The Fantasy Angels – Heaven Can Wait Show – Second Life

On Sunday, October 22, the Fantasy Angels had another spectacular show. “HEAVEN CAN WAIT” is a Dark Fantasy presentation of lost souls, dangerous encounters and triumph of good over evil in the spirit of the Halloween season.

The Angels embarked on a journey into worlds where all creatures were condemned to eternal darkness and chaos. But in their attempts to bring peace to these worlds, the Angels were lured by the spirits of the dark and begin to transform into the very creatures they were sent to save.

“In the back of their minds they know they have a job to do, but… “HEAVEN CAN WAIT” a little bit longer because these Angels aren’t ready to return to the Golden Gates of Heaven…just yet.”


Boniefacio, Daneen Sands, Desireme Fallen, Federica Galtier, Indigo Avonside, Jamee Sandalwood, JonelleDevonshire, Joys Cuttita, LeezahKaddour, Lolita Paragorn, Lua Vendetta, LukaBenton, Memole Giha, Milla Crumb, Nacarz, Njegovanka, Payton Heron, Ramsa Luv, Redtess69, Rehana Seljan, Rodrigo9997, Sienna Bellios, Spirit Llewellyn, Tryska1104, Valeria Endrizzi,
and Winter Jefferson.


Angels Kristan TFA Owner & CEO
Jena Adder TFA COO & Show Producer/Director
Monica Querrien Model Manager / Show Assistant

Serenity Couerblanc

Angels Kristan
Jena Adder
Monica Querrien

Angels Kristan

Eostri – DJ/Voice Host
Jena Adder – Text Host

Milla Crumb

Angels Kristan

Angels Kristan


Ladies and Gentlemen, today we bring you a show unlike any other. You could say it is OUT OF THIS WORLD as our Angels explore the most dangerous aspects of their imagination in “Heaven Can Wait”.

Our show begins with a vision of angelic peacefulness…

Luka – a strong, agile Angel…a soldier amongst his peers – is summoned by the voices of heaven and walks forward with curiosity and a sense of duty. As he awaits his mission, a commanding voice greets him with concern….

“Luka… LUKA! You are needed now.”

Luka hastens with ears perked to the sky as he listens.

“Luka, I must send you on an important mission. I fear for the safety of some of our Angels.”

“They were sent out into the galaxy to disperse some of the growing elements of darkness.”

Our team were warned that the environments would be challenging, that they would undergo changes and that the longer they remained there the more…dangerous this would become.

“Luka, they have been gone too long!”

“I need you to go to the worlds of Aleo, Nera, Deray and Kartos to retrieve our Angels before they fully succumb to these dark desires and seek to remain there forever.”

“Fear not for you will be protected from the influences of these worlds through the invisible armor you now wear.”

“But…be careful, Luka. There is one darkest Angel…the most defiant Angel. He will try to destroy you and keep the Angels from returning. Find him, Luka. Do what you must to defeat him. Don’t delay Luka…your friends need you.”

With these words we see Luka walk down into the depths of flames, as we prepare to visit the first world – ALEO.

Chaos grows in Aleo, a world where the Gods and Goddess’ of many cultures dwell. For the most part a peaceful planet, but there has been growing discontent and abnormal behaviors… which are disturbing even for Gods.

Vanka is one of the Geisha Goddesses who reside within the Celestial Palace, known for their grace and poise. It’s no wonder she is garbed in elements of irrISIStible’s “2017 China Dragon Kiss”.

However, something has changed and Dark Geisha Goddesses have appeared. Their focus seems to be to cause mischief and unrest through their overtly flirtatious ways and provocative manner.

No wonder there is concern for these Goddesses as they raise the heat to an uncomfortable level for any God seeking the calm refuge of the Celestial Palace.

Vanka is pleased with her performance and calls forth the other Gods.

Federica is all the fiery warmth of Autumn in a riot of foliage and fauna from irrISIStible’s “v2 Autumn Goddess”.

The cool winds of winter approach baring her beauty as the leaves are stripped away.

A harvest season goddess is intended to represent the ripe fertility of Summer being appreciated before the onset of a bleak winter…But here she looks ready to resist the change of season.

With the arrival of Federica, Redtess and Leezah, the growing disarray on this planet becomes clear for all to see. Three of the four seasons present in one time and one place, this should not be possible.

In contrast when Redtess nears we feel the icy chill of winter set in. The temperature drops with her cold glare and icicles drip from her wings.

 Her stark outfit named “Wicca” from !dM deviousMind is adorned with the barren branches of trees visible through a flurry of snow. This often maligned season chills me to the bone.

