Some Thoughts in Closing

As things wind down for the month of May, I have had some thoughts on my mind. I felt like making a blog post on it because despite me having a few blog posts ready to go, my mind is blocked. So, I hope that my thoughts and observations will be of some use to you.

Skirt: Ghee Allium Skirt – Lara – Porcelain (@ Designer Showcase)
Top: Ghee Allium Top – Lara – Porcelain (@ Designer Showcase)
Shoes: Ghee Allium Pumps – Slink – Primrose (@ Designer Showcase)      
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair
Skin: Glam Affair – Danni Catwa  Mesh Head Applier

Location: by Dorian

  • Boredom is a state of mind – take up a new hobby or interest if you are bored. Not feeling like doing anything is not the same as being bored- sometimes you need a break if you are constantly on the go.
  • Communication is key when it comes to any interaction with another person or a group of people. Without it, all parties involved will become frustrated, which can further complicate matters.
  • When trying to understand a situation, try to see if you can grasp the gist of what the issue is. You can always expand on the details later.  People get so caught up on the details and the “law” that they completely miss the point.
  • The quickest way to make new friends is to find a new activity that you like – common interests will form bonds fast.
  • People who are in positions of power and influence should remember that power can corrupt. In order to prevent this, they should have friends around them that will not be afraid to voice their unbiased opinion on what is happening. Too many people surround themselves with sycophants that do nothing but distort reality. And then they wonder why certain outcomes take place.

And this one really hits close to home:

  • If I give feedback to people, it’s because I genuinely have an interest in them and their activities. I believe that one of my strengths is knowing how to find the balance between constructive criticism and harsh words.  However, there will always be those who cannot tolerate even the smallest critiques. They wear tainted glasses where my words become harsh and cruel, no matter what is said. When I find myself having to defend my words, actions, and thoughts repeatedly towards those people, I find myself losing interest in them entirely.




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