Keepin’ it sweet and sexy

So who keeps it sweet and sexier – blondes? Or brunettes? I think it’s time to put this to the test (again). Only this time…I’m going to compare two pictures within one post to see what’s what. So….

We have look one:


Lingerie: ~Blacklace~  Audrey: Cheetah Print Set 
Hair: Exile::Blown Away
Skin: –Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica
Prop: PNP ~ The Hot Box

Y numero dos:

Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Lily: Multi Lily Set
Hair: Magika– Road
Skin: -Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica
Prop: GLITTERATI – Shuttered

It would be boring to use the exact lingerie for this little experiment of mine, but they are both from Blacklace (to keep things somewhat objective). It is the same skin though (just different eyebrows).

If you haven’t been already, Blacklace has a new build! Check out this post for more details, as well as pics of the new sim!

So which look is sweet and sexier? Vote below! ^^



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