Are you a Second Life fashionista?

I decided to make a basic guideline of what you should have as a fashionista. For those who are in specific hobbies and occupations in SL, not all of the items will apply to you. I could talk for hours on each point that I have mentioned here. My point in making this list is if you don’t already do or have these things, get to it! If you already do, feel free to share this with someone.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica
Hair: ::Exile::Future Outcasts
Dress: ~Blacklace~ Sophia: Corset Dress
Shoes: Hucci Jinan Sandal – Red
Jewels: Donna Flora IRINA, Izzie‘s – Midi Rings gold
Prop: BehaviorBody-Chic Sit 2 Prop Chair Grey


1. Wear quality skins.

This is a touchy topic because people are attached to their skin. I get it – I wore one skin for many months until I found Al Vulo and was comfortable to make the switch. I believe that everyone should re-evaluate the skin that they wear yearly. This way you will be on par with the current trends. My personal recommendation is to always be on the lookout for skin. Why?

As anything else, as we become more skilled, our product improves. But now with the onset of mesh – bodies, hands, feet, heads, you have to update sooner than maybe even a year if you want to stay current. I would recommend to find a skin content creator who is on trend and is attempting to keep up with the changes. Otherwise, your favorite merchant may go out of business, and you are out of luck.

2. Own mesh body parts.

Let’s face it – if you don’t have mesh hands and feet by now – you are just not a fashionista. Mesh bodies I predict will be the same way by next year – content creators are talking about phasing out standard size and replacing them with fitmesh. Now, I don’t know about you, but fitmesh on my system body makes my hips look pointy. So it’s better to just upgrade to a mesh body. There are mesh bodies for pretty much every type of body nowadays – you just have to take the time to research. Mesh heads are gaining popularity, but they are not a necessity as of yet. Very trendy fashionistas will own and use the heads in blog posts and even every day in Second Life. Others are still waiting for the perfect head (i.e. one that looks somewhat like them before tweaking).

3. Have hair for different occasions.

Someone told me that no one needs more than 20 hairs at a time, because it’s not like you would wear all of them. I can’t agree with that because I think 20 hairs (if you do it right) would be a good foundation to owning the range of hair that you will need. You need:

* Updos (for formal looks)
* Long hair (beyond shoulder length)
* Short hair (think chin length)
* Cropped/pixie hair (can be edgy or if you need to make a quick transformation)
* Ponytails (for that causal look)

And then for each you have straight hair, curly hair, braided hair, wavy hair. But the pattern of the hair would be up to you. Some people only wear black, wavy hair. Others only wear short/cropped red hair. I’ve worn most colors and styles, so I can’t relate to those people 😀

4. Always have that perfect shoe to wear.

I don’t feel like myself in Second Life without heels. My high heels generally make me about 7 inches taller than what my “regular” height.

You can have pumps for a more conservative look, or stilettos for a sexier look (my preference). Just try not to wear platform heels unless that’s the “look” you are going for. I assume everyone has flat shoes…right? I don’t like wearing flats myself, but I still own some for those certain times. Sneakers/tennis shoes are good to have as well.

Colors? Try to have the basics: Black, white, nude (light or darker), navy, chocolate, red, and whatever your favorite color is. You can have gold and silver as well.

5. Know when, where and which jeans to wear.

Dark jeans. You need dark jeans. Now if any professional models in SL are reading this, they will probably scoff at this item…or at the very least, remember what they learned at academy about jeans. I feel however that jeans are very versatile – you can dress them up or dress down. It absolutely depends on what you choose to pair with the jeans.

6. Keep in mind that gorgeous formal dress.

You will need one someday, for something, and you don’t want to be caught without one. You could take a less-formal dress and jazz it up with a shawl or fur wrap, a brooch, or repurposed jewelry to give it a more distinctive look. I admit that I don’t wear as many gowns as I used to, but I do have a few stores that I like. Now, with dresses, some people will say that if the dress is not 100% mesh, then it’s no good (i.e. no flexi parts). Others may say flexi is needed so the dress can have some swing. It all comes down to the quality of the dress – the textures and the overall design.

7. Wear and own casual and formal jewelry.

I know a lot of people don’t wear jewels because they don’t really know what to wear with it, or it’s just an inconvenience. But if you can, try to have something that’s “you”. You may be known for wearing a certain necklace, or wearing a bunch of signature rings. I’m definitely a ring person – if you don’t see me wearing a ring it’s most likely because I wore something that attached to my hand, and the ring(s) came off.

For formal jewelry, I recommend that you go to a place that specializes in jewels. That way you get a feel for what type of jewels that they sell. Some love the glam and the extravagant; others are more natural and earthy. Some love avant-garde aesthetics. Once you know your “type”, it will be easier to shop.

8. Shop for jackets and coats in the fall/autumn.

Every year I get a new jacket and a coat. Well, maybe not both, but at least one of them. Outerwear helps complete a look, and then you don’t have to worry about wearing a top. I think my favorite coat is the trench coat. I like it because I tend to run around SL in the middle of styling, and I need something I can throw on quickly. And when I wear a larger size, I don’t need to alpha anything. See – standard size is still useful!

9. Ramp it up with some sexy lingerie.

This is another thing that people do not tend to think about until it’s too late. Then it’s like, “where do I go?” “What do I get?” “How do I put this on? From boy shorts to string lingerie, there is something for everyone.

10. Reinvent themselves with their makeup selections.

Some people wear the same makeup all day, every day. This used to be the case when makeup came already on the skin. Now, we have tattoo layers for system skin. You need to have a daytime look, and a nighttime look. Daytime looks are lighter and more natural looking. Nighttime looks are more dramatic. You might say, “Well black eye shadow and red lips are my thing!” Then great – it’s your thing. But if you want to make an impact for a special occasion, you may want to keep what I said in mind.

One of the reasons why I have not used a mesh head is because there still aren’t a lot of makeup choices for the mesh heads. If there are, I have not seen them represented in world or in blogs.

11. Don’t have to worry about smudging their manis and pedis.

If you have mesh body parts, I think some may come with polish. But it’s always nice to have a nude, a French, metallic and some fun colors to be able to switch it up. If you don’t have mesh hands and feet…you MUST wear some sort of polish at all times.

12. Always look picture perfect with the right AO.

The fastest way for a fashionista to look like a fashion noob is to be dressed well and to twitch randomly. Get a good AO with natural movement. If you don’t move like that in RL, don’t do it in SL (unless you are not using a human avatar). I would like to make my own AO, but I have never gotten around to it. I would like better control of animations where my hands are on my hips, or if I am carrying a purse.

These are basic things to look out for whenever you sort through your inventory or do a purge. Also, this can also be a rough guideline to create a capsule or a minimalist wardrobe. So, what do you think? Do you feel something else should have been added to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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