Love the Outfit

Hello everyone! I would like to share this blog post with you, because I think the message is something that many of us can relate to as fashionistas and models.

Fashion is art, and it’s a way of expressing yourself. Therefore, the amount of time and money invested in putting together your “look” makes it just as personal as someone would consider a painting, a song, or a sculpture. When we put together our “looks” for our blogs, a photo shoot, the runway, or just everyday life, we take risks exposing our art to the public. How will it be perceived? Do we care if people notice us? How do we handle any negative reactions to what we have created?

I think the challenge of creating art that will be displayed for public feedback is whether your idea, vision, or message can be conveyed through your creation. Part of that is understanding your audience, and listening to the feedback that was said. Sometimes lack of a reaction can be the biggest feedback of all.

However, I think as long as your art is meaningful to you, then that is all that matters. Don’t fall into the trap of creating just for the sake of getting approval. It is not genuine, and you cheat yourself out of the experience.

Have fun reading!

– Moni

aorist chunes eye on SL fashion

aorist bunny_00111

(special thanks to the wonderful Monica Querrien for this image)

I didn’t know it could happen. It makes logical sense now but at the time I didn’t know you could fall so deeply and desperately in love with an outfit that it would cause you to react like a jilted lover.

Let me explain.

Audace holds a monthly model competition fittingly called Model of the Month. Fresh after graduation I had entered the St. Patrick’s Day theme. I had entered with all the calm and clarity of a freshman model wanting to learn and gain new experiences. It was a very full and wonderful experience.

In the moments as I stood posed waiting for the judges decision, something gripped me. My heart started pounding. As seconds turned into minutes, my imagination went crazy. What if I were to win? I knew I wouldn’t but what if I did? Then, just fifteen…

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