What I Wore Today – new series!

Hey guys! I have been working on a new project of sorts for my blog. I am doing a new series  called, “What I Wore Today”. For now, I will not be posting these photos on Flickr, so make sure you follow my blog at WordPress or at my Facebook page if you do not want to miss out!


Hair: Exile:: Iron Maiden
Dress: ALT by Truth – Daze Dress – ALL
Skin: Glam Affair – Danni – Jamaica
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Pentacostal

I wanted to do this because I have felt that despite the fact that my blog is supposed to largely be about what I wear in Second Life, I believe that I have only showcased a fraction of that. This is largely because of the bloggers’ struggle of trying to cross every “t” and dot every “I” when it comes to our blog posts.  This is my attempt to bring back some of the fun in blogging – by eliminating most of my obstacles in order to bring you all what you want to see – more fashion. Also, to bring back sharing more of what I do in Second Life with you all.

Some of you may already know this, but I am the co-CEO of The Fashion Loft. I created an area for a dressing room for our members to be able to change. This is where I will take my photos for my daily lookbook. I plan to take my photos with minimal editing (cropping), and use one windlight – JuicyBomb.com’s Chelle’s Powder Puff in Ultra settings.

Edit: I know some people can take pictures at the same location over and over again, but this became too boring lol. Perhaps I will alternate weekly or every so often…still a work-in-progress.

For those who want a quick photography lesson, I have taken some pictures of my graphic configuration (in Firestorm).

Note a few things:

1. Even if you are unable to go into Ultra settings, make sure that basic shaders is enabled, and that your graphics are as high as your computer can handle. For some, that may be High; for others, it may be Mid.

2. To prevent jagged lines, make sure that antialiasing is as high as it can go.

3. Make sure that the size of your photo is as large as it can be. You can always resize it down later. Bigger photo size = better color richness. Think about it – why do people want a big screen tv? You can choose to constrain proportions or not. I remember a while back hearing that if you didn’t take pictures using your screen proportions, the photo may come out with streaks or some other bad stuff. Again, the bigger the photo, the easier it is to crop and resize down to your desired size.

By the way, I started taking pictures towards the end of April. That way, I could have some time to upload my photos. So if you see me out and about wearing something that is not featured on my blog right away, don’t fret! Like tv shows, it is just a bit of a delay 🙂

At the moment, I am wearing Glam Affair’s Minerva Applier in Jamaica, Slink feet and Maitreya bento hands. And yes, my height varies ^^

Edit: I was actually supposed to start this series at the beginning of May. But now we are halfway into the month. What I may do is to post what I have today, and then continue the series. It’s hard for me to get in the blogging mood in the beginning of the month :/

What I Wore Today – 001
Taken: 04/20/17

Today I felt like wearing jeans. I was telling my friend Red Jess not too long ago that I had not bought a pair of jeans in a while. Luckily, after looking through old Luxe Box items, I found a pair of jeans from Blueberry that I liked. I paired it with a sweatshirt from Addams (also from Luxe Box), and some Glamistry heels. Glamistry always have good discounts if you are patient, so I managed to get the fatpack for these heels for relatively cheap. Vanity Hair had a 2-for-1 sale on this hair and Kiss & Bites, so of course I had to get that. The pose that I am using is from Gingerfish, which was released at Pose Fair. This is a new brand (for me anyway), and I really like their bento poses.

I don’t think I need to talk about my shades…you should know I like my sunglasses by now. If you don’t know, now you know 😛

Happy shopping!

Dressing Room Build: SageBuilds :: Hexagon Skybox
Hair: Vanity Hair:Breaking Bad-Browns
Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2004
Top: Addams – Melisa SweatShirt ( old Luxe Box )
Pants: Blueberry / Luxe Box September / Jeans
Shoes: Glamistry : CAMILLA Heels
Pose: Gingerfish – Slowburn (from Pose Fair just passed)

What I Wore Today – 002
Taken: 04/21/17

Today I go to work at Aleutia, where I am a store model. This is one of the outfits that was released at the Fantasy Faire. I heard that there were some issues with merchants not having enough time to set up, and even when Red and I went to Fantasy Faire (not at the same time), we said that it was a bit hard to find the stores. If it wasn’t for the fact that you can look up the stores on their website, I wouldn’t had been able to find much of anything.

