Havenhollow 2017

Hey guys! Over the weekend I got to visit Havenhollow, a sim where you can go trick – or – treating and explore.

The first time I went to Havenhollow was back in 2014. I liked both the candy and the spooky adventure. In 2015 I wanted to go, but I waited until Halloween, and the sim was too laggy for me to even walk. The Holiday Appreciation Association didn’t have it last year, so I made sure to go early this year ^^

When you arrive, you land in this area, and you receive the following message:

[06:29] Havenhollow:
The bus is about to leave – please grab a seat to begin your journey to the Havenhollow neighbourhood!

If you prefer to visit the Date Auction, have a look at the signs nearby.

(Disclaimer: In order to make your stay at Havenhollow more confortable, please accept the Second Life Experience to proceed!)

After getting on the bus, you land in the neighborhood, where you can go and get candy from the neighbors ^^ Don’t forget to get your package!

[06:34] Havenhollow:
Welcome to Havenhollow!

Please accept this Trick-or-Treat Bucket, filled with the following goodies you’ll need to begin your journey: hud, flashlight, and notecard with information/landmarks.

Before you start your adventure, we ask that you please have your windlight set to region default and to please have your sounds enabled.

We encourage you to visit door to door for some good ol’ fashioned Trick-or-Treating. Be patient and knock extra hard! Sometimes the neighbors might not hear you the first time, but we’re fairly certain you’ll get a kick out of the tricks and treats up their sleeves!

After you’re done Trick-or-Treating, the fun doesn’t end! Search for the secret entrance to part 2, which will lead you to a terrifying experience you’ll never forget.

Disclaimer: We would like to warn you that Havenhollow’s part 2 isn’t for everyone; it does have some scary situations and isn’t recommended for the faint of heart!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Halloween!

– HAA Events

So I went walking/running around the neighborhood with my little bucket. Quite a few people dressed up for the occasion too, so I didn’t feel weird lol. Actually, I had gone to a party the night before, which required me to dress up. So it was good timing that I was wearing this.

Because this *is* Blacklace, I needed to add a top to the outfit to make it more PG friendly 😀

~Blacklace~ Clowing Around: Clown Nose Pink
~Blacklace~ Clowning Around Rigged Hair (Blue)
~Blacklace~ Clowning Around: Suspender Set (Maitreya)
~Blacklace~ Clowning Around: Wristlet Left
~Blacklace~ Clowning Around: Wristlet Right
~Blacklace~ Clowning Around: Collar
~Blacklace~ Clowning: Blue/Pink Thigh Boots

Top: ~Blacklace~ Josie Basic’s Pack
Skin: Glam Affair – Milu – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Jamaica

Zibska ~ Susa Eyemakeup (gift @ The Nightmare)
amara beauty – the matte lipstick palette

Pose: ProPose – Charlotte (@ 68 Main)

Witch better have my candy….


Here is a picture of all the candy that I managed to collect. I kinda lost track of the houses that “tricked” me, so I am not sure whether I was able to go back and get their candies as well. The globe is a present that you get once you donated, and the candy bucket is what the game gives you when you get to the neighborhood. The one that you see me holding is actually for the kids…I mean how can they not have one for the adults as well? Adults want candy too…

Now this is what I didn’t get – once I reached the next area, it just seems like a place to explore. Unlike the last time I was here, there was no “ending”. I eventually used one of the landmarks given to me to go to the date auction area. I wished would had given us more of a direction as to what we were supposed to do. If it was just for exploration, I would have had a more enjoyable time, rather than look for something that did not exist.

And as you saw from the message that I received, it speaks about a hud and a notecard. Neither of those items are in there. The HUD was most likely replaced by SL experiences, where you grant them permission to control your avatar and camera.

Despite that, I am very happy that they brought Havenhollow back. I hope Mingle (or something like it) can come back too in February. I just feel that because of “event culture” in Second Life, the members of H.A.A. will not have the time to do it. Darn events 😦Save








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