My Visit to Sansar!

Hey guys! I just got word not too long ago that Sansar was now in open beta! Strawberry Singh has a lot of useful information on Sansar – I recommend watching the videos before downloading the viewer. The avatar and camera controls video is very useful – too bad I didn’t watch beforehand!

As you can see, Sansar is similar to Second Life in that people still haven’t learned to move off the landing point  😀
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Miss Virtual Diva 2017 – Grand Prize 100,000 Lindens!

MISS VIRTUAL DIVA 2017 is now open! Who will be the next face of fashion?

┊┊┊☆ HOW TO ENTER ☆ ┊┊┊
Entries Open June 15th to July 31st
* Take a Full body & Closeup of your look – size of photo must be 2500×2000
* Style theme: Head to toes Flowers Dolce and Gabbana Inspiration.

* All outfits used for this contest MUST be from Virtual Diva Brand.



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Does Anyone Have a Landmark?

Picture this. It’s the first day of a new round at event X. Your group chats are filled with people asking for landmarks for event X. Someone gives them the SLurl for the event. “Oh no, I need a landmark for my HUD to work.” They need to know where the event is, and they have it – but it’s not good enough for their HUD. Now, when you look at Seraphim, there are a ton of events happening at any time. Since August rolls in tomorrow,  I am going to do all of you high maintenance people a favor….

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