Leezah embodies Summer Sun, the season of warmth when nature glories in abundance, ripening and blooming in full splendor.

She wears “Mama Ocllo” accessories from Ghee, Moon & Sun makeup from Alma. Glimmering in gold dust, radiating warmth with her glorious rays of sunshine no wonder she is adored by so many.                                             

I fear for the inhabitants of this world being bombarded by the expressions of so many seasonal goddesses at one time, our Angels are in danger of sending this world into complete chaos through their meddling in nature.

Of course we expect to see some Goddesses of evil intent, they help maintain a crucial balance, however there is worry over..wait here comes Tryska you will see what I mean.

Tryska is a “Nyx Goddess”, aligned with the Dark Pantheon her appearance simmers a dark sensuality in attire from Virtual Diva.

This is to be expected as are her dark wings and features, but her eyes, they’re so cold and empty.

Her passion and fiery heat appears to have been replaced by a cold disdain for all around her, she sneers at the sight of other denizens whether of light or dark.

Oh no! Ramsa has been afflicted with the same haughtiness as Tryska, he has been known for his enflamed responses – that was normal for him, but now…

Now there is an anger, a rage that he barely contains. As his embodiment of a Necromance God, this may not be a problem, but within his Angel being there is an internal struggle which will be taking its toll upon him.

Seeing this tormented Angel, I am becoming increasingly concerned about their safety and well being, their purity is being tainted, warped, overtaken.

An ominous sign is the arrival of these two, Indigo a regal Egyptian Goddess and Rodrigo as Horus the Falcon-headed God. The Egyptian Gods have long spoken of signs and portents of change – perhaps the arrival of two such powerful symbols is a sign of imminent danger.

Indigo glimmers with gold from her crown, outstretched wings to the tips of her strappy sandals. Elements of “Bastet” from !dM deviousMind drapes this golden Goddess.

Rodrigo, or should I say Horus, stands beside her ready to stake his claim, command an army and rule over those who cower in the shadows of his mighty wings as he soars above them all.

As I watch these two depart I worry, not only for the Angels we have just met but for those on the worlds we have yet to visit.

For I fear that the dark influence shall only continue to develop, to corrupt, to turn our Angels into…something else entirely.

The next location we visit is the world of Nera, a place of natural beauty which has already begun to show signs of an underlying darkness seeping into the waterways, corrupting the earth, the plant and animal life.

Memole will steal your breath away as she nears, her silvery shimmery scales and ornate “Lamia Jewel Naga Tail” from !dM deviousMind are designed to ensnare at a glimpse.

This Angelic beauty has undergone an advanced mutation and has taken on such reptilian features as her own. It is no longer clear that she ever looked other than this.

Oh…as she slithered by, I got such a shiver when I realized her wings are almost fully transformed. What does this mean for our Angel Memole? Will she be able to come back from this?

Corruption spreads its evil wings and encircles the beautiful Dark Swan that is Joys, whilst Sienna is the magnificent Maleficent whose very lifeblood pulses black with power.

Both outfits are from Virtual Diva with classic bold lines evoking images of graceful beauty turned to dark purposes of seduction and spurning, of grieving and torment – such cruel allure.

I am beginning to question the source of this corruption. Did Maleficent turn the head of the young Swan or were they both swayed by a more corrupt being.

I feel a frisson of fear at the arrival of Rehana a powerful Sorceress who seems to exude the static charge of an imminent storm.

Her beauty is undeniable in her outfit “Precious Octopus” by irrISIStible. She stands before us as bold as a siren luring travelers to the watery depths…and their doom.

Yet I sense that she seeks more than destroying those she meets, it’s as if she is seeking to control nature to aid in that destruction.

Here come two beings prepared to battle with Rehana as she seeks to assert her power, Desireme and Nacarz are elemental spirits, but it is unclear whether they are using their powers here for darker purposes.

Desireme as a Sea Spirit is clothed in elements of irrISIStible’s “Sparkling Mesh Mermaid” and accompanied by a slippery friend in her quest to cause unrest along the coast.

Nacarz, in !dM deviousMind’s “Harpyia – Air Spirit” and MK le Glitter Olga makeup by Alge Designs, is no less treacherous as she takes to the air to stir up trouble of one kind or another.

I still see the glimmer of our Angels, their beauty and grace remain, but these changes are reminiscent of a metamorphosis – in which case they may remain this way forever if they choose to stay here.

Boniefacio stares us down as a Warrior Stag. He has been roaming free over the wooded hills and forests of this world – really running wild.

As an Angel Bonefacio is intensely loyal and this is now expressed in his loyalty to the wildlife of his surroundings.

