Powder Pack Catwa April 2018

Hey guys!  I am going to do something that I haven’t done in a while – do product reviews! I did a few for Luxe Box, but since they closed down, I moved on to Powder Pack. I have always wanted to try this subscription box, but since it’s not in the budget to consistently pay 3k L a month for these boxes, I had to choose. Now, I bought the pack in February, but I still haven’t opened it (don’t kill me lol), so I decided to do something big for this next pack.

What I am wearing is not really important – i just have on a robe from Pixicat and hair from Stealthic. The makeup that I am wearing is not from Powder Pack, it’s whatever I had on from before…I think the lipstick is from Amara Beauty. The ring is from Chop Zuey, nails are from the Maitreya hud.

How to purchase

I go inworld to buy the Powder Pack. It tells you that the package will be automatically delivered to you on the 17th.


Sure enough, when I logged in on the 17th, I get the following hud:



I had to rotate the hud into place on my screen – for some reason it wasn’t facing the correct way.

So we have Adored, Amara Beauty, Arise, Avi Glam, Besom, Bossy, Colivati Beauty, DeeTalez, Essences, Euphoric, Just Magnetized, & Pumec. I have heard of most of these brands. I think having Studio Exposure in this pack would had made things perfect ^^

So let’s start with Adored! Already I love their cute packaging.


I had to take my makeup off, but as you can see this skin has eyeshadow already on it. I know a proper review should be on completely bare skin, but at the same time, I need to see how these items would hold up for my everyday use. So I am not changing my skin^^ My skin is from Glam Affair – The Girl in Jamaica. I do have some shine on my face, but I will remove it later (I think I did anyway).

I am using CalWL in Firestorm, with my graphics being between High and Ultra. I am at home in my bedroom, so the lighting may be different as opposed to when you are outside. I do not have on any facelights or projectors – that includes lights from the house walls/ceilings.

1. Adored:

#ADORED – alapalooza shadows – summa fest edition {catwa}
#ADORED – enamored lips – ca’chella edition {catwa}

Both the lipsticks and eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. The eyeshadow does go into the brow area, so will have to clear that once I am done with the makeup. I think the lips are a bit too intense for my taste at max, so I may dial the slider back to about 50% – eyes as well.

This is what one of the lipsticks and eyeshadows look at around 50%. This shade (for me) works at this percentage. I noticed that all of the other lipsticks need more pigment, so if I were to wear these lipsticks, I would probably go 75%. The eyeshadows still look good. The lipsticks would work well with certain looks.

Final thought: I would probably buy the eyeshadows at retail price (even more so if they were on sale), but I would pass on the lipsticks.

Amara beauty – Bianca skin

I have on the Catwa eyes because I was going to review Avi Glam, then realized that due to my eyeshadow, I was unable to properly see the colors of the makeup. The eyes are also from Avi Glam (normally I wear Ikon) – a Catwa applier. So if my eyes look weird, it’s because my shape is not optimized for Catwa’s bigger eyes.

The skin is nice – I wish it would had came with the shape for those who want that look or similar. With some tweaks on my current shape, I think the skin would look nice.

I can’t tell if I am a shade 5 or 6 (in the brown brows section). With my current skin I look like a 6 would fit, but I think had I worn the Amara Beauty omega body applier, the 5 would match. I did not show the body because I do not feel like looking for my omega hud at this time ^^

Final thought – This is a decent skin, but I am not in the habit of switching skins. So I would not buy this mainly because I wear Glam Affair.  I would definitely recommend this skin to someone looking for something new, however.


Arise – Cara Makeup Set

This is a lipsticks/eyeliner hud. I like how the accent is under the lower eye for the eyeliner. The lips do not fit my shape, and it is very obvious at 100% on the slider. The pigment is nice – however that is why it is obvious ^^.

However, when it’s under 50%, the look kind of works. This is one of those things where if I had to make it work for myself, I can.

Final thought: It’s hard to find a white eyeshadow, so in a pinch, I would get the white eyeliner separate if I could. Overall, I probably would pass on this pack because the makeup doesn’t really fit my facial structure.

Avi Glam – Beauty Set

With the Amara Beauty skin, this looks better than it did on my regular skin. The lipstick is well pigmented, but I feel still doesn’t quite fit these lips. They did not fit my regular skin’s lips. And you cannot lower the % for the lipstick without compromising the feel of it. The eyeshadows and the lashes are awesome. The eye appliers look decent.

Final thought: I would buy the lashes and the eyeshadows. The lipsticks I would not buy because they do not fit my lips, and I do not wear Catwa eye appliers, so no need for the eyes.


Besom- Pretty Lashes

I like lashes, and I like these. I am wearing the top row lashes – as you can see, they are nice and thick.

Do they pass the eyes closed test? Mmm…kinda?

If you try to do it with both the top and bottom lashes, then they don’t work – you see gaps and an alpha conflict. But if you do the top row and use a short bottom lash on the Catwa hud, then that takes care of the alpha issue. The gap can be fixed by wearing eyeshadow.

Final thought: I would get these lashes perhaps on sale, because I have several nice ones already.


Bossie. koko make up set

I don’t think I have heard of this brand before…or if I have, I am not familiar with their products.

