He’s Just Not That Into You

Hey guys! After observing what has been happening in my circle of friends (and their friend’s friends), I have decided to share with the ladies a few tips on how to tell whether a guy is just not that into you. This will save you from a lot of embarrassment and being the most talked about avatar on the grid.

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5. They are distracted when talking to you.

Now, there is a difference between taking 10-20 minutes to respond and taking a minute or so to respond. It’s also one thing if that happens every once in a while, and they explain to you what is happening ( someone in RL needs to be addressed, or they work in SL on call). But most of the time you can tell the difference. Unless you just need a lot of attention. Then sorry, I can’t help you 😛

There is a flip side to this. I had to put a disclaimer in my profile because some people would get really upset if they message me and I don’t message them back due to me being already afk. One guy actually said if I am not on hours at a time, then why stay logged in? Clearly he was bothered because I was not immediately available to him. No one uses my computer except me, I have every intention of getting back on as soon as I can (but things don’t always work out), and I explain where I was when I get back.

4. They disappear without letting you know where they are.

This could be anything from tp’ing to an undisclosed location to being offline for several days/weeks at a time. I had a guy who used to take me everywhere with him, and towards the end of our relationship he would leave me suddenly, and I’m left thinking, WTF? I think if you are in a serious relationship, you should at the very least exchange emails so if one of you has to be away from SL, you can fill each other in. I used to have a friend who would disappear from SL for weeks to get out of a relationship or a situation with another person.

3. They’re not interested in your interests.

I know some people will balk at this one because not everyone will like the same things. However, there is a difference between respecting each other’s interests in SL vs minimizing them or even putting them down.


2. They’re not willing to claim you (to friends, in his profile, etc).

This is one that I see a lot. The girl will have in her profile picks of her and the guy – they may even change their name to their last name. On the other hand, the guy looks like he is still single in his profile. Unless you have an agreement (i.e. open relationship), then stuff like that could mean that he doesn’t want others to know how serious things are between the two of you…if he even thinks there is something serious.

1. They’re not willing to invest time.

This is probably the main thing, and several people that I asked agreed. If they are not willing to invest time into you and your relationship, then it’s most likely not going to work. Find out who or what they are really interested in, and see how much time they actually have.


One thought on “He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. queenbrat says:

    I have always said the same thing, we make time for those we want to see and/or talk to. If a guy can’t take the time to even say hi, they are not into you.

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