United Colors Fashion Show Recap

Hey guys! On Sunday, March 4th @ 10 AM SLT, The Fashion Loft produced a terrific fashion show for the United Colors brand. Since there were issues with the stream, I decided to do a recap post to recap some of the greatness of the show ^^

If you have photos from the show, please tag The Fashion Loft on Flickr and Facebook! Some photos were not included here because we do not have all of the photos for the show.

I am Sabine (your text host) and with Eostri (DJ), we have the pleasure of being your Hosts this afternoon. We will be describing the wonderful fashions from our talented designer in both local and voice. I hope you enjoy the show!

Welcome to the United Colors, presented by The Fashion Loft (TFL)! The Models will take you through a day in the life of United Colors fashions that will stylishly show you a peak into another world.

We hope to capture the couture, leisure life, and great style, the designers have infused from their amazing Second Life’s Fashion Designs! To experience the show at its best, we ask that you turn on your music stream and watch on a mesh enabled viewer. Our DJ, Miss Eostri will be spinning the tunes for the show. Please enjoy!

United Colors of Second Life is a brand that offers original creations of clothes, shoes and accessories for your distinctive style.

The day begins in the city…..

(Missing Photo)

Miss Red is on her way to meet with a business partner that is producing an upcoming fashion show wearing the Jackie dress in blue. As you can see, this dress is a classy, sleek, figure hugging design in a special shade of blue. A diagonal wrap pencil skirt with a matching diagonal top mixed with a cheeky element, a flash of thigh, with a half bikini top to show just a little of that cheeky nature in all of us. Red is also wearing the Ina bootie in beige, an open high heeled bootie with an avant garde feel.

Thank you Red.

Photo taken by Red Jess

Now please welcome Miss Leezah wearing the Mimi Jumper in red, blazened with the United Colors logo down the arm. This jumper is a stylish, thigh length hoodie with a zip fastening to keep you snuggly warm on those chilly days. The Mimi Jumper comes with a cute little crop top and sexy 3 string panties. Leezah is also wearing the Wild Lara Boots in white, these boots are a high heeled avant garde style that will always turn heads.

Thank you Leezah.

Photo taken by Monica Querrien

It is close to 12 noon in the most exciting and bustling city in the world, New York City and Morgan is wanting to impress her blind date, Morgan pulled out one of her favorite dresses by United Colors that always instills sexiness and and confident, the “Christine Dress” in yellow. This beautiful thigh length dress is a strapless design, gently gathered across the bust and waist with a silver grey band in the “cross your heart” design. She pairs the dress with the ultra-modern and chic United Colors Ina Bootie in ivory.

Thank you Morgan.

(Missing Photo)

Please welcome to the runway, Lua, an Art Broker. She always needs to be ready for that call, to find that exclusive item that her elite customers want no matters how much can cost and were find it. For that she needs to look perfectly dressed, today, she wears the Rosie outfit in black. This dress comprises of a sleek pencil skirt accompanied by a figure hugging “Bodice” like, off the shoulder top, fastening up the front with many small buttons and three quarter length sleeves. This sleek dress is coupled with the beautiful, strappy Ornamental shoe in black to show off those lovely long legs.

Thank you Lua.

Photo taken by Red Jess

It’s a lovely spring day. Scarlet and Max decide to go on a date to the local park. Scarlet picks flowers from the beautiful garden to take home with her to commemorate their fun day together. Scarlet is wearing the Innocence dress in bright pink. This refreshing, thigh length dress is gathered at the bustline to create a flowing, care free look, the straps and “Built in” necklace comprise of bright pink and black beads which also decorate the top of the dress. This care free, cute little dress is complemented by the Ornamental shoes in tan.

And then, there is Maxtor, an elegant and classy male wearing the Leny sweater in the color Hunter with Antony pants in gray. This smart sweater has a bit of a twist, the collar is upstanding and fastens with not only buttons but toggles too! This ensemble is completed with the Moc Folk Boat shoe with contrasting top stitching with strap and buckle fastenings in black.
Maxtor styling exudes confidence, self-belief and a pristine sense of style which is both practical and appropriate….

Thank you both!

Moving onto the special events in the early evening. Feeling Fancy

Photo taken by Red Jess

Scarlet is draped in shimmering fabrics and luxurious jewels, fit for any Arabian princess. Accompanied by her favorite companions, she is on her way to a fabulous celebration, a royal occasion celebrating her coronation as the new Queen, wearing the Ivanya dress in red. This long gown is delicately decorated across the abdomen and bust with intricate silver bead work and beaded strings draping from the front to the back. Under this stunning gown Scarlet is wearing the Ina booties in matching red.

Thank you Scarlet.