Let me tell you, if you want to wear something sexy, this is it. The panties and top do not come with this dress (even though the top is from Aleutia). So you can imagine what it shows off ^^ I paired the sandals with it because I felt dressing in a RP fashion – I could imagine myself walking on a dirt road with my sandals in an ancient era. I didn’t want to over accessorize this look, so the necklace was perfect.

Happy shopping!

Hair: +elua+ Filia_Darkbrown ( previous gachca)
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Inclinations Choker Necklace
Dress: [Aleutia] Raini Robe
Bra: [Aleutia] Ombre bra
Undies: r2 A/D/E yayoi panties[silver]
Pose: Gingerfish Smoked (previously at Pose Fair)

What I Wore Today – 003
Taken: 04/22/17

Hey guys! This look is inspired by the fact that The Fashion Loft had their “Spring Fantasy” styling contest. I was going for an elemental look – I wanted to represent “Water”. I was looking for a water special effect, but couldn’t find one that I liked in time. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know.

The skin I got from Lumae’s discounted skins…only 100L! I had bought another fantasy skin from the store for like 800L, so this was a steal. You can see that skin in the ad that I did for the contest. Khitt and I spent some time at the store as I tried to figure out what shade would work best. Khitt blogs for the store, so she was a great help.

I love the style of this dress – Khitt suggested it because she felt like it was “me”. We had a hard time deciding on what hair to get for this look, but it worked out. I got a few compliments during and after the contest, so I was happy for that. To be honest, seeing all of the fantasy creatures at the contest really made me appreciate SL fantasy more. It really did feel magical. But I will NOT miss those mischievous green fairies that kept hitting and bumping me!

Happy Shopping!

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair
Jewelry (including claws): Chop Zuey – Mbielu, Mbielu, Mbielu
Eye Jewelry: Shakti jewelry by Eshi Otawara (n/a)
Dress: *Sweet Kajira*Neus Fitted Dress Dark Blue
Skin & Ears: Lumae :: Niska skin, Leevi Long Ears // Aegean
Pose: Corpus (closed atm)

What I Wore Today – 004
Taken: 04/23/17

Hey guys! Today I got dressed to check out the SCALA graduation. For those who are not familiar, SCALA is one of the top modeling academies (and agencies) in Second Life. It’s great experience for seasoned models, and helps elevate them to the next level.


I wanted to go for a spring colored palette today, so I chose light blue and teal for my main colors. I had gotten some shoes from Glamistry not too long ago, and although I personally think that the solid colors for the shoe looks kinda plain, the shoe comes to life once you start mixing up the colors. For accessories I kept it simple with the necklace and earring set from Chop Zuey.

Happy Shopping!

Hair: +elua+ Filia_Darkbrown
Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2004
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Circles Gld Necklace
Jumpsuit: ISON – kelly jumper (previous luxe box item)
Shoes: Glamistry : CAMILLA Heels
Pose: Manifeste

What I Wore Today – 005
Taken: 04/24/17

Hey guys! I really like this fun look that I put together. Looks like this is what made me want to do this series. It’s cute, sexy, and fun – and I most definitely SLAY in it! The St. Tropez suit is from BOOM, which recently started making clothing again. I know I applied to blog for them last year because I used to like their old line of clothing.

While styling this outfit, I was listening to this song that I recently found on youtube:

I was THIS close to seeing if I could make a cool video dancing in this outfit. But then I started thinking about song copyright, and that I have a few videos that I took that I never edited. That pretty much killed my buzz 😦

FOXCITY had these cool bento poses at the last round of On9. The thing with these poses is that you have to make sure that your shape is that of the creator in order for these to turn out properly. My shoulders are wider than the recommended number (I think hers is 16 and mine is in the 30’s), so some of my fingers are further away than they should be (e.g. the pointer finger in the second photo on the left, and the thumbs are supposed to touch in the photo next to it). I wish that these poses had a smoother transition – it is the reason why I didn’t buy any poses from them at Pose Fair.

