Our Tools Of The Trade

Hey guys! If you are a blogger, photographer, or just love to take photos for fun, this post on useful tools for posing and photographs is a must read!

Mask and Mien

The first installment of our guides/tutorials involves some helpful tools that we use for doing photographs/posing in Second Life. These are by no means ALL of the tools that are out there, they are however the ones we use most often here at Mask and Mien. I’ll go through a brief explanation of each one’s capabilities and my personal experience with them. I highly recommend all of them.

(CTS) Viewfinder


This handy little HUD has saved me more times then I can count. It saves your camera angles, so in the event of a crash (which always seems to happen to me at the worst time) you can go right back to that awesome angle you had lined up. For only L$199 it’s well worth it’s price.

It saves angles based on the region you’re in so you can have multiple angles for different regions. Keep in mind that with…

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3 thoughts on “Our Tools Of The Trade

  1. Lucky says:

    Thank you Moni! I’m truly glad that you enjoyed the post. The thought I had when I put it together was that even if it only reaches 1 person then it’s worth it. I greatly appreciate you sharing it here on your blog!

    • ℳøηї says:

      You’re welcome, and thank you for putting together such useful information! I knew about a couple of the items that you mentioned, but I see now that I have been missing out on a lot more.

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