and spectacular events. It would also be advisable to attach to these events, beneficial events, in particular to help children and animals. In our small way, we could help a lot of people in need, small actions create big changes. Even saving or helping a single person makes our world better and allows us to give a new smile, a smile of life.

Surely the fabulous and great Miss SL Organization Team will be able to promote these events  together with the new MISS. Able to unite, finally, combining beauty, fun and solidarity. A MISS, but a PERSON, ready to face a new year, a new path of life and work and many emotions and experiences.

Be simply unique!

Thank you very much, thank you all!!”

MISS SL ♛ Japan

“The formal wear for MISS SL ♛ Japan is a gown that matches her skin tone and has beautiful curved lines. Her gold jewelry also complements the beauty of her skin. These colors have raised the beauty of the outer surface of MISS SL ♛ Japan from the ground up. She has expressed herself honestly by suppressing color. She is encouraged by the gown and, though it tends to be hidden, she is trying to start showing her positive inner beauty from within the neatness. She will flower on this stage. She is proud to have this moment with a face that is all heartfelt smiles. She is full of appreciation for those who have worked hard to make this moment. MISS SL ♛ Japan ’s gown is custom made for this challenge by Mami Jewel of AZUL. MISS SL ♛ Japan adds shoes by Pure Poison, earrings by Kunglers, a necklace by aisling, armlets by PROMAGIC, and rings by elise to complete her ensemble.”

Answer to question

“The three qualities Miss SL 2018 should have are elegance, altruism, and capability.

First elegance: refinement and dignity that flows from the very essence of herself is the minimum requirement. To become Miss SL is to attract attention, therefore it is necessary for her to judge herself and have the right attitude for her behaviour to always be an example to others.

Second altruism: Rather than think about herself first, she should be selfless, because it is necessary to respect and serve others as a model of good behaviour. In my opinion, it is a valuable quality to consider how others feel without being conceited even though she is drawing attention to herself as a new fashion icon.

 Finally capability: she should have power to accomplish her goals because only having ideas and no action means nothing.  She should be active and accomplish her tasks as Miss SL.

What she has to do to support and lead the fashion industry in Second Life is to always have the desire for self-improvement and the desire to improve her sense of beauty. By having this attitude, she can offer new and unique fashion through fashion shows, blogging and other ways. One of the ways to activate the fashion industry is to add her own style, create new fashion, and keep offering new fashion information.  She should not just be passive about SL fashion. The most important thing for her is to be absolutely passionate about fashion.

Marcus, thank you so much for the question.”

MISS SL ♛ South Korea

“MISS SL ♛ South Korea wanted to do something that personally represents herself. Over the weeks of MISS SL ♛ 2018, she felt like it was good idea to present herself as who she is, a tomboy. She never knew she would go in the route of wearing heels, makeup and feminine appearance. She felt like it was a memorable experience to show herself as the complete opposite. This time, for her styling, she wanted to end her final style as her masculine and day to day persona. Symbolically, at end of every pageant, she turns to dress in this manner. She also felt like this styling would be best to stand out as well. MISS SL ♛ South Korea was inspired by women that also carry themselves similarly as a way of life. She mixed a few of her favorite designers and customized her personal suit with diamonds to add a studded collar and golden brooch. The diamonds represent superiority, strength courage and victory just to name a few. The gold brooch is added to mean wisdom. More importantly, she was drawn to carry herself this way to celebrate the diversity of women and female empowerment. MISS SL ♛ South Korea is wearing a jacket by Addams with pants by Deadwool, a belt by Ewing, a bow tie by Plastik, a stole by Vive Nine and shoes and socks by Deadwool. She adds gems by Autumn Splendor that she customized onto the jacket, a brooch by Chop Zuey Couture, rings by Codex and earrings by Vexiin to complete her ensemble. “