I am still looking for Azoury’s Moto shoes…they had them at an event and when I went to the store last month I did not see them 😦

Happy Shopping!

Hat: AZOURY – Suzon Headwear with fur&rhinestones silver [Black]
Hair: MURRAY– Lindsay Hairstyle 
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – The Chanel Ring – Hematite
Bodysuit: *BOOM* St. Tropez_ Maitreya (SLAY)
Boots: *COCO*_FurBoots(Black)

What I Wore Today – 006
Taken: 04/25/17

Hey guys! I was inspired by these pants/boots combo from Entice. This is another nice spring palette combo. I paired with a top from Aleutia, and even used a pastel colored hair to tie everything in. Not too much to say today except that you should definitely check out these pants from Entice!

Happy Shopping!

Hair: +elua+ Filia_Cafe color RARE
Sunglasses: Glamistry: Sunglasses PU2002
Top: [Aleutia] Adriel Top
Pants/Boots: Entice – Spring Affair Boots – Lilac Maitreya

What I Wore Today – 007
Taken: 04/27/17

Hey guys! It’s off to work at Aleutia today ^^ Since I had already taken a picture of myself in an Aleutia top, I decided to wear the set to work today. I thought that the teal and gold (or approximately those colors) would go well together. I added the thigh high boots to give the illusion that I was more covered up than I actually am 😀 And it does give a nice edge to the overall look. This is a swim suit, and yet the boots transformed it into something different. I got complimented while at work as well 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Zoella – Browns
Top & Bottom: [Aleutia] Adriel
Shoes: N-core AISHA *OVER KNEE BOOTS* “Black”

What I Wore Today – 008
Taken: 04/28/17

Hey guys! Tonight I was styling a look to go out on the grid with a couple of friends. It was corset night, so I picked this top/bottom combo from Tee*fy. I wanted a bit more of an edge, so I wore my jewelry from Chop Zuey. Red approved of my hair from little bones ^^

Red and Raquel dressed in white, so it was nice how we alternated in color when we went to sit down after we arrived. We went to Elysium Cabaret at The Empire Room. I was under the impression that it was a dance troupe, but maybe I was thinking of something else. The performance we saw was a variety show – which was pretty cool, because I am not sure whether I have seen that in SL before. What is the point of dressing up if you have nowhere to go, right?

After the show, the audience was invited to dance onstage. You can see Raquel in the second row to the left in white, and I’m further back. Red had already left for the evening.

Happy Shopping!

Hair: little bones. Gia 
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – The Dark Dweller of Braj
Outfit:Tee*fy Kaori- Petal Shorts – Black Lace, Tee*fy Sabrina Bralet – Black (previous Luxe Box)
Shoes: Glamistry : CAMILLA Heels 
Pose: Exposeur

What I Wore Today – 009
Taken: 05/05/17
Location: The Manor Suites – Skybox rental

Hey guys! I like this look that I am sporting today. I had been living in the same outfit for an entire week – these leggings are for one (but not this color).  I took advantage of the recent Blueberry sale of course 😛 And I had on the Loli hoodie top from Blueberry (yes very comfy for all of the things I had to do lol). So of course I got tired of that and decided to tweak my look a bit.

 This is what I consider to be “casual glam”. I am wearing leggings and a t-shirt, but I added a nice pair of heels, a two-stranded diamond necklace, and a cardigan coat. This is different than casual chic because you are glamming up items that would normally be considered very causal – I mean a tee and leggings?

And you know I had to wear some sunglasses 😛

Happy Shopping!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon [Parted]
Sunglasses: * S O R G O – AKIRA / Tort (SG)
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Pentacostal Diamond Necklace
Shirt: Blueberry – October – Group Gift
Coat: #11 Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Coat *HeartBreaker*
Leggings: Blueberry – Cake Leggings

I already feel better about doing this! I see a bit more of my style reflected in these posts – or at least what I felt like wearing on that particular day 😛 I normally am good at crediting where I got poses, but I guess I didn’t always note which pose I used. You guys know I am good for it, right? So let me know in the comments – is this a good addition for the blog? What would you like to see more of?


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