Ghee at the 2016 Aloha Fair

Hey guys! I had mentioned earlier that I would do another post on the Aloha Fair, and here it is! Ghee is another store that is currently at the Aloha Fair. It started July 27th, and it ends on August 10th. Today I will show you a sample of what is available at the fair, but you can always check the Ghee website to get more of an idea of what is in store for you.

Swimsuit: Ghee Halftone Dots Swimsuit  (@ Aloha Fair)
Shades: Ghee Tropical Shades  (@ Aloha Fair)
Hair: .Lelutka.HF5 hair (@Hair Fair)
Polish: Ghee Deidre Nails
Location: The Dreamer’s Island

This first swimsuit has  a halftone dots pattern, allowing for 2 versions of 6 main colors for a total of 12 possible color patterns. The one-piece swimsuit also has a laced up back (not seen in my photos, but can check it out on Ghee’s website) that has seven possible colors. The same can be said about Ghee’s Halftone stripes.
Swimsuit: Ghee Halftone Stripes swimsuit (@ Aloha Fair)
Hair: Truth –  Thea (@ Uber)

I had a lot of fun at the beach – even got to lay out on a surfboard ^^ Remember not to look directly at the sun,even if you do have on Ghee shades! These shades have 6 solid and 6 patterned frames, changeable by hud. There are also 4 different colored lenses as well.



Ghee also has a gift at the Aloha fair – chunky black & white earrings and bangles. The gift is 5L, so it’s an inexpensive way to look chic!


Ghee Aloha Gift Chunky Earrings (@ Aloha Fair)
Ghee Aloha Gift Bangle (single)  (@ Aloha Fair)
Ghee Aloha Gift  Bangles (pair) (@ Aloha Fair)
Hair: MURRAY– Helena 










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