Answer to question

Thank you Marcus for your question! Three qualities I feel MISS SL 2018 should possess would be diversity, humble, self-love. Why I feel Miss SL 2018 should hold a diverse quality is because as crowned beauty, she will be around people with many styles, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, orientations and the list goes on. As title holder, MISS SL 2018 should hold the position to be proud to represent who are different and look different from her and to celebrate the ones who are for her. Another reason diversity should be a top quality is because we live in world that is center around what is beautiful and attractive, with that stems into depression, lack of confidence and self neglect. MISS SL 2018, should be a voice for all people that what others think do not matter and they can shine just as much, if not brighter. MISS SL 2018 should be humble because even though she hold the title, many people may look up to her. She should be positive role model to others and her status should not draw her to egotistic. She should aim to help others progress and mentor for the ones who wants their dreams to come true and succeed as well. Lastly, but most important she should possess self love to not only better her self but others around her. As a positive voice for different communities, I feel it is necessity to have a healthy outlook and understanding of life just by experience. he should help others build , evolve and firmly believe in the saying “help and love yourself before you help and love and care for someone else”.

MISS SL 2018 should support the fashion industry with openness to body image, gender neutral models and uniqueness. With these three I feel the fashion industry can evolve. Staying away from mainstream trends and being creative with own trends and boldness can help blossom into a world where fashion can be artistic and interesting for the future creators and aspirants to come. Thank you.”


“MISS SL ♛ USA has had an amazing time this year. For her, it was full of firsts, challenges and beyond all unexpected twists and turns. She has included one last twist in her own styling choice for today. While She loves classic looks and above all else formal gowns, however, she felt that for this it would not truly express who she is.  MISS SL ♛ USA is a modern woman, the provider of her family, a loving mother, and caring wife, and above all, true to herself. She has taken inspiration from all around her. The Vera Serenity Jumpsuit from PRISM and Erica Jewelry & Chainset from Moondance Boutique represent her wish to not conform to social norms… Her Makeup Namid, from Dulce Secrets, paired with the booN Cornrows hairbase and Flora Ponytail from Catwa, represent her wild and rebellious nature that inspires many of her choices through this competition. The Estrella poses from *PoSEsioN* and the Unexpected Nails from Moondance boutique Represent the refined and elegant side that isn’t seen very often in her. All of which goes to describe her run as MISS SL ♛ USA – Unexpected.MISS SL ♛ USA 2018 is wearing the Vera Serenity jumpsuit by Prism, with jewelry and nails by Moondance Boutique, and makeup by Dulce Secrets, all made specially for this challenge. She adds shoes by KC Couture, a hairbase by BooN with a hair styled by Catwa to complete her ensemble. Helping her show this ensemble off are poses by PosESioN, also custom made for this outfit.”

Answer to question

“Good afternoon Marcus and our esteemed judges. Of all the qualities in the world it is hard to narrow it down. While I thought about this question, certain qualities were at the top of my list. I begin with Integrity. This is one that should not have to be said, but it does. It is a fundamental quality that will take anyone far in life. If you can simply be honest with yourself and those around you.  The second is Will Power, it is often mistaken for drive. Both represent the want to get things done, while people who have the drive to get it done, might encounter problems and give up, those who have the will power see it through. Last is Optimism. While to some it may not seem like a good quality to have, in my opinion it is the best one. People get beat down, kicked around and stomped on. Many after so many attempts will give up and quit. Those who are optimistic don’t. They understand that bad thing happen, however, they also know that something good lies just on the other side.

Those qualities will play a huge part in helping Miss SL Support the current fashion industry in SL. Not only is Miss SL a figure that is respected as someone who knows her fashion, but above all else she is a customer. The best thing that she can do, is continue to be a customer. With her optimism in hand, she can continue to shop at the current stores she shops at knowing that there will be some bad releases, but also some good ones. At the same time she can go out and find new designers to support, and help to break through into this cut throat industry. All it takes is just one customer to give their support to the designer to open doors that the designer may not have ever known existed for them in the first place. Everything in  this goes hand in hand with one another and works together to form a beautiful melody that is the SL Fashion and Pageantry collaboration. Thank you Marcus for an amazing question and opportunity.”