I was pleasantly surprised that the lipstick fit very well. As you can see in the photos, I put the lipsticks at three different levels of pigmentation, and they all held up well.

The eyelashes are more separated than Besom’s and they get progressively fuller. I liked the slightly feathered look of Bossie’s full lash, but I didn’t take a picture cause it seemed too similar to the one that I took of Besom. And I wanted to show you guys the separated lashes while eyes are closed.

Final thought: I would buy this hud. I will look forward to seeing their items not only in Powder Pack, but on the grid in the future 🙂


Colivati Beauty – Powder Pack April 2018

I like the eyeshadow a lot – it’s very sharp and precise. The lipstick looks like the kind that will stay on all day and then eventually wear off. Love the pigments in both!

The downside of the eyeshadow is that it is subject to blurriness/refreshing. It did this the most so far out of all the eyeshadows. As you can see, blurry is nice as well, but not the desired look that was intended. The lipsticks can have their sliders dropped a tad and still look good.

Final thought: I would buy this pack.



To best illustrate the look, I did a collage of pictures. The big one in the middle is how I normally look, and then you can see the different highlighted areas in the smaller photos. My skin has highlights on it, so I am glad you can still see the highlights from DeeTalez on it. Of course, you can blend in the highlighted areas using the appropriate sliders.

Final thought: I would buy this when I needed it, but I am glad that I have it. We need more blushes, contours and highlighters for makeup ^^


Essences Selena

I like this skin.I am wearing the Maitreya Lara Appliers #medium02. I liked how it came with Maitreya body appliers, so it was easy for me to apply this skin. And I like the face shape – it complimented my personal shape.

However, I thought it was a tad blurry around the corners of the lips and the cleavage.

Final thought: Nice back up, but wouldn’t buy it over my current skin. The pubic layers are a nice touch ^^


Euphoric  ~Koko Beauty Set

Now, I regularly buy Euphoric’s items, so for me this is pretty much what I have come to expect from this brand. Great lashes, nice makeup. I am wearing the Catwa eyes again to showcase the eyes, but once again, I do not wear the appliers normally. I love how the eyeshadow defines my eyes. The lipstick – you can tell that it’s meant to shape your lips in a certain way, but since the edges are more blended than with the Arise, it still looks decent enough on my shape.

And I would totally wear the lashes.

Final thought: If this hud was like 399L or so, I would pass. If it was cheaper and came without the eyes, I would pick this up.


Just Magnetized –  Insta Beauty – set 07

I loved the pigment of the makeup, and the freckles and blush made a nice touch. I however wrote to the creator because in her ads, she has all three of the makeups worn at the same time. Despite me trying to apply the freckles and blush to different layers, I could not wear one without replacing the other. So hopefully I will get a definite answer regarding the layering.


Update: Okay so the creator said it’s the same way that Pink Fuel uses their lipstick to get the various pigmented shades in their glossy lipstick. No video required guys, I can show you quickly.

  1. Wear the freckles.
  2. Go to the Blush area on the Catwa hud and save the freckles layer in one of the empty slots.
  3. Wear the blush and repeat step 2.
  4. Check the box for the lower layer .
  5. Click the freckles layer in your hud.
  6. Check the box for the upper layer.
  7. Click the blush layer in your hud.

Ta da!

Or, you can wear anything you want on the lower layer, and then apply the other layer to the upper layer using your hud. I don’t do it too often; I tend to think that you can just apply upper and lower layer directly from the hud. I DO think they can include a notecard with this item just to remind people on how to use the layers. With new people getting mesh heads every day, they won’t want to look far for help. Or, maybe it’s my fault for not being well versed in doing layers.

Video from Pink Fuel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk9oKeV5o6o&t=268s

I guess I should revisit the hair bases that require you to use the upper layers in order for them to work properly. Just Magnetized has hair bases at the equal10 event – perfect opportunity ^^

New final thought: I would buy with no reservations.


Pumec. Asha Skin

I liked the skin, and I liked how it comes with a shape (I did not use it because I felt my shape complimented the skin well) as well as system skins.

From top left (going counter clockwise) September tone, May tone, my regular skin face with April body tone, May face tone with April body tone

However, when I used the Maitreya body applier, I felt like the skin was two-toned, and did not blend well. I was even trying to compare it to different tones to see if it would make a difference.

Now, one could say that in RL, many of us are more than one tone because of where the sun hits our skin. The areas exposed to the sunlight will be darker than the areas normally covered up. But if we are into beauty, we would probably minimize it by exfoliating, wearing tanner, bronzer, and/or makeup. I remember the last time I wore a skin from Glam Affair where the face was a tad lighter than the body due to shading…I had so many concerned friends asking me did I know I was two-toned. Yikes….

Final thought: I would not buy this skin because 1. I wear Glam Affair and 2. There is too much shading/2 toned going on for me to confidently wear this product.

Overall thoughts: This was a decent Powder Pack. Had I not had all of these products in a single purchase, I would had definitely bought 5 items as is,  3 I would had not purchased due to it not being my sort of thing, and the rest I would buy with some modifications.

I look forward to the next Powder Pack, and perhaps I will open up my February pack soon ^^

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