Welcome to Neverfar

So…I was looking for a new sim to take photos and I remembered that SL Blogger Support had a notice on inertia (Caridee Sparta)’s sim. Neverfar is open to visitors, and we are invited to post any photos in the Flickr group.

I was walking around, and I saw a mist cloud (from anc ltd), so I was inspired to try to take a photo while inside of the cloud. This is a raw shot from SL….only thing I did was to resize it down so I could put it in this post without it eating up my memory space:


This is not windlight – this is the mist cloud. I wasn’t expecting this to work, but when I went to PicMonkey and hit auto adjust, the mist cleared up exactly where I wanted it to. Now I can edit! Well..I already did, but you know what I mean.

I got the hair at elua – it was part of a hunt at the sim. There were four hair colors in total. Am not sure whether it is still going on, but doesn’t hurt to check. I had to join the (free) group in order to collect the items. My dress is from Neve – which is part of a simwide 50% off sale until July 4th.

Chop Zuey has a new release called the Dirty Shepherdess. It comes with earrings, two bracelets, and a necklace. It has 9 different tone colors and 2 metal colors changeable via a hud. If you look at my other blog posts from today, you will see me with different color gems.






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