Peace on Earth 8 Hunt

Hey guys! I have been working on this post for several days – a picture guide to all of the good gifts that are out for Peace on Earth 8 hunt ^^ There are a lot of nice items in the hunt, and lots of stuff for guys- even more than what is indicated on the official website.

These are the stores that also have a men’s gift (not including the ones already indicated on the website):

OMG! Inc
P3 Pixel Perfect Productions
Dellybeams Gem Gallery
UniQue BoutiQue
ALB Dream Fashion
Always Design
Designs By Sebastian

peace on Earth 8 Hunt - second life
Byrne – Angelic Dress + wings

I tried to use the same windlights for the items. I ended up using TrinettySky – Midday Hazy Blue for far away shots, and – Closeups for…closeups lol. The hair you see me wear the most is from Tableau Vivant – Victoria. I used a number of poses for the pictures, so I can’t recall where they all came from. But there is a pose store in this hunt ^^ I was surprised that there were no hair designers in this hunt.

I wear the Maitreya Lara mesh body, and I wore it in these photos. I know at least one store I was not able to wear the clothing due to the fact that they did not have an applier for the top (had a system layer). I have indicated the store in my picture show. When looking at the gallery, make sure you read the title as well as the description. It will tell you what store and store location the items in the picture are from.

Out of the stores listed on the POE website, I don’t think I encountered any issues getting the gifts. There are some stores that are listed as “Coming soon”, but as far as I know, they have not put out their gifts yet.I am not sure if I will update to reflect the newer items.

Okay – enjoy the photos! Happy hunting ^^



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