Miss SL and Mister SL Youngstars 2017 Aly Danielle мαgιc (ailytha) and Kenzie Thomas Numbers (mckenzieky) announced those who had gotten into the Top 7:

MISS SL ♛ South Korea 2018 – Daisy Toki
MISS SL ♛ Greece 2018 – Sienna Bellios
MISS SL ♛ USA 2018 – Kathrin Dassin
MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – NakamuraMiki
MISS SL ♛ Japan 2018 – Rehana Seljan
MISS SL ♛ Italy 2018 – Delypop Cresci
MISS SL ♛ Austria 2018 – Jeanie Waydelich

The top 7 finalists were asked questions from the judges.

Venom Zanzibar shouts: Let’s begin with MISS SL ♛ China, your question will be formulated by Divos Titanium.

Divos Titanium shouts: What is the most memorable thing you have learned about your country’s culture during MISS SL that you will continue to take with you after today?

 Mίƙί Šŋσωღ (nakamuramiki) shouts: Hi, and Thank you for your question Divos !

 The most memorable thing I have learned about Chinese culture is that I have done research and learned about – China is a country which everything is with a meaning behind : from objects, animals or plants, words, to even human beings and relationships – There is no judgement on any aspect but everything / everyone lives for their own meaning and the way of life in different conditions or situations and in a positive and harmony way. This is what I would love to continue to keep this attitude – accept everyone / everything as he/she is – common ways or differences, appreciate the beauty of it – of how we are all living together in a nice way – I am a Chinese myself, and I will always keep this positive way of thinking with me.  Thank You! ♥

 Venom Zanzibar shouts: Now MISS SL ♛ Greece, your question will be formulated by Cub Smit.

Cub (cubito.smit) shouts: Congrats for reaching into the top 7 Sie :), perception can blow our minds easyly and we might see persons and things not as they are so I’d like to ask you what would be the ideal definition for you of being sucessfull in this pageant?

Sienna Bellios shouts: Greetings! Thank you for your question Cub!

The ideal definition of success for me in this contest is personal growth in finding strength I didn’t know I had, the broadening of my horizons in meeting such wonderful people and the opportunity to reach many people with my message regarding reaching out to the disabled community. We in SL have a great many members that are disabled, and they need a voice, and I feel that I can bridge that gap. Also, as Miss SL should  I win, I would better have the opportunity to work for my charities,  St Jude’s Hospital and Operation Smile. Additionally I would love the chance to work with this amazing team to further the Miss SL Corporation and reach out to the SL community as a whole so that they understand the fashion community is for everyone!

Thank you again Cub, and thank you for making me part of the top seven!

 Venom Zanzibar shouts: Next is MISS SL ♛ South Korea, your question will be formulated by Moon Ling.

Moon 梦 (moon.ling) shouts: Hello DT! Congrats!!  If you are given the prize of ‘anything you wish for in Second Life will be fulfilled’ , what will you wish for and why?

 Dт мαу (daisy.toki) shouts: Thank you Moon for my question! ♥

Usually when people think of prizes, it would be material things. For me that is not what I wish for. Those are things..that will eventually lose value and have no meaning. In my second life I have a family, love, friends that I am proud to call a “prize” for me for many years since the beginning. They never lose value, and keep me going when I feel like giving up. If I could wish for one thing that I do not have would have the ability to open one eyes to the meaning of SL. Many people come to SL to escape RL without judgment and be what they can not be in the real world.. I wish I had the ability to open everyone eyes to the beauty of difference on the outside and the inside. Many people to come looking for something they may lack, people come to explore because they may be physically unable to do so, find love, or just have a family like I have found.  If everyone was on the same page and saw the beauty of each other difference without shame of doing do, that would be the best prize I could even gotten and feel I not only succeed for me but for others. Thank you Moon!

 Venom Zanzibar shouts: Now is MISS SL ♛ Italy turn, and your question will be formulated by Guilhermedandretti

 Big Bad Bear (guilhermedandretti) shouts: Good evening. Congratulations to all the candidates. You guys worked hard and did a great job. Second Life provides an interesting opportunity to merge fashion from many different places, since it is available to creative people with influences from various countries around the world. A lovely and dangerous diversity. What influence did you seek to compose your personal style and becoming Miss SL 2018, how do you hope to influence, make a difference to the people in second life?