His stance and manner shouts of his confidence, his determination to remain free, and the unbinding of an aggression that has been previously tamed. He wears elements of irrISIStible’s “Sexy Dear”.

As a wild woodland creature he is magnificent but if he was to turn that raw aggression towards me I would be fearing for my safety. Perhaps it is time to move on to another world.

I hear that jealousy reigns supreme in Deray, and since the arrival of our Angels it has continued to flourish.

Here comes one of the prime examples of such a destructive emotion, our Angel Valeria who has changed significantly as we see her now in Medusa form.

Medusas are known for their bewitching appearance, a corrupted beauty overcome with a poisonous nature. She swings her “Lamia JewelNaga Tail” by !dM deviousMind in a dance to bewitch her male prey.

Jealous of the attention bestowed upon any other female the Medusa is quick to turn her prey cold with the flick of her viperous hair adding to her collection of stone creations.
Valeria demonstrates a haughty coldness in her disdain of both her prey and her fellow Medusa for she believes herself to be the most attractive, the fastest and the most prolific of these evil enchantresses.

Pride and cruelty is not a trait natural to Valeria, this darkness spreads beyond appearance – it’s reaching the very heart of our Angels.

It appears we are in the presence of royalty for Daneen arrives before us as Cleo.

Known for her beauty but also her seductive knowledge of how to wield power over others, it is easy to see why so many are enamored on sight.

A vision of wealth, prestige and power – golden not only in attire from !dM deviousMind’s “Iset – Gold Egyptian Silk” and Anubis makeup by Alge’s Designs…but her entire being. She appears touched by Midas – and yet untouchable to all.

Daneen should not be underestimated, for no one knows yet the true depth of this corruption.

The darkness may have already permeated that golden skin and her plotting and planning may be destined to lead to a greater downfall than ever imagined.

What is this? Jamee appears to have captured Luka. Will his mission falter or fail? This veritable Valkyrie seems disdainful of our Angelic hero – why she has him leashed to her as if a pet.

Jamee wears !dM deviousMind’s “Valkyrie” armor and it is clear she believes her purpose to be of an important and noble one.

The design and embellishments indicate she has had many successes in her role as an avenger of Valhalla. Does she remember nothing of her Angelic duties?

How corrupted Jamee has become to treat a fellow Angel with such contempt. She abandons him now as if she has no further use for her captive.

I know Luka is protected from the darkness, but the deterioration of the motives and behaviors of his former friends causes me concern.

Lolita, Milla and Jonelle appear as Three Furies, ancient Greek goddesses of vengeance and retribution who punished men for crimes against the natural order. I wonder if our Angels have warped under the pressure of such darkness.

Jonelle as a Furiae of Earth, perhaps thought to be the most approachable by humankind the corruption has warped this being. Flawless in Ghee Dark Angel (Forest Green) and Ghee Laced Ultra Thigh Highs, she now seeks to torment and torture others to the point of madness.

Milla as Euminides borne of the pits of Hell itself, this Furie seeks to condemn all those who have wronged to flaming purgatory. She wears Ghee Dark Angel (Night) outfit and boots, and has no interest in recompense or forgiveness, wrongdoers must suffer!

Lolita as Dirae one of the Furies believed to have previously dwelt in Heaven, wearing Ghee Dark Angel (Purple) and Ghee Laced Ultra Thigh Highs (Leather Edition), who now appears to seek to cause physical pain and suffering to those who are deemed to deserve punishment.

All three of our Angel Furies are set to tempt and twist the physical and mental state of all they come across. I am glad that the protection over Angel Luka appears to be holding strong against these dark influences.

…BUT alas, as Luka attempts to sneak past the Furies and re-enter the fiery pit to complete his task, he is spotted by the triplets. The three join forces to battle and capture Luka who they believe is a false God.

Luka must fight the battle of his life if he is to succeed his mission.

The battle is intense. The Furies are strong. The three together unleash power never seen before.

Luka fights hard, but he cannot hold the Furies back. They are too strong. Luka surrenders. The Furies have won this battle!

They return to the fiery pits with Luka in tow.

Our Angels appear determined to destroy this final world we visit. Kartos, a world set in a futuristic galaxy in deep dark space, is in turmoil and its residents are in revolt.

Lua is an Evil Alice, wearing Ghee “Freakshow – Latex Woman”. She is leading the underground fighters in a war against anyone and everyone.

The lines of good and evil have been blurred midst the chaos of this world’s collapse, and Alice has grabbed the opportunity to make money out of mayhem.

Ghee clothing provides a sexy yet practical lightweight armor for this futuristic mercenary as she spreads fear and hate with her militant actions.

