New at Kustom 9 – Genesis Angie Mesh Head

In my quest for the perfect mesh head (for me), I saw this mesh head from Genesis Lab at Kustom 9. Because I was not in a gacha mood, I looked around at various yard sales to see if I could find a head in the shade that I liked.

Genesis Angie – Smile (Latte) @ Kustom 9
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Once again, Genesis Lab impresses me with their quality mesh heads. The eyes, makeup, and eyelashes are all included in the package. The HUD was pretty cool, even though I didn’t like any of the lipstick shades.

genesis hud

Previously I bought (or was given) Julia and Emily in Cappuccino.

Genesis JuliaGenesis Julia – Relaxed (Cappuccino)

I didn’t like the other one, so I never took a picture of it. I liked Angie because I was able to find a shade closer to my “natural” tone. And it just looks better. I still do not think this mesh head is “me”, but for only 99L, it’s not bad at all. I think this would make an excellent head for someone out there.

Do you think Angie on me looks somewhat like a headshot that I took last year? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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