Shoetopia 2017 is here!

Shoetopia is back, and it’s raining shoes! Shoetopia will open at 12 pm March 25th , and will end on April 15th. With over 50 designers participating, this will be an event that you don’t want to miss!

If you are s group member of Shoetopia’s sponsors (Blueberry, Breathe, CandyDoll, Empire, N-Core, and Reign), then you probably have already stopped by Shoetopia. Members of these groups were allowed to access Shoetopia 24 hours before the event opened.

There have been several videos floating around that shows what shoppers will find on Saturday. I watched videos from Alicia Chenaux, Kitty Otoole, and Strawberry Singh.  They all give you a pretty good idea of what the build looks like, and how the sections are set up for each store brand.

Shoes: N-core AISHA *OVER KNEE BOOTS* “Black” (@Shoetopia)
Lingerie: Blacklace – Kelsey (wine)
Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Genya” Light Browns
Skin:  Glam Affair – Natalia Applier ( Catwa )
Makeup: Euphoric Gigi set, Barbie lipgloss
Coat: ISON x Rowne – walton overcoat -fitted- (black) (n/a)
Pose: (old gift from 21 Shoe)
Background: MINIMAL – Illusion Background *2*

I will give you the rundown on what you can expect at Shoetopia in terms of:

* Who is at Shoetopia
* Direct SLURL to store section (or approximately anyway)
* Price
* Who can wear the shoe (male/female as well as which feet brands offer)

I was happy for a few things at Shoetopia:

* The build is relatively simple and not so complicated that it would facilitate lag.
It looks like the inside of a massive walk in closet – the one many of us would want to hold our entire inventories ^^

* Everyone has a demo.

*Note – Pretty much everyone has a demo, but I didn’t see one for NX-Nardcotix. NoEdition had a 1L demo. I couldn’t tell if the vendor refunds the Linden or not because I did not attempt to get a demo from them.

Sometimes store brands do not offer demos because they believe their shoes are rigged for the correct body. Therefore, if they tell you that their shoe is for XYZ feet, then you should take their word for it. Even though I know there are people who buy without trying on the shoes first, that is their choice. Stores that do not offer demos take that choice away from the consumers, and lose money because of it.

* Stores for the most part made for more than one type of foot.
There was a trend growing towards the end of last year where creators were only making for Maitreya.

I think the only brands that are Maitreya exclusive for Shoetopia are:
Thalia Heckroth, Murray, Fri.Day, and Astralia.

Shoes made for TMP: Empire, ArisAris, Juju, KC Couture, Kokoia, Rebel Hope, SYS

Shoes made for Belleza: Baiastice, Blueberry, Breathe, Candydoll, Empire, Reign, N-Core, Amacci, Apple May, ArisAris, Azoury, Baiastice, Bueno, ChicChica, David Heather, Essenz, Fame Femme, Glamistry, Hopscotch, Juju, KC Couture,Kenvie,  Kokoia, Lennox, Moon Elixir, NX-Nardcotix, Phedora, Rebel Hope, SYS, Tetra

Shoes made for Slink: (from Belleza list add the following stores) Ane, caboodle, CereberusXing, CoCo, Decoy, Dilly Dolls, G Field, Gabaggio, Gos, Ingeune, Ison, Livalle, Paper Arrow, Slink, Eudora3D (Moon elixr – no slink sizes)

Shoes made for Maitreya: Pretty much everyone has something for Maitreya feet except for Slink.

Shoes made for Ebody: ArisAris

Shoes made for Eve: KC Couture, ArisAris, Kokoia

Shoes made for Tonic: ArisAris

This list does not include shoes that are rigged/unrigged, so even if you see a creator did not make for your feet, you still may be able to wear them. Also, some creators may have made for one body under the mesh body brand, but not the rest (e.g Slink Hourglass, but not Slink Physique).

* For guys, there seems to be a nice cross section of different styles of shoes.
Hopefully you guys can check out my photos and see if this is something that would interest you. Look for A&D, Deadwool, Livalle, Fame Femme, Hopscotch, Kokoia, Gabriel and Slink for men’s shoes.

At the time of publishing, the only store that I had on my list that didn’t have anything out was Milk Motion. Not sure whether they are just really late or dropped out. I will try to update if they come out with something.

I missed these stores at Shoetopia – they usually have some great shoes, and would had been nice to see them there: United Colors, Hucci, Flite, Vale Koer, Remarkable Oblivion

Okay! Without further ado, let’s bring on the shoes!




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