 Morgaine Guenièvre Muse (delypop.cresci) shouts: Hello, Ciao!! Thank you for your question Guilhermedandretti!

Italy is famous, very famous, for the excellent food, the biggest pillars of fashion and is synonymous with quality. As you could see from my (little cumbersome) National Gown, I tried to combine different styles making them Italian. For example, the Baroque (Europe), the Gothic (France), the Last Judgment of Michelangelo present in the Sistine Chapel (Italy), the sacred tradition (Italy), inspiration for the Dolce & Gabbana Brand for the Crown and roses.

In SL it is difficult to distinguish oneself, so much skill, talent and good aesthetic taste are needed. We have been able to admire many different and incredibly wonderful National Gowns today. I admired all the Ladies so much, their ideas are pieces of history, culture and traditions. As I have repeatedly stated, Tradition is very important, it defines who we are. It is part of our being, of our life. When I create an outfit, it makes me natural to think in an “Italian” way, to Italian Fashion Designers and their incredible collections. I hope to be an example of perseverance, elegance, charm, goodness and ambassador of the tradition of my country. It is important not to forget our origins. I hope to spur many people to do their best to know as much as possible the history, culture and traditions of their country and other countries. I love wearing these wonderful knowledge. Throughout the duration of the competition I let my feelings and emotions of the moment lead me. It is fundamental information, only with it we could step forward between the various cultures in both RL and SL. I would love to realize some Fashion Shows with different themes, inspired by cities for example or create a Museum where to exhibit the wonderful National clothes seen today and their history, how this Costumes were created, their history of the past, and the sources of inspiration.

Thank you again for your question Guilhermedandretti!

Venom Zanzibar shouts: Now is MISS SL ♛ Austria’s turn, and your question will be formulated by Ocean Blackthorne

Ocean Blackthorne shouts: Congratulations 🙂 They say it is good to be different in the modelling industry. How much different is good different? Is there such thing as being too different?

ღ ᴊᴇᴀɴɪᴇ sᴛʀɪғᴇ ღ (jeanie.waydelich) shouts: Hello all Thank you Ocean Blackthorne for your question !

Hello everone! Hello Ocean and Miss SL Team! Is a pleasure answer this question!I believe that different is all that is thought out of the box, executed and presented in some singular way, that captivates, attracts attention, do with passion. Being different is also a matter of authenticity, and taking risks from this point of view. There are countless possibilities to stand out doing a different job, in case the RL fashion industry can be an innovative fabric, a new way of working materials, use some never before imagined as clothing and new models, new people! In SL, it can be a new mesh, more complex poses precises, or new textures, more 3D. The important thing is to create something different within your world and your perspective and this should make you happy! And when you do something for pleasure, the result is wonderful!


Venom Zanzibar shouts: Now is MISS SL ♛ Japan’s turn, and your question will be formulated by Falbala Fairey.

Falbala Fairey shouts: Hello Rehana 🙂 Congrats for beint in the top 7! We all know SL is often used by citizens below the age of 18 and we also know SL is full of all kinds of obvious “delicate temptations” as well as hidden ones. What is your opinion about the fact that SL gives all this options for our youth and do you think it influences them in any way?

 Rehana Seljan shouts: Hello. Thank you for your question, Falbala 😀

Yes, the temptations affect to the young people.  In personal opinion, it is better to set limit to their access to SL. They sometimes have self confidence too much.  They have to be protected till they find the mistakes as mistakes, and till they can take their responsibility by themselves. However, I think the  atmosphere that SL can offer – that allows them to be creative will be good for them. So I think it is important for us to make good SL environment that helps young people.

Thank you Falbala.

Venom Zanzibar shouts: And Last but not least MISS SL ♛ USA, your question will be formulated by RoyaleSun

RoyaleSun shouts: Congratulations to you all !  I know how hard you have all worked. Some describe SL as a “game”  others as a “social experiment”. How would you describe SL and why?

