Happy Second Anniversary Seasons Story!

I went to the Seasons Story event, and picked up a few things, including the discounted hair from Wasabi Pills. They had brown colors discounted, so you know I took advantage ^^

Hair SL has blogged a number of free hairs that I missed on my trip, plus another discounted hair. Read all about it and let me know if you picked any of them up! ūüôā

Hair SL

Oh hey, have you heard?

The seasons Story is celebrating their second anniversary this round.  And of course this means, gifts for us!  Thank you so much Designers & coordinators!  We really do appreciate your generosity. ♥

season story gift hairs 1

  1. Blues. Anna Lee {rainbow: brown} By Avie Button FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY  
  2. Blues. Lee Anne {rainbow: blond} By Avie Button FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY  
  3. [DUE] Karin Vitamin pack By Dubled FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY    

season story gifts hairs 2

  1. [^.^Ayashi^.^] Selena hair By Ikira Frimon FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY  
  2.  ~*Damselfly*~ Anjelica  By Shylah Honey FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY   
  3. 4. Mithral * Juniper (in 2 shades) By Evadne Quintessa FREE GIFT @ SEASONS STORY  

Also featured are two hairs I HAD to buy.
  • One by Wasabi Pills. I think this is my top fave of the year. ( Well, since hair fair anyway ūüėõ ) You can find the‚Ķ

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