Fabulously Free no more

Update 11/06/15: I just saw yesterday that the FabFree inworld group as well as its blog will still be available. Check out this post from them to learn about the upcoming changes to the group.

I saw on Plurk yesterday that the inworld group Fabulously Free in SL was closing. Even though I had left the group some time ago, I still feel sad about it closing. Why, if I had already moved on from it, you ask?

When I first started Second Life, I was a shopping fiend…at all the freebie malls. I had started getting into joining groups, and one day I saw someone with a Fab Free group tag activated. I joined the group, and I found so many quality freebie items. Like, they just put the item in the group notices for everyone to get. The generosity of the designers blew me away. And for those who didn’t put items in the notices, there were landmarks to their shops to get their gifts. Fab Free introduced me to many stores in Second Life, when people had no problems going to the main store to shop.


I had taken this picture in July, and didn’t know how to incorporate it until now. Go figure…

There were a number of reasons that led me to leave the group. Mainly, I felt I had outgrown the group. I was finding information from other resources about freebies and discounts, plus I had the income to buy my items. The group chat was indeed a community of people, but I didn’t really like the tone some members gave off. The group has changed hands a few times since I left, so maybe the community improved under new leadership – I’m not sure. But with the advent of events and store owners focusing more on the bi-weekly and monthly events, the main stores weren’t as much of a priority. The notices and information reflected this change. So with 42 groups and me occupying 95% of those slots most of the time, I made the choice to depart.

The main reason that I’m sad that Fab Free is closing is that I wonder where the newbies will go to get information? Second Life is vast, and as many of us know, it’s really hard for a single outlet to reach EVERYONE, or most of the people in SL. However, since Fab Free has been around since 2007 (before I even came to SL), it’s easy for a good amount of people to just refer a newbie to the Fab Free group for information. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who blog freebie items. But what’s the likelihood of them being found?  I do hope that someone in their community steps up and forms their own group to make up for the void. With 20K + members, it could happen, right? We’ll see.


Styling Credits

Hair: *Milk* Hair~Poppy Seed (now Besom)
Skin:Glam Affair – Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica
Phone: [ Z U L U ] Phone 5 Black Mesh
Glasses: * S O R G O – AKIRA / Leak (SG)
Dress: –David Heather-Connexion Dress/Black
Necklace:  Mandala
Purse: PP – Diamonds Apple Clutch – Black
Rings: Izzie’s – Midi Rings  gold
Pose:  Di’s Opera


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