(Missing Photo)

Now we welcome Miss Gloria to the runway wearing the Corina gown in black. She is a is a rich, spoiled young woman, a wanna be artist … she likes fashion and art as well as happenings and always dresses to impress. A truly Avant garde design here, we have a tulip collar halter neck design with an inverted tulip skirt incorporating many layers of contrasting underlining,
coming to several points at the ankles leaving the lower legs visible at the front. Ina booties in black are a true match for this Avant garde design.

Thank you Gloria.

Photo taken by Aldbaran Galicia

Welcome Miss Jonelle to our runway wearing a truly Hollywood inspired design, the Lily dress in the color Sky. This stunning dress is a halter neck design that swings elegantly down to a low cut back, supported with a waistband and a contrasting texture back sash to add that little bit more class. The Ina bootie in silver adds a little flash of sparkle as she walks.

Thank you Jonelle.

(Missing Photo of Syn)
Photo taken by Aldbaran Galicia


Another couple enters, It’s Syn and Saian. Miss Syn is wearing the beautiful Cinderella dress in black. This dress will transport you straight into a fairytale with its edgy black boned bodice rising to tulip petal peaks, flowing down to the floor the full skirt is covered with an open fronted draped overskirt. Syn is also wearing the Pearl shoe in white, an open high heeled shoe decadently draped in luscious white pearls.

Gentlemen, this is a modern twist on an old style just for you, Welcome Saian wearing the Antony Jacket and Pants in black. The Antony Jacket has an air of the old time tail coat without the tails and collar, very modern in its style with a collarless shirt underneath and matching black pants. Coupled with this ensemble are the Moc Folk Boat shoes also in black, an altogether modern twist on an old time, traditional design.

Thank you Syn and Saian.

Evening falls, it’s time to go dancing, Funky Clubbing….

Photo taken by Stormy Somerton

This one is a mix of attention seeker and dancer. Occasional DJ, as Gloria has excellent taste in music as well as fashion. On the weekends, she’s on the most fashionable club showing off her moves and smashing styling! Gloria wearing the saucy Glory top and gloves in navy. This sexy number comprises of a crop top and belt straps over one shoulder and winding down over the belly. The gloves are of opera length with a strap winding from the wrist to the top cuff. Gloria is also wearing the Wild Lara shoes in navy.

Thank you Gloria.

Photo taken by Red Jess

Who’s that girl? Wait! I see the papparazi! I see Moni, United Colors’ “It Girl!” in the Orion dress in wine. She tantalizes us with this short dress that includes a very naughty sheer panel running from neck to hem in the middle of the front and back, leaving very little to the imagination. Stepping out, she teases us with her wine colored Leather High Booties, just covering the ankles to complete her naughty girl look. The wristlet purse she carries hold all a hot girl needs… her key. Can you catch her attention?

Thank you Moni.

Photo taken by Red Jess

The Club is pumping now, as Syn who arrives in style wearing Doom in grey. As you can see, the outfit comprises of a strappy top with a halter top design and free floating waistband coupled with a matching pair of shorts with a ring belt and Wild Lara shoes in grey makes this outfit perfect the dancefloor exhibitionist in all of us.

Thank you Syn.


Photo taken by Red Jess

Morgan could not contain her excitement when she was invited by her DJ friend to a club after-party where a lot of well-known celebrities will be attending. The Taylor Dress outlines her curves by its strategically placed leather panels which are held by sheer lace. It is a modern peek-a-boo dress with a twist and only can be pulled off by United Colors! This short, sleeveless leather dress is inlaid with panels of delicate lace that demonstrate the flexibility and beauty of a well-crafted leather design. The “Leather High Heel Boots” are two-boots in one … the tall boot version or the ankle boot version.

Thank you Morgan.

Photo taken by Red Jess

After dealing with the most eccentric people and get the perfect deal for her client, Lua is ready to celebrate with them at the club, what a way to do it with this sexy but elegant Serenity gown and a lot of Champagne! As you can see, this is a dress to entice attention with a flash of skin here and there to sir the blood of any would be admirer. This dress come in several variations, long or short skirt, a breast panel with the option of sheer and opaque, and the more covered or more risqué option. Please check the vendor photos for all your options of this sexy dress. Lua is also wearing the Pearl heels to add that extra decadence.

Thank you Lua.


Photo taken by Red Jess

Hotness continues with Saian, ladies and gentlemen. He is wearing Fighter Trousers in black and the Pastalas shoe also in black. What can he get into dressed like this? Trouble, I think! The Fighter trousers are a very up-to-date design a figure hugging trouser fitting closely to the ankle incorporating a kilt like half skirt at the back, a very modern look. The footwear he is wearing are the Pastalas shoe which is of an almost medieval design that now looks even more modern and up to date for those young men who value new fashion ideas. Perfect for a quick get away.

