The Fashion Loft is having a Winter Ball!

I have always wanted to attend an all- white attire party. There is something about when everyone has on the same color and in formal wear that makes you feel…majestic. Even though everyone may not know each other, we all have something in common. So it makes me happy to announce that The Fashion Loft is finally making my wish come true.

On Saturday from 1 – 4 PM SLT, we are having a truly remarkable event. You can rsvp here on Facebook if you have an account. In addition, you can join The Fashion Loft inworld.

If you do not have Facebook, the location of the event is here so keep that location handy until Saturday!

I made a slideshow video on Facebook, and I think it came out quite nicely. We had a casting on Tuesday for people to come in all white, and we had a full house! A special thanks to the following people who showed up for the group photo and/or photo ad (sorry if I missed anyone!):

MaxtorFrisk Resident
Catalysis Resident
Ellie Shepard (elettriko)
Arion Vella
Nahla Franizzi
EtO (etoilerose)
memole Giha
Sheila Style (sheilastyle)
Kℌαŋdiiє Kαŋє Ȼoutuяe™  (khandiie)
Brice Meda (briceyokan)
Rachel McDonnell
Susy (susy49.albatros)
Morgan Whitfield (mmorganwhitfield)
ღScαяℓєt LєŔσυхღ (scarlet.lenoirre)
QueenBrat Bracken
Sarah Elisabeth Brenham  (sarahelisebeth.brenham)
Janda Sahara
Laura   Ross Shim (lauralauren06)
Uʀɪ Jᴇꜰꜰᴇʀsᴏɴ (uri.jefferson)
Resmay Bloodstorm (meishagirl)
کheva کt.Claire (shevarravrinn)
Minx (xxpollyannaxx)
Mixa Radek
Talissah Xenga




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