Kat Carter (kathrin.dassin) shouts: Good afternoon Royal and thank you for this thoughtful question.

I wish to once again thank Royal for her question, and I would like to once again thank all the judges for giving myself and the other ladies the opportunity to be upon this stage together. The question I was presented with is one that hits close to home not just for me for many others, and I will try to explain the best I can.

Yes to many Second life is a game, they are playing from the comfort of their own homes with other users around the world in an open world setting. In that aspect Second life can very much be compared to something like the Sims. You have control of an avatar or “Sim:, that  does what you tell it to, reacts how you tell it to react. The only difference between Second Life and the Sims is that You are actively creating those words and reactions. Many use second life as a way to escape from their lives in the real world, what ever the case may be, to simply have fun and pretend to be something or someone else for a little while.

Now on the next point. Those who think of second life as a social experiment. They look around and they see how people act towards one another using the anonymity of the internet as a shield. Will they change their colors like an octopus and become mean and spiteful? Will they become like a swan who will come out of their shell and be come a beautiful kind and caring person. Will they continue down that path or will they switch modes when the opportunity presents itself? These are questions that many people seek to answer when they join second life, and create relationships with others through this  platform.

To me however, Second Life is neither a game, nor a social experiment. It is an extension of the life I live every day. I am one of those people who has successfully merged my second life together with my real life. There have been many ups and downs here and there throughout my time here, but it’s 12 years of my life that I would never trade for the world. This platform has allowed me to meet some amazing people and bring them into my family outside of the platform. Some of whom are sitting in the audience as we speak. These are people who have influenced my life for good or bad. To sum this up really the best way I can. Second life to me is like a Marriage between a couple who love each other deeply and unconditionally.  The two are forever intertwined with each other in ways that could never be foreseen when one logs into the game for the first time. Nor will they ever see again in their life time. Thank you again Royal, this was a very complex but beautiful question.

Saian and Rissa announced who had made it to the Top 3, and still in the running for MISS SL 2018.

Venom Zanzibar shouts: Please welcome on the runway, the angel of the MISS SL Ohana, Rissa Bollissima and MR SL ♛ 2016 – SaianSamuel. It is official confirmed now, we do have the TOP 3 finalists results. Before we come to the results, we`d like to welcome to the runway, the lady and the gentlemen, who are the backbones of the MISS SL Organization and the pageants.

 Sαian ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ Langer (saiansamuel) shouts: Hello Everyone  !!

Rissa Bolissima shouts: Hello Everyone!

Sαian ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ Langer (saiansamuel) shouts: Hi Ladies and gentlemen !!
Rissa Bolissima shouts: In no particular order, the first of the top three candidates is…  (takes a deep breath)

 MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – NakamuraMiki

Sαian ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ Langer (saiansamuel) shouts: The Second Lady who will have the chance to be in the TOP 3 next to  Miss SL…. is

MISS SL ♛ Greece 2018 – Sienna Bellios

Rissa Bolissima shouts: okay fine!  The final lady in no particular order is…

MISS SL ♛ Austria 2018 – Jeanie Waydelich

The top 3 candidates were then asked another set of questions from different judges.

Venom Zanzibar shouts: MISS SL ♛ China 2018’s question will be formulated by Tony.

Ƭσηу Lєє Hєяση (dragonguyuk) shouts: Congratulations MISS SL ♛ China for reaching the top 3 you are 1 of the best of the best in this competition and have gone through challenge after challenge to reach this point. How will you represent your country during your reign as Miss SL 2018 and what plans do you have to promote the world of fashion in SL.