Thank you Saian.


Photo taken by Red Jess

Ladies and Gentlemen, please cast your eyes over to our wonderful DJ Eostri who is wearing the Kara Dress in red, coupled with the Mimi Boots also in red. The Kara dress is a very short, figure hugging, plain dress criss-crossed with straps in a geodesic pattern with long, free falling ribbons from the hem in the form of a skirt. Coupled with the Mimi boots with all those laces, straps and buckles, this is truly an outfit that would look stunning on any club dance floor!


And now… it’s time for the Late Night After party…..


Model: Jonelle (in red)
Photo taken by Red Jess

When you think of a late night party, do you think of these words, sizzling, sultry, provocative, sensual, seductive? If so, you are entering the perfect mood for this time of the day. Jonelle is strutting her stuff entering the party wearing the most sensual of corsets that United Colors has created. The Eternity Corset in red. The Eternity Corset is made from highly detailed fabric adorned with strings of beautiful beads to accent the hips and derriere with tiny bead strings hanging from the lower hem, simply exquisite. Remember too, there is a texture hud with this corset for more flexibility, just like we all need, right? For those hot moments! She completes her sexiness with the Pearl shoe in red to add to the lusciousness. Are you warming up?

Thank you Jonelle.

Photo taken by Stormy Somerton

Moni is bringing a twist to the after party. She is showing her fun side, wearing the Sara Bodysuit in beige with bunny ears and tail! Her partner in crime is that cute little fluffy bunny! Back to the clinging body suit hugging her every contour that makes the most of her beautiful form. Such a romantic outfit. It also comes with color and lace options in the hud. Finishing her flirtatious look, Moni is wearing the Wild Lara boot in beige, this ensemble will turn your admirers eye for sure.

Thank you Moni.


Photo taken by Red Jess

Here comes Red, with her favorite ferrets, she struts into the after party wearing the Lola Leotard in black, with the Leather High Boots also in black. If you know her, she knows what she likes and knows how to get attention. This tank-styled design that laces up the front and back with delicate chain, leaving just enough of your derriere to make the blood rush and a garter hem leading to sensual footless stockings. She’s chosen to complete this look with the ankle high platform boots leaves you with a tantalizing feline look that will intrigue anyone in search of play.

Thank you Red.

Model: Maxtor (in blue)
Photo taken by Red Jess

Maxtor is one of a man living on the edge and making the very most of life. Masculinity emanating from his being, unafraid to delve into the darker carnal pleasures, bearing the physical marks of pleasure and sensual roleplay. A fun and willing individual, Maxtor is sure to be the center of any after-party he attends, just remember to bring an open-mind, willingness to have a lot of fun and leave your inhibitions at the door… Wearing the Fighter Trousers with the Half Kilt detail, this time in the color blue. A young, modern variation that will also suit the more mature gentleman. This ensemble comes in several colors to suit all skin tones and preferences.

Thank you Max.

Photo taken by Red Jess

Are you looking for elegance and the ultimate in a romantic evening for your late night after party? If so, Leezah is going to blow your mind wearing the beautiful Maven dress in peach.
She radiates in this dress as you can see, and is almost ethereal in appearance, with leaf like embroidery forming the body, lightly covering the breasts and flowing over the shoulders to form straps before plunging down to a modestly cut low back.  A sheer open front skirt covers the legs in a mist like veil, coupled with the peach Pearl shoes give you a truly magical look.

Thank you Leezah.




Photo taken by Red Jess

Welcome once more to the runway, Miss Moni wearing the dangerously sexy Spider Net in purple accompanied by the Pearl shoe in Lilac. This outfit leaves very little to the imagination for a reason, it draws you in with a promise, but its beauty makes you forget the trouble you may be walking into. Delicate lines of spider web thin threads woven to resemble the catching net of that most deadly creature clings closely to the beautiful female form to entice you in to her layer, with the pearl shoe draped in opulent lilac pearls, who could resist the pull of this exciting little number.

Thank you Moni.

Photo taken by Red Jess

Please allow me to draw your attention to myself, just for a moment. I am wearing the Laima Sweater Coat in red, married with the beautiful Pearl Shoe also in red. This beautifully crafted Sweater coat falls to the knee with a full length zip fastening. The coat has four pockets, two at the hip and two just above the breast, also with zip fastenings and an almost mandarin collar. This could also be worn as a dress I think. Paired with the Pearl shoe in red makes for a lovely combination don’t you think?

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you our static models and the wonderful outfits they are wearing.

First we have Aorist wearing the Sleeveless Leotard in red with the Mimi red Boots.

