Looking back and moving forward

I had wanted to do this post last year, but I took a short break in December, and didn’t have time to do all of my posts in a timely matter.

Looking back…

I can’t believe that I have stayed in Second Life to have a 6th rez day! I have done rez day posts in 2011, 2013, and 2014. I did not do one in 2012, most likely because I was going through a rough patch in SL and did not feel like celebrating much. I didn’t do that much this year except head for Ambrosia. I think this is like a  tradition of mine – go to the club ^^

It was funny – after I got on the stage to dance, the other person got on too. She later asked me where did I get my dance animations from ^^

Do you celebrate your rez day? If you do, what do you normally do for it? If not, why not?

I did a collage again this year based on pictures that I have taken each month. The pictures are not quite in order by month, and plus I missed out on March because I had computer issues. But you get the general idea.


6th rez day - second life - monica querrien

2015 has been pretty cool for the most part. I’m still working at the Manor Suites and for TEOM Magazine. I did a fashion show with Dirty Princess last month, and will take pictures of my outfits in another post. I came close to starting a new project of mine this year (because that was one of my previous resolutions – to start up some of my own projects), and hopefully it will be realized this year. In April I got a new computer with awesome specs, but unfortunately I had to deal with some awful random rebooting until September due to a mishap in the boot drive.

I did get to make one of my ideas come to life – by hosting a bloggers’ meetup. I always admired Model’s Workshop for creating a community where models can gather and get information about the modeling world. Model’s Workshop also puts on fashion shows and challenges. I wanted bloggers to have something similar, because there are many SL bloggers, and I believe we need to come together as one as well. I have plans for this in 2016, so stay tuned, bloggers! Also, as a result of the meetup, I was asked to be one of the judges for a photography contest. Wow, right? This is why it’s essential to partake in activities that speak to your true self – it opens the door to opportunities you may not have imagined.

Moni’s World (this blog) has mostly done well  One thing I have noticed is that I tend to run into periods where I do not wish to blog. I think it stems from the fact that I get caught up in blogging required items, and not blogging posts that I want to blog, and incorporating items given to me by designers. So this year, I will find that balance and will hopefully lead to a blog that is more representative of my world in Second Life.

Moving forward…

I want 2016 to be my best year to date in Second Life. In order to accomplish that, I would like
to do the following:

1. Work and create my own projects to work on – I have so many ideas that rarely get to see the
light of day because I don’t allocate time to them.

2. Patronize more SL businesses. On Facebook I saw a spa and a couple other places that I want to visit.

3. Meet and befriend more people, and strength current friendships. And dare I saw try again for more intimate relationships in SL? We’ll see.

For my blog, I have noticed that people seem to like my more informative, opinionated posts. So for this year I aim to

1. Write more opinion and instructional posts

2. Engage with my readers and fellow bloggers. This has worked in the past, so I want to turn it up a notch.

3. Clearly define my blog’s focus (or focuses) and create posts that are aligned with my overall focus.

I can go into much more details, but I think this is a good start ^^ I hope everyone is excited about the new year! Let’s make every day count.

Until next time, guys!


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