Two such beings focusing their efforts on uniting former enemies are Payton – Princess Cleo 3059, and Spirit – Princess Lilith Elemental.

Not prepared to let this destruction continue these, two Princesses from the more remote areas of Kartos are stepping up to be heard and seen.

It is clear that these two united are a force to be reckoned with, but what is unclear is whether they seek to halt or speed up the decay of this increasingly volatile planet.

With Payton wearing !dM deviousMind’s “Cleo” Egyptian Scarab Headdress (Dark Romance makeup by ALMA), and Spirit in Ghee Lilith Bodysuit (Nova makeup by ALMA Makeup), it is clear that these Angels have now found themselves in positions of power, able to shape the future with their actions…

…or bring the downfall of a world with their misdeeds.

I shudder in awe and fear at the arrival of Winter the new Moon Prince of Kartos, his appearance in its chilling skeletal form leads me to believe the worst. He wears Mk Le Sunlight & Lips by Alge Designs.

Desire -deceit -discord -destruction, all have combined in an explosive manner destined to lead to the destruction of all worlds where our Angels currently dwell. As a result of such a catastrophic event, our Angels would be cast into damnation forever, unable to return to their heavenly posts.

Though Winter stands before us as the symbol of imminent disaster, I sense a glimmer of hope.

But…the heavens warned Luka of a defiant one… and Winter is that dark Angel.

The tension between these former friends is palpable. The developing darkness has led to this dramatic challenge.

They battle each other, like two soldiers fighting for the extreme …GOOD vs EVIL.

Luka is weak from previous battle. He is damaged from his journey in the different worlds.

 He was able to free himself from the Furies and capture the triplets along with all of the other Angels…

 He must draw from the strength and power of all heavens to overcome the willful force of Winter’s fury.

Finally there is relief as we see the Moon Prince overcome the darkness…and surrenders

The crisis has been averted and balance restored.

Tired, battered and out of breath, Luka rests but in jubilation as he has successfully completed his task.

With danger dispersed our Angels can prepare to return to their Heavenly home where they will revert to their more angelic forms and nature. Before they ascend we will have the opportunity to view them once more in their darker incarnations.

A huge round of applause for these brave souls.

Awaiting them we have: Luka Benton – leading the way for

Federica Galtier
Ramsa Luv
Indigo Avonside
Memole Giha
Joys Cuttita
Sienna Bellios
Rehana Seljan
Desireme Fallen
Valeria Endrizzi
Daneen Sands
Jamee Sandalwood
Lolita Paragorn
Milla Crumb
Lua Vendetta
Payton Heron
Spirit Llewellyn
Winter Jefferson

As we bid farewell, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the generosity and support of a range of Sponsors: Virtual Diva, irrISIStible, Ghee, !dM deviousMind, ALMA Makeup, Alge Designs, You Got the Look by Darla.

Once again, thank you to our Media Partners: Virtual Diva Magazine, SWANK, ModeLS Magazine, Miss SL Magazine and L’Homme Magazine.

Let’s hear a round of applause!

Also thank you to Jessica Chung for allowing the special things we did on the land for today’s show. And Sofia Corleone of Celestinas Weddings for the initial build of this stage.

I would also like to recognize the hard work that goes into the backstage work of such a production: TFA Owner & CEO / Set Builder / Marketing Angels Kristan, Producer & Director Jena Adder, Script Writer Serenity Couerblanc, DJ/Host Eostri, Marketing & Model Manager Monica Querrien, Set Builder/Collaborator Redtess69 and Assistant Stylist Milla Crumb.

Jena Adder

DJ Eostri

Monica Querrien

A big thank you to the entire team at Fantasy Angels and all of those associated in bringing together this magic.

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and family – you have been an amazing audience. We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing upcoming productions from The Fantasy Angels with you all.
Watch for Casting announcements and post show pictures and videos on our Website at and on Facebook.

Please stick around to mingle with the Angels as they join us at front for a short meet and greet.




4 thoughts on “The Fantasy Angels – Heaven Can Wait Show – Second Life

  1. Jena Adder says:

    Moni this is so amazing. Wow. Fabulous work. Can I repost on the fantasy angels blog. Everyone will love this, and I love that you posted the avatar count and the theme song. OMG the pics are fantastic. I so want Angy, Serenity and the Angels so see this. Also will be sharing with the sponsors. Ty again Moni you’re the best.

    • ℳøηї says:

      Sure! 🙂 When I put it all together I truly realized how epic this production was. And everyone had a part in making it great. Even when the models see it all laid out, I think they will be amazed too.

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