Last day of the 2016 Home & Garden Expo!

Today is the last day of the Home and Garden Expo. With L$3,894,227 ($ 15,577) raised so far, can we make it to 4 million Lindens? Only time will tell. You can always check out this page to see how the donations are coming in the final hours of the expo.

This expo was a memorable experience for me as a co-exhibitor, blogger, and consumer. With homes and home interior/exterior decor becoming more visible in the blogging world, I got a better idea of the expectations of content creators and home & garden bloggers alike when it comes to presenting and promoting related content.

Today, I am featuring items from Magnum Opus, by Dorian, Dreamland Designs, True North Designs, Spargel & Shine Homes, and River Beds.

Home and Garden Expo - Second Life
House: Little Garden Shed  – by Dorian (see here for the exterior) (@Hope 1 )
Curtains: Dreamland Designs –  Cotton Heaven Curtain (@Hope 2)
Rug: Spargel & Shine Homes (@Hope 1 )
Chair: HJM Designs – Dome Chair – Flowery (White wood) (modded) (@Hope 1)
Table w/ silverware: Magnum Opus – Dining Table (@Hope 1 )
Mosaic, cabinet, plant, wall lamp, and
strawberry daiquiri:  True North Designs
(@Hope 9 )

Food: Kitchen Korner
Placemat: Comptoir des Tissus – Lace – 5th edition


Home and Garden Expo - Second Life
Boat: River Beds – Love Boat Light (@Hope 1 )
Location: The Cyprian Garden


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