Miss Virtual World 2016 – Third Runway Challenge

Hey guys! Today I went to the Miss Virtual World 2016 event. The contestants were doing their third runway challenge – Fast & Furious. I don’t go out to fashion events nearly enough, but I knew I had to go to this one! Come on – it’s Fast & Furious!


“You like living on the edge? You love illegal street racing and heists. Maybe you’re a jewelry thief or maybe you like a good fight. The candidates will be showing you their fashionable outfit while living on the edge. Their inspiration was taken from some parts of the movie “The Fast and Furious”.” – Issy Flatley, host (left side)

I loved the stage, especially with all of the cars underneath the platform. We were informed that Surplus Motors provided the cars, and that Hethwen Collinwood built the stage. Over on the right is the DJ, Thorn Andel. Now that I think of it, I should had taken a picture of the audience – the audience area had three levels of seating, but I didn’t realize it until after I sat down. There were only a small group of people on the second and third levels, but the main level was pretty much full.

According to Issy, the judges at this event were:
* Eleseren Brianna – Reigning Miss Virtual World
* Wicca Merlin – Owner & Designer of Wicca’s Wardrobe, Professional Runway & Print Model, Blogger, Stylist and Photographer.
* Skip Staheli – Adult Industry Best Erotic Photographer of the Year 2015
* Eva Kelini –  K E L I N I  •  Haute Couture Owner,  M I S S  V ? 2 0 1 4  First Runner Up
* Hethwen Collinwood – Mr Virtual World – USA 2015 and  Heth Haute Couture – Owner
* Tyra Eiren – Fantasy Angels Owner and Professional Model
* Prisilla S. Avro – Professional Model and Blogger, Co-Founder & Manager of VISIONAIRE & HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE and  Miss Virtual Puerto Rico 2015 (Top 10).

I did not take pictures of everyone, because I was off and on the computer. But I did enjoy much of the fashion that I saw, so I took what I could. You may see someone on a bike in the back – that’s the owner of BOSL, Reign Congrejo Jameson. I forgot who the other person is – I want to say her partner, but I’m not 100% sure.

FF-show_001MISS V♛ARGENTINA   – Quinty Sirnah
“What………….. asking me to describe my outfit? Who do you think you are, really, asking me? Queen Q – Miss Furious – respected by many. “

FF-show_002 MISS V♛ AUSTRALIA  Falinakatze
“Her back piece has her spare tire and tail lights on it along with her racing colors of Green and Yellow, the colors of Australia, plus the checkered flags from her many wins. “

FF-show_004MISS V♛ BELGIUM  Orelana Resident
“Orelana chose to represent the wildest female character of “Fast & Furious” movies : Leticia “Letty” Ortiz. As a good racer, she likes wearing leather that makes her looking like a bad girl ,customs her fit and attracts attention of men…and maybe women.”

FF-show_005MISS V♛ BRAZIL Lanna Axel
“During my research for this challenge, I have always found inspiration from sexy women with bad girls of spirit and attitude. From these characteristics ive different inspirations to create my look.”

FF-show_006MISS V♛ CUBA Kaciee
“Kaciee had watched every Fast and Furious movie that had come out and now she had a chance to actually be in one. She rode her motorcycle made by “Boudoir” to the end of the runway and jumped off..She looked around at all the drivers, lights and the staff that would film this for the new movie. She would be playing a role reminiscent of the one played by Gal Gadot”

FF-show_008MISS V♛ FRANCE   Joys Cuttita
“FAST AND FURIOUS is a great action movie that leaves you breathless. The protagonists are strong, attractive but not beautiful, they are able to drive the car as a man and contemporaneamte be very sexy. Of them are modern amazons from which I took inspiration.”

FF-show_009MISS V♛ GERMANY  Eleanorjean
“I live in right in the heart of Nascar country, just a few miles from one of the busiest tracks in racing. The Nascar Hall of Fame is in my city, so I know racing whether it’s on the track or in the streets. Being German means I also have well engineered fast cars in my blood. “

FF-show_010MISS V♛ INDIA    Valsnia
“She belongs to no single group she is way too arrogant and way to skilled to be so limited. The geek the strategists behind the large scale banking frauds, she is seen on the roads as a Fashion Diva and behind the scenes of crimes as the Mastermind.
Her smile – Calmly says “ Catch me if you can””

FF-show_011MISS V♛ JAPAN  Vera Fenutzini
“Vera was happy to be the pioneer of the scanning mechanism.  It was only implanted last month yet the number of violations has more than tripled. The allure of a fast car, or the glimmer of a diamond always seem to be within her scan. “


“Don’t let your life come to this.  Adopt the slogan: Drinking, Driving
and High Fashion Don’t Mix!”

FF-show_016 MISS V♛ SEYCHELLES      Apocketfullofbutterflies
“Sounds of Sirens coming from the walls as I make my escape from the underground, my pistol is cocked and I have enough ammunition. Those sounds gets overshadowed by the ancestors drums leading me safely out.”

FF-show_017MISS V♛ SPAIN Shaili Alex
“MV♛ Spain 2016’s personage is a 25 years old mechanic women who was arrested in 2011 for dismantling of stolen cars.  The color pattern is inspired by the super-car Lykan Hypersport, from W Motors. “It costs $ 10.9 million, and does zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds. There are seven in the world” said Paul Walker to Vin Diesel in the 7th movie from the series.”

FF-show_018MISS V♛ UNITED KINGDOM     Brianna Beresford
“The Fash and Furious challenge research resulted in Brianna deciding to fall under the influence of Mia Torreto, Dom’s sister. She appears to prefer well-worn jeans with tees and a jacket. This styling pulled some items from Bri’s closet and for the first time in a fashion styling a piece of clothing from the Linden closet!”

FF-show_020MISS V♛ USA Catalina Staheli
“New to the world of fashion in Second Life, Catalina had thought she’d finally gotten a chance to style just about everything out there. With this challenge, she found out just how wrong she was! Her first attempt at doing an urban theme, Catalina sloogled her heart out and then scoured the grid for those amazing designers, some of whom she knew only a tiny bit about and many she knew nothing about at all!”

FF-show_023Finale walk

Overall, I had a nice time, and I wish everyone good luck in getting through to the next round. Only 12 Misses will be chosen…phew! I know the judges have their work cut for them….good luck to them too ^^


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