The Fantasy Angels Show – part 2 of auditions

Hey guys! Last Saturday I was able to attend the Fantasy Angels live show, where the second round of auditions were taking place. I thought the last show was creative, but I must say that the models who made it through the first round truly stepped up their game at this show. They were so good that the Fantasy Angels team took on 5 Super Angels, and in addition, one model won an opportunity to be the lead model of their next advertisement campaign. You can read the details here.

I was fortunate to be able to get photos this time, because 10 minutes before the show started, I crashed. I hardly ever crash now with my current computer, so maybe it had a hard time computing all of the heavenly goodness at the event? Anyways…hope you enjoy my photos…and congrats to all of the models who were able to make it this far!



4 thoughts on “The Fantasy Angels Show – part 2 of auditions

  1. portiapexington says:

    Great post, Moni! You took some incredible pictures – if you hadn’t said you were having computer issues I’d never have guessed and I’m SO glad you were able to watch the entire show! It was a blast. ❤

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