The 12 Days of Christmas at Chop Zuey

Hey guys! Some of you may know about the wonderful presents that Belle gives us around this time of year. But just in case if you didn’t know, I thought I would show you!

If you have never heard of Chop Zuey (shocking, I know!), Chop Zuey is my favorite jewelry store. There is a sim full of gorgeous pieces for both men and women. For instance, look at this jewelry set that came out last month:

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Moksha Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Hair: [e] Stella
Dress: [Aleutia] Eon
Pose: Di’s opera
Location: Yasminia

When you arrive at Chop Zuey, just keep walking straight across until you get to the fountain area.


You can see the men’s gifts area, the women’s gifts area, and the non-member gifts. All of the group gifts are featured in my gallery below:

Now for me, I definitely don’t mind resizing the men’s items so that they can fit me properly. So it’s like I get double the amount of gifts! I can see the men wearing some of the women’s gifts as well. When I talk to guys about jewelry, some think that wearing jewelry is too feminine, so they do not bother. Accessories can truly jazz up an outfit without even trying. I can definitely see a piece like the Dragon’s Breath or the Kasper’s Axe being a trademark piece of an outfit.

For right now I decided to put on the Bumble Bee tie pin and the Flying Raisins ring. It goes well with my minimalist black outfit, and is not too over the top. By the way, this Blueberry sweater should still be a gift over at the mainstore, so go there after you visit Chop Zuey ^^







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