Mίƙί Šŋσωღ (nakamuramiki) shouts: Hello Tony, Thank you and thankyou for your question! ♥

As a winner of MISS SL ♛ 2018 – this is a unique title owner without any country specified – I would continue my blogging and modeling work, and giving my time to contribute to MISS SL ORGANIZATION – in any way possible, to say within my knowledge. This can be organizing events, pageants, mentoring etc.. specially I would love to organize an event for Charity – I think out of SL there is always parts of the world which is still in misery and in need. Of course, as an asian myself, I would always love to give an asian touch on my styling but that is not limited to – China is just part of this world – Winner of MISS SL ♛ 2018 should be able to promote and be the model which can adapt in any situation or style, in global – but I would always start from smaller – I would as well love to improve myself by learning more about photoshop, creating poses for blogging and modeling and one day, creating my own fashion, and the most important is – this is not just limited to the reign year, but I hope it will be as well years afterwards, to make people remember, MISS SL ♛ 2018 and what she has done for SL and RL . Thank you very much ! ♥


Venom Zanzibar shouts: MISS SL ♛ Greece 2018’s question will be formulated by Hikaru Enimo

 不良少年ヒカル (hikaru.enimo) shouts: Hello Sienna!! Congrats for becoming one of the Top 3! My question for you will be…

MISS SL should be a leader, not a title holder only.  Her actions and activities both in her reign and in the years beyond should make a difference.  How have you already proven to be a leader, and as such how will you benefit MISS SL and Second Life.

Sienna Bellios shouts: Thank you, Hika, for your question! I have the leadership qualities that it takes to lead in Second Life. In SL, I work with two of the best designers ap part of their staff. I managed a staff of seventeen previously at Gizza, and did it successfully. I also work with Blacklace at a job that requires me to be a self starter, both in customer service and as a blog manager. I also have produced fashion shows for multiple agencies!  Should I win this Miss SL, one of the first things I will do is organize a fashion event for St. Judes for Children Hospital. I would also like to organize an auction for Operation Smile. In addition, I will find the best way to reach our disabled population or order to establish a bridge. I will work tirelessly to further the Miss SL Corporation’s mission and to be part of this team. Again thank you for your question, and I would like to thank you for allowing me to be part of this pageant and part of the top three.

Venom Zanzibar shouts: MISS SL ♛ Austria 2018’s question will be formulated by Kezzy

Kezzy Forwzy shouts: Congratulations to the three finalists, you all look wonderful today and should be very proud of what you have achieved. My question for MISS SL ♛ Austria is: Can you describe a time when you had a positive impact on someone?

ღ ᴊᴇᴀɴɪᴇ sᴛʀɪғᴇ ღ (jeanie.waydelich) shouts: Thank you for the question Kezzy, and thank you very much you all for being here right now!! About your question, yes, a few moments! I’ve always been an enthusiast in SL contests, from fashion photography to brands. I am a very young person and realized the first time in 2011 when I won a beauty contest as the girls from my home country had to look at the previous segment in SL, as well as in the blog when I worked since 2010 with one of the first bloggers of the my country and then I stayed in the area, I was also behind when I took a photo and soon in the direction a person follows a trend and style. They are perceptible things to see, as well as unveiling people who end up looking for something about the look, opine on the way, need help with shape, walk, poses or any help related to the fashion world. I am immensely happy when its happens because I make with love ant it show me I am doing a good job and should continue and never give up! I think if you are more important among people who have some impact, whether regional, or more global, the results can be fantastic! I believe in the  individual and collective working together! And i want to say thank you to Miss SL team, im so happy in stay here in this amazing journey!! Fantastic!! Thank you again for your question!


Venom Zanzibar shouts: Ladies & Gentlemen, that was the Question and Answer round for the TOP 3 finalists. We are sure the judges get hectic now to submit their scores and soon, we should have the final results and know, who is going to become the new, MISS SL, MISS SL ♛ 2018.

Marcus Lefevre, Owner of the MISS SL Organization, gave a verbal speech before the placements were announced. I do not have the exact words that were spoken, but it was pretty clear that he was proud of what everyone, both contestants and the MISS SL team had accomplished.


Final placements


2nd Runner Up: MISS SL ♛ Austria 2018 – Jeanie Waydelich


1st Runner up:  MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – NakamuraMiki


MISS SL 2018: MISS SL ♛ Greece 2018 – Sienna Bellios

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