Win up to 5000 Lindens for this Halloween!

Due to RL technical difficulties,the entry deadline date has been extended to SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 at 8 am SLT.
Please complete and deliver your entries to redtess69 resident for the TFL Sexiest Halloween ever Contest!

Hey guys! if you haven’t already heard, The Fashion Loft is having a fun contest for this Halloween. Who can dress the sexiest – put your styling skills to the test and you may win big!


Here is some information about the contest – entries are due by October 8th, so get moving ^^

The Fashion Loft (TFL) is proud to host our first contest! We are looking for the sexiest avatars on the grid – do you think you have what it takes to win? The contest will take place on October 15th, 2016 at 1 PM SLT. Contest entries must be submitted via mailbox by October 8th at 12 PM SLT. The mailbox can be found at Model’s Haven:

The Fashion Loft started over 4 years ago as The Creative Loft in SL fashion. It was a team of models, teachers, stylists, and fashionistas that loved to help models learn the basics of modeling. They also specialized in producing fashion shows for several prominent designers in SL. Now, TFL intends to do the same under a new banner and team.

Participants will be asked to style a sexy Halloween-themed outfit using at least one item from our list of sponsors: Aleutia, Athena Couture, Dot-BE, Finale Couture, Ghee, Heth Haute Couture, Lulu, Milk Tea, Nomiki’s Creations, Selene Creations, Sweet Tea Couture, and TentatioN.

Special thanks to our media and other sponsors: AIM, ELLY Models, ENVY Magazine, Kent Photography, ModeLS Magazine, PURE Fashion & Modeling Academy, The Manor Suites, and Visionaire Institute.

The first place winner will win 5000 Lindens, a double page spread in 2 magazines, gift cards totaling over 5000 Lindens, and more. For a full list of prizes for the top 3 winners and details on how to enter, please visit Contact either Red Jess (redtess69) or Moni (monica.querrien) for any questions on the contest.





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