See you at the Hipster Fair!

The Hipster Fair is an event hosted by The Event & Hunt Forever Planners. According to their site, The Hipster Fair 2017 is mostly associated with the alternative culture all vintage theme, everything that carries the label of different, different, non-massive is what attracts this type of young.” The Hipster Fair started on February 17th, and will end on March 3rd.

Coat & Shirt: Ghee Tweedy Coat Set (NO SKIRT) (@ The Hipster Fair)
Pants: Ghee Retro Print Stretch Leggings (@ The Hipster Fair)
Hair & Hat: *Besom~New Girl
.euphoric ~Sidney Lashes ~[Catwa] 1/Black
amara beauty – the matte lipstick palette

Pose: Corpus

Boots: Ghee Art Docs  – DA SILVA

I couldn’t resist taking a picture walking up the stairs…kinda awkward doing it with your hands in your pockets. But hey, that is how the jacket is made :p

I also took a couple of pictures at the Hipster Fair – loved the landscaping and buildings.



Hair: Stealthic – Prisma
(rest can be found @ The Hipster Fair)

Shades: Ghee Hipster17 Shades
Shirt: Ghee Barcode Sweat Top 
Boots: Ghee Art Docs  – MODERSOHN

I will say this. If I decide to take photos at an event, or of a store build, or of a sim’s landscape, it is because for whatever reason, it pleased me to do so at the time. I don’t like it when people compare two of my blog posts and go, “Oh how come you didn’t do this for your other post?” This was actually why I stopped taking photos of certain things. I do not like people to imply that I didn’t do as good of a job for one than I did of the other. So I am putting this out there so if it ever happens again, don’t get upset or take offense when I go off.


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