Hi…my name is Monica

Happy June, everyone! I can’t believe that summer is upon us…feels like the year is just speeding along. I think this month I will try to write more about what’s been happening with me – where’ I’m shopping, where I’m hanging out, and so on. After reading some of my older posts, it feels like I lost touch with that aspect of that part of Moni’s World.

What I wore today:


Hair: Analog Dog recently had a  sale, so I picked up Jenna (shown above) and Sardine.
Top: Blueberry made the Leign Bustier for May’s Luxe Box – it has lots of different colors via hud.Pants: I got these Coco sweatpants from this round’s Shiny Shabby.
Bag: Black Bantam is selling these at this round’s TDR. The bag is no copy to my dismay, and the pose in it is kinda awkward. But I love the design so I don’t regret the purchase.
Shoes: The stores on the Blueberry & Palau sims also had a sale not too long ago, so I picked up these shoes from Breathe. I also got them in a darker blue (blueberry).
Jewelry: I recently blogged BellaTrix from Chop Zuey here.
Skin: I’ve pretty much have been wearing the same skin from Glam Affair for a while, so nothing new there.
Eyes: I rarely credit my eyes, because I don’t change them very often. These are from Ikon. I like a dark blue colored eye, but I have found it hard to find the “right” pair of eyes. I don’t even know if they exist…lol.

What you see behind me is one of the homes I had wanted to use for my land. I wanted to say “new” land, but I have been here since February, and I just haven’t done much with it at all. I have already decided that I will need another house, but I haven’t found the one yet. I usually get ones from Inverse but in February I didn’t see any new ones. Now there are several new ones, but I don’t they would fit the land that I have now. There are several homes that I like, but they are either too pricey, or sized “realistically” – whatever that means in Second Life. To me, it means claustrophobic, which is a shame.

Well, I have to get more food for my cats…they are sending me messages 🙂 Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!


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