Sittin’ Pretty

It’s time to go out on the Second Life grid! How do you decide on what to wear?

Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Raina: Mesh Baby Doll & Thong
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Dancin Daisies Wht/Pk (@ Swank)
Hairbase: Vanity Hair (see previous post from which hair it came from)
alaskametro❤ “Astral” eyeshadow – Catwa
amara beauty – the matte lipstick palette

On some days, my answer to that question would be, “I just put on the first thing that I see in my inventory”. You really don’t feel like doing anything over the top, but you still want to look presentable. On days like this, you want to have a go-to accessory like a bracelet or sunglasses to instantly upgrade your look. And of course, shoes. You can’t go wrong with investing in a nice pair of heels/stilettos that you can just throw on whenever. But then again, I like my sandal wedges too…

On other days when I do want to put some effort into my outfit, I tend to style around a new (or even old but interesting) shiny. It could be a hair (like the new hair I got from Vanity ^^), shoes, pants, top, dress…you get the picture. What do I mean by “style around”? For instance, if I am wearing delicate jewelry, my outfit will be fairly simple without a whole lot of embellishments on it. That way, the jewelry does not get “lost” and will get noticed along with the rest of what I am wearing.

If it’s for a certain event, then you have to style to match the event. Recently I went to an event and I had thrown on a gown and accessorized nicely. When I went there pretty much everyone was causal. Even though it’s better to be too dressed up than to be too casual, I still felt over dressed.

One thing that helps a lot when putting together a look is to know your color season, and finding out what colors make you rock and which ones do not. I admit that I probably fall in a couple of seasons depending on what color hair I decide to wear (e.g. blonde vs brunette). So I tend to go with what looks good on me. But if a color makes you look too washed out, then that color is not for you. For instance, certain grays, beige, greens, yellows, tend to make me look kinda bleh. They probably would look better on a lighter toned avi. Certain hair brands I cannot wear because their tones make me look washed out – even black tones. It makes me sad too because I really liked the hair style lol.

Okay – I have to go get ready in real life, but I will be back soon ^^

Happy Shopping!

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