PurpleMoon Creations Advent Calendar

Hey guys! It’s that time of year when there are a lot of cool gifts and inexpensive finds in Second Life! This year I want to showcase some of them. I am currently working on a HUGE post on the Peace on Earth 8 hunt – that should be up within the next day or so.

PurpleMoon Creations currently has an Advent calendar that started on December 1st, and will go all the way up to the 24th. What I liked about it is that if you miss a day, you can still get the items. Thank you to all of the stores who allow people to still have access to your wonderful gifts after the day is over, and do not make you pay for each gift ^^ I decided to let Eve model the PurpleMoon clothing, since she is in the group and I am not. What I think I will do is to keep updating this page with all of the Purple Moon gifts as they come out. That would be easier, right?

PurpleMoon Creations Advent calendar 2015 -Second Life

On Eve:

Hair: Magika – Many
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Winter Berries
Shirt: PurpleMoon – Masami Cardigan in White
Sign: PurpleMoon – JOY Snowlady Deco

Lingerie: EDS Fashion – black Micro Mini Lingerie (N/a)
Skin: R.icielli – ALEXIS Skin
Shoes: R.icielli  LUNA Mesh Studded High Heels

On Moni:

Hair: ::Exile:: In The Shade
Skin: Glam Affair – Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica 
Sweater: Ghee Cerulean Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater
Scarf: {Indyra} Amory Scarf
Pants: coldLogic trouser – eise.taupe
Shoes: R.icielli – VIVI High Heels for Slink / Beige#Gold
Pose: Di’s Opera

Another reason why I wanted Eve to help me with this blog post is because she currently does not own any mesh items – no head, body, hands, nor feet. I think some people are under the impression that everyone in SL is meshed out from head to toe, and if they are not, they should be. That’s a small minority of SL residents. I do think that at this time people should have mesh hands and feet. However, I do realize that everyone is in SL for different reasons, and not everyone wishes to put RL money into SL (which is probably the easiest way to get Lindens). I recently had another friend who came back to SL, and was overwhelmed by the fact that she had to purchase a mesh body, hands, feet, and all of the appliers to go with it. I felt bad when she said that she “wanted to cry…I don’t want this.”

I made the suggestion to focus on getting hands and feet + appliers for right now, until she got used to it. She wanted the Slink body, and I believe that even when you get the body you still have to purchase the hands and feet separately. I think those of us who actively keep up with the trends tend to forget that this is a LOT to process. We think that things that come to us easily, should come to everyone easily.

So, without further ado, here are pictures of all of the goodies ^^


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