Are you making yourself feel tired without knowing it?

On Thursday (March 23) I attended a workshop on self -esteem at Model’s Workshop. A good portion of the workshop centered around us analyzing several holograms created by Janosh.
“Janosh’s work is based on Sacred Geometry, which is a code language that your subconscious understands. It has helped thousands of people to change their behavior and beliefs and find their purpose in life. ”

We were asked to pick which one(s) we found most interesting or resonated with us. After we picked a drawing, we were then told what it meant. The hologram that I picked spoke to “Release“. The affirmation that went with it was “I let go of everything that restricts my growth.” I felt the hologram resonated with me because it reminded me of something from biology, and was intriguing. If you look on the website, they have a number of holograms, so I am sure one of them will “speak” to you as well.

Dress: Ghee Dora Belted Dress – Graphite (@ Designer Showcase)
Shoes: Ghee SS17 Strapped Wedges (@ Designer Showcase)
Hair: Stealthic – High Life
Skin: Glam Affair – Glam Affair – Natalia Applier
PoseDi’s Opera

Location: No Comment

 Sometimes I feel like I do not have enough time or energy to get things done. In the end, I manage to complete my tasks, but I wish that I did not feel like it was a big hurdle to jump across (so to speak). Upon some self reflecting, I realize that I tend to say things like, “I’m so tired”. Regardless of whether or not I actually am feeling tired at that time, I am aware that constantly telling myself such things can, has, and will take away my physical and mental energies.

I looked online and I found a website that specifically spoke on how our thoughts play a role in how we feel. “What we think automatically affects how we feel. It is impossible to feel energetic if we exercise tired thinking. When we dwell on those things in life that drain us – trying relationships, boring work, mounting bills, negative people – we not only spend an immense amount of mental energy, but we also feel it physically.”

This made sense to me, and it was good to see something that I had suspected for a while confirmed in writing. There are over 100 energy affirmations listed in that link I provided, and I read them all out loud ^^ I felt a lot better after reading them – the repetitiveness among the affirmations helped to reinforce positive thoughts and imagery. From the 100+ I narrowed it down to around 24 affirmations that I felt spoke the most to me. I have shared 6 of them below.

All the energy I require is mine for the asking.
Every day my body is recharged and empowered with increased energy.
I charge my energy levels with continual optimism.
I have unlimited energy and can call upon it at any time.
With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more energy into my life.
Today I choose to allow positive energy into my life.

So, what about you guys? Do you feel like you are making yourself tired through your own words and thoughts? Do you believe that you would get more done if you had more energy? Or, do you already feel like you have enough energy to accomplish your tasks?


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