Hanging out with friends in Second Life

I remember when I first started Second Life, it seemed easier to meet people. I used to meet a lot of people just going around the grid. Maybe it’s because when you are new, other new people gravitate to you easier. After a while, you may find yourself with a group of friends. If you stay in SL long enough, you will see that people will leave, or maybe you will be the one to leave. What happens when you come back? The people you knew are gone or have moved on to new friends, and places you used to go to are gone. Also, it seems like more people are keeping to themselves due to lack of interest or time, and not looking to meet anyone new. This is why when I do get a chance to spend time with friends, I always enjoy myself.

I went out on the grid with a friend the other day, and we hung out at the mirrored Arcade sim. We both commented how amazing it was that we were able to be on the sim on Day 3, for once upon a time the first several days would be packed and very difficult to get in. Next, he took me around to a place where you can simulate the destruction that a tornado can cause.

friends_001webWe then went to the Luna sim, where the Luna Oaks shopping mall is located. There was a lot of old school items, but I can see how a place like that was popular in earlier years. We tried to take the trolley to Dore, but I guess we hopped on at the wrong time because we got thrown off. So we walked to Dore, passing through Sistiana, Barcola, and Miramare. It seemed so surreal because seeing sims like that remind you how old Second Life is, and it doesn’t just consist of the few places that you choose to frequent.

We arrived at Dore/ Ahern, where my friend explained how this was one of the oldest welcome centers. About 10 people were gathered there, talking in voice or text. It reminded me of when I first came to SL and had my little apartment,. Every morning after logging in I would go to the circular dance area and talk to other residents. It created a sense of routine and belonging, which is important for newbies. We then walked over to the building area at Morris. My friend explained how back in the day, SL residents didn’t have build rights so they all went there to build/rez out items. He also said they did not have IMs either. I knew the ability to voice came in later on, but no IMs? Wow…

We flew over to Rizal, where they had Rizal games. We had fun looking around and exploring the area. I liked it so much that I went back yesterday and took pictures, made a couple of gifs, and even filmed me riding a bike ^^



I know this isn’t really a fashion post, but if you are wondering about the dress I got it from Valentina E for the recent FLF sale. Shoes are from Glamistry.

I made a video showing both the pictures that I took, and the video that I made. If you like it, feel free to share it 🙂



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