Come party with us at Seraphim’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Soon after I left the Rose Theater, I went to the Seraphim mega bash…well, that’s what I call having DJs for pretty much half of the day, and hard to get into the sim due to large crowds 😀 I got there in time to listen to DJ Harlow Heslop, and I am now listening to DJ Ziekel (ziekling bunnyhug). The last few times I have been to clubs, I don’t even tune in to the DJ’s music stream. Well I do, but then I go back to whatever I was listening to 😮 But I am loving everything that these two ladies are spinning thus far, so no need to switch 😀

seraphim-party-2DJ Harlow gets everyone to shake their groove thang

From the SeraphimSL website:

Come celebrate the 5th anniversary of *today* with a huge backyard party featuring some of the best DJs in SL from 1 PM – midnight, free gifts from over 20 of your favorite designers, and random prizes being tossed out to people in the crowd throughout the entire day. In addition, party-goers can stop by and pick up their brand new Seraphim HUD absolutely free of charge! Just click the button below to teleport to our awesome venue and let’s get this party started!

What do they have at the party?



On either side you can see the wooden pallets with a bunch of free items from various creators. In the above photo is the schedule of DJs.

Behind me is where you can pick up the Seraphim HUD. I tried to get into Uber today using the HUD. It didn’t work out, but it wasn’t the hud’s fault. It was just too many people lol. I did find it a lot easier to look at various shopping events but scrolling and clicking. This won’t work if you don’t use an internet browser and Second Life at the same time.

I must say this lawn chair is quite comfy…bopping my head to the music 😀 But yes – come on over and listen to some music, and grab all of the free gifts. I would show you at least one gift, but it’s a packed sim – it probably would take forever to open ^^

seraphim-party-4DJ Ziekel getting down to the ground while the party goers get in the zone




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