Solaris Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2015

Hey guys! Solaris Autumn/Winter 2015 (A/W ’15) Fashion week started on October 10th, and ends on the 18th. According to their website:

“This year, we reached out to a group of new and inspiring designers, along with our known fashion designers. And also, as this is our premier fashion week, we are making sure to offer shows when you want to see them, on the weekends ONLY. This season promises to offer something for everyone. Along with collaborative shows, we will be featuring several theme shows and a special show featuring designers participating in the Designers Showcase monthly event..”


I attended the theme show – Provoke: A Lingerie Fashion Show, which took place at 11 am SLT yesterday. The designers featured in the show were:

* Blacklace
* Carrie’s Lingerie
* Styles by Danielle
* LUNA Body Art
* SexicalMoi
* Simply Me!
* Supernatural
* Vanity House of Designs


This is a complete directory of the stores participating in the fashion week. When you click the sign, it gives you a landmark to where you can buy the clothing featured at Solaris Fashion Week:

SE Wings Retail Area
NW Wings Retail Area
Wing Central Retail Area
NW Wings Retail Area
SW Wings Retail Area

And now, on to the sexy lingerie! ^^ I tried to get at least one item by each designer, and at least one model. I will say it was harder to get in the photos because I’m used to the models being front and center; rather, they were alternating sides on the runway.

[11:18] Esme Capelo says: If you notice, all the models are adorned with LUNA::. Body Art
Slink Nails. They feature a striped design with a highlight of flowers running diagonally
through the design. It comes on a hud with enough colors to match most outfit choices.  Nail art is one way of adding beautiful color into your life, so get colorful!


Jenna by Carrie’s Lingerie (Kim Rongyu)



Fierce by Carrie’s Lingerie (Yashi Audion)


Lindy by Styles by Danielle (Chloe Electra)


Lindy in Fushia by Styles by Danielle (Lolita Paragon)


Estelle by SexicalMoi ( Yashi Audion)



Bessie by Supernatural (Eleseren Brianna)



Seduire by Vanity House of Designs (Valsnia)


Constance by Blacklace (Chloe Electra)

Rousing Paris by Blacklace (Yashi Audion)


Lorie Lingerie by Supernatural (Essy Luv)


LoveMeTender by {POSH PIXELS} (KatieMichelle)

I was not able to get the outfit from Simply Me! because there was only one outfit modeled. So I took a picture of the vendor.


I was happy to see that they also had a free gift for everyone who visited their booth.  I grabbed a couple of other gifts while walking around yesterday. From what I saw, most do not have gifts, but you never know – your favorite store may have a cute gift!  By the way, when you go to the fashion show, there are gifts at the entrance for all attendees. So it may be worth stopping by for a show or two for the swag ^^


4 thoughts on “Solaris Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2015

  1. Ferdinand Casbach says:

    What a shame that Linden Lab is losing all these sims and Second Life gets smaller each day. Linden Lab will want to close the grid soon when Sansar comes online next year. Then everything will go to waste.

    • ℳøηї says:

      I think LL will keep SL open as long as it generates money. Considering the fact that you will need a high end computer as well as Occulus Rift (which I read will be at least $350 to purchase) to even use Sansar, I can’t see SL closing anytime soon. Plus I have heard they are working to pull hard core gamers as well as businesses in, which they tried and failed to do in SL.

  2. Marijke Harodson says:

    Yeah when I go to Second Life I hardly see any people anymore. It is like a ghost town these days. I also heard they are shutting down the grid next year. OMG these Lindens what are they doing this is such a pitty.

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