Does Anyone Have a Landmark?

Picture this. It’s the first day of a new round at event X. Your group chats are filled with people asking for landmarks for event X. Someone gives them the SLurl for the event. “Oh no, I need a landmark for my HUD to work.” They need to know where the event is, and they have it – but it’s not good enough for their HUD. Now, when you look at Seraphim, there are a ton of events happening at any time. Since August rolls in tomorrow,  I am going to do all of you high maintenance people a favor….

Swimsuit & Shoes: ~Blacklace~ Zara Boho Bronze
Jewelry: Chop ZueyCote Sauvage (@ Designer Showcase)
Hair: Stealthic Paradox
Location: The Manor Suites

…I am going to tell you what * I *use to get into events.

  • It takes BOTH landmarks and SLurls
  • You don’t have to worry about getting booted once you get in
  • And it’s FREE to purchase

It’s called – the TP Hammer. On the listing, it even tells you how to get rid of all of the pop up notifications once you reach your destination. So now there is no reason to annoy everyone with questions such as, “Does anyone have a landmark for….?” because you will no longer need one. And once you get to your destination, feel free to make all of the landmarks that you want.

If anyone is as annoyed as I am when people ask this question, feel free to share this post (or just the marketplace link) with them. For those who are still using outdated HUDs that only accept landmarks….why haven’t you updated?

Happy Shopping!

Oh and a special mention goes to Stealthic for providing excellent customer service + feedback when I had a question about how my hair fitted me ^^


2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Have a Landmark?

  1. Khitt says:

    Hooray for excellent CS! When you get good CS, continue to shop there and spread the word. I am in contact with a brand now regarding an issue I have been having since June, which is no bueno. 😦

  2. Starr says:

    Oh I will only say so much on this post because I could ramble on and on on people in groups that are too lazy to either go to Seraphim which is perfect to get the LM ~ keep LM’s for events in their inventory and have to ask the same request does anyone have the LM sorry pure laziness…great post LOVE IT

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