Ghee on the runway for Ferosh Fashion Weekend

Hey guys! As you know, Ferosh had their Spring/Summer fashion weekend from June 24th – 26th.  If you guys did not get a chance to see Ghee fashion out on the runway, I was able to take some photos so you can see what the new season line looks like before you go to purchase. But before I do that, I would like to show you the new group gift that is out now at Ghee.


Ghee June VIP Gift

This is a VIP group gift. The group is 250 L to join, but you get access to the last several group gifts ^^

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Are Perceptions Reality: How people perceive us in Second Life

I read a blog post by Zivaah Darling several days ago. She talked about how some people perceived her in Second Life. You can read about it here. She then asked proposed this question:

Now the major question is; what would you do?

Change your personality to become friends or seek people more open to accept you the way you are?

Now, this reminds me of a RP post I did a while back (before I came to SL) entitled “Are Perceptions Reality?” And the take home message was yes, it can be. If people perceive you a certain way, it can significantly affect you and your lifestyle.
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Clearance Sale at Ghee!

If you guys want fashionable clothing at a great price, just check out the big sale at Ghee! Just found out about this now, and wanted to share with you all.


Ghee Retirement Stock Clearance Sale
According to the notice that was sent:

“Ghee is preparing to remodel the store, and we’re having a huge stock clearance sale in preparation – about half our stock is on sale with massive reductions – many items 100L, 75L, 50L or 25L. Once the sale ends, they will be retired and eventually put on  marketplace at their normal prices, so grab these bargains while you can. Some may never be seen again! Look for the rotating sale signs all over the store.”

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LaVian brings fashionistas together

Hey guys! I hope you have been checking out the SL13B celebrations! Most of the events are over, but there are plenty of things to see. You can check here, here,  and here to see where you can go.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to see the owner of LaVian, Samantha S Jones, speak at the SL13B Auditorium with the hostess Saffia Widdershins. It was interesting to learn that Samantha went from participating in culinary arts in real life to becoming a designer on a virtual platform. My friend Khitt also was in attendance, and we both enjoyed the opportunity to hear from a prominent SL designer. The audience was even treated with a  mini fashion show, and a gift bag of items from the Spring 2016 collection.

What was coincidental about this was that two weeks ago, Khitt and I had taken pictures with us wearing LaVian dresses. Since I am slow, it took me a while to edit the photo. But now I see I was just waiting for the right opportunity ^^

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Bloggers’ Office Hours Today: 1 – 5 PM SLT

***Update – 6/27: If you would like to be informed of when we have another session, just go to the location in this post and hit the bloggers’ office hours subscriber. It will help me get a better idea as to how many people are interested in something like this. Our first session went well, people came in one at a time, and I had very nice conversations with each person.

Hey guys! Ever since the meetup that I hosted back in October took place, it was always my intention to continue gathering with other bloggers to talk about issues that we may experience. Unfortunately, lots of things happened after that meeting, and eventually my attention got pulled in other directions. After speaking with a few people this weekend, I came up with a new format on how to go about doing these meetings.

bloggers' office hours - second life

We are all very busy people, and perhaps a formal 2 out of 24 hours gathering is a lot to commit to. However, if we were to extend the hours and keep the topic(s) of discussion flexible…people can drop in and out as they need to.

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Come party with us at Seraphim’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Soon after I left the Rose Theater, I went to the Seraphim mega bash…well, that’s what I call having DJs for pretty much half of the day, and hard to get into the sim due to large crowds 😀 I got there in time to listen to DJ Harlow Heslop, and I am now listening to DJ Ziekel (ziekling bunnyhug). The last few times I have been to clubs, I don’t even tune in to the DJ’s music stream. Well I do, but then I go back to whatever I was listening to 😮 But I am loving everything that these two ladies are spinning thus far, so no need to switch 😀

seraphim-party-2DJ Harlow gets everyone to shake their groove thang

From the SeraphimSL website:

Come celebrate the 5th anniversary of *today* with a huge backyard party featuring some of the best DJs in SL from 1 PM – midnight, free gifts from over 20 of your favorite designers, and random prizes being tossed out to people in the crowd throughout the entire day. In addition, party-goers can stop by and pick up their brand new Seraphim HUD absolutely free of charge! Just click the button below to teleport to our awesome venue and let’s get this party started!

What do they have at the party?

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Mimi Carpenter @ the Angel Manor Rose Theater

Hey guys! I’ve been out and about on the grid today. Continuing with Ferosh’s Fashion Weekend, I went to the Ferosh Fashion Institute (FFI)’s open house, and then later on went to see LaVian’s fashion show. Right now I am at the Rose Theater at the Angel Manor sim.

Angel Manor - Rose Theater

I am listening to Mimi Carpenter sing and play the piano (by the time I publish this, unfortunately her performance will be over). I get notices from time to time about various live artists at the theater, so when I saw that Mimi was performing, I wanted to make sure to go. I have heard a lot of good reviews about her, and I promised myself that I would get out more.

Some details about Mimi according to Facebook:

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Ghee at Ferosh Spring/Summer Fashion Weekend

Ferosh Spring/Summer Fashion Weekend starts today!  The Ferosh Fashion Weekend will begin at noon today, and conclude on Sunday, June 26th. To start things off, there will be an opening party at noon, followed by several fashion shows. There will also be an info session regarding the Ferosh Fashion Institute on Saturday, as well as the opening of their  Ferosh Art Exhibit, featuring talented Second Life photographers and artists. You can check the schedule on Facebook or on their website.

Ghee will launch their new SS16 collection at the opening show today at 2 pm SLT. The collection will be worn by Ferosh Supermodels and special guest model Ghee Girl 2016 Milla Crumb! The theme of the collection will be “Annata Dolce”. Annata Dolce, or “Sweet Vintage”, is a vibrant, fresh and unique collection based on real life runway trends and adapted to our Second Life´s needs. Vivid colors, ruffles, sweet bows, embroidery and appliqué details and contrast piping, provide a modern femininity of idyllic notions and the promise of a magically seductive summer time ahead.

I am happy to feature a few of the items that will be seen on the runway later today.

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My thoughts on June’s Luxe Box

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Luxe Box has released its second subscription box to its group members. For those who do not know what Luxe Box is, for 1500 L you get access to 12 designers’ new releases. Even though you do not get to see what you are getting beforehand, these are all quality designers. For those who are used to buying fatpacks of items, this SL subscription box will be right up your alley. If you are the type to buy 1-2 items at a time, the 1500L can be your monthly indulgence. There is always at least one “WOW!” item, and if you are a fan of one of the participating stores, it can be a real treat. You can join (or rejoin) on July 1st, and all past Luxe boxes will be on sale for 2000L (for active subscribers).

Luxe Box June 2016 - Second Life

I think he was trying to take me somewhere…I had asked him his name so that I could add it to the hud, and then all of sudden he started to fly…*winks*

Skybox: Scarlet Creative – Alaouite Skybox
Hair: Lamb – Prove It
Dress: Tee*fy Sabrina Dress
Boots: Reign Estee Heels
Bear (sparkles not included): MishMish – Beary ice Cream

I had fun taking this photo after I walked around the skybox. I actually used the unpacking animation from Exposeur (who is having a closing sale until the end of June), and made the box transparent so I could still use the pose.

Okay – on to my take on the June Luxe Box!

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