Royale wearing Wild Lara Leather Corset in the color Love with the Wild Lara shoes also in the color Love.

Resmay wearing the Vixen Bikini in red coupled with the High Heeled Boots.

Mixa wearing the Pearl Bikini in nude matched with the Pearl shoe in peach.

Kayla wearing the Punkini in blue with the Wild Lara shoes in beige.

Sheva wearing Sicrets outfit in mauve with the Pearl shoe in black.

Mashi wearing the Tribal Bodysuit in gray, coupled with the Wild Lara shoe in stone.

Greta wearing the Leila outfit in white with the High Heeled Boots in white.

Stormy wearing the Kim Bikini in black coupled with the High Heeled Boots also in black.

And finally we have Ramsa wearing the Leather Thong Pants and Pants.

Truly provocative outfits I am sure you will agree.


Wait! Do you hear that? There seems to be a car, arriving!

Photo taken by Monica Querrien

Please give a huge round of applause to our models as we welcome them back to the runway.

Photo taken by Stormy Somerton

And now, the talent behind this beautiful collection, the amazing creator, UC! This talented designer really knows how to ROCK a runway!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, sadly this brings us to the end of our show. Thank you so much for coming out to The Fashion Loft’s production of United Colors Fashion Show today. We truly appreciate you taking the time to come out and experience our showcase of these amazing designs, so let’s have another round of applause for you!

Thank you also, to our biggest contributor, Rich Grainger of RGF Estates for donating this sim for our show. A huge contribution that we truly appreciate as it allows us the ability to create fun events for everyone here in SL! Thank you!!!

A major thank you goes to the creative force behind United Colors for their wonderful work, creativity and the innovative designs that make this show possible.

In addition, I would like to send a huge shout out to our DJ EOS the musical genius behind the soundtrack to our show today. She has put together a beautiful soundtrack that has complemented the outfits wonderfully. Thank you, EOS!

Backstage Manager: Selene Snowpaw
Photo taken by Red Jess

Our gratitude also goes out to all those hard working people that worked behind the scenes, from our hosts (myself included), to the models, both static and runway, and everyone who contributed in order to make this show possible.

Photo taken by Red Jess

This kinda reminded me of at the end of Step Up All In, where everyone was just dancing cause they didn’t care if they won the rigged competition or not – they just wanted to give everyone a good time watching them dance. They won, of course ^^

My name is Sabine, and it has been my real pleasure to be your host for this, our first showcase of the wonderful designs from United Colors.
Finally, I would like to thank the team from The Fashion Loft (TFL) for their vision and brilliance in bringing to life this wonderful show for us all to enjoy! Please don’t forget to join the group so you can keep your finger on the pulse of upcoming events!

We all wish you have a wonderful Sunday! Thank you and good day everyone!


All creations by United Colors

Production Team

Show Producers: Red Jess & Monica Querrien

Backstage Manager: Selene Snowpaw
DJ: Eostri
Photographers: Red Jess, Stormy Somerton, Monica Querrien, Aldbaran Galicia
Script Writer: Cara Vespucciano-Arun (cara.vespucciano) & Red Jess
Set & Decor: Raven Aeranae (nxraven), Red Jess & Monica Querrien
Social Media Manager: ღGαɍɍεϯϯε Slαуεɍ ღ (mrmcluvn)
Videographers: ღGαɍɍεϯϯε Slαуεɍ ღ (mrmcluvn), Mr Neddings (johan.neddings)
Text Hostess: Sabine Mortenwold

Modeling the United Colors clothing:

Runway Models: Gloria Gabe, Jonelle Devonshire, Leezah Kaddour, Lua Vendetta, Maxtor Frisk, Morgan Whitfield, ℳøηї (monica.querrien), Red Jess (redtess69), Sαian ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ Langer (saiansamuel), ღScαяℓєt LєŔσυхღ (scarlet.lenoirre), and ŤỖЖĮČŜЎŇ (synful.aeon).

Greeter/Static Models: Aorist Chunes, Gгєţα ƤĮǟïṧỉṝ (gretacongarbo), Мαşhî Ƙеηtαυrυş (mashi666), Resmay Bloodstorm (meishagirl), Mixa Radek, Kayla Flow (natsumiayamisaki), Ramsa Luv, RoyaleSun, کheva کt.Claire (shevarravrinn), and Stormy Somerton.

There were reports that there were over 90 avatars on the sim, but could only record 89. Hey, I had a show to do – couldn’t keep checking the audience 😛

I think one of my favorite moments was when Red and I got to sit down with our favorite cat after the show ^^ The other was when we all danced at the end.

We do have a video of the show, although at times it was pretty slow to rez ❤


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