LIFE 2 – Eat, drink, and be merry through interaction

Hey guys! I have wanted to talk about [LIFE2] since the beginning of the summer, but as we all know, things happen. I was introduced to this interactive HUD probably because I like food – and there is a lot of it for LIFE ^^ I am not sure when LIFE started, but I do remember at one point there were merchants advertising “LIFE-friendly” furniture and the like.

I went to the Life Sim earlier because one of my friends had recently rented a new place, and I had the idea to show him a place that resembled a RL supermarket. He was excited because he saw many things that could be used as home decor.


Location: Life2 & LIFE Main store

Hair: Clawtooth: Just for Kicks – Brunette Pack (@ this month’s Arcade)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica 02
Shirt: coldLogic shirt –
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * Dirty *
Rings: RealEvil Industries Raven Rings SLC
Basket: Little Llama – Grocery Basket (red)
Pose: an lár [ Poses ] – The Naken Series


LIFE 2 came out in June, which was right around the time when I was introduced to it. According to their Facebook page, “[ L I F E ] HUD is a changing the way you enjoy Second Life. We give your avatar each of the following essential needs; Hunger, Thirst, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, and Entertainment. Each of these are needs that you will encounter with your use of the HUD that you must satisfy and are essentially the foundation for continuing progress in the LIFE Hud and Unlocking all the fun things we’ll be adding to it as we progress.

Some people may like the fact that in Second Life, we don’t need to sleep, eat, or shower. Others may want a more “realistic” experience to bring people closer together.

So what do you get when you buy LIFE2?

Life 2 starter pack - Second Life

The HUD monitors the following:


So after you get the HUD + Meter (only the HUD is shown in the picture), you get a starter package. So as you see, you get:

Blueberry muffins
Shampoo & Conditioner
Pancake Sausage sticks
Pepperoni pizza pockets

Life 2 starter pack - Second LifeSoda and Kiwi – breakfast of champions

Life_001Not sure why I didn’t use the shampoo that came in the pack…

I still had to get stuff for bladder, entertainment and energy. Fortunately, my “sponsor” was happy to set me up properly. She said she was hoping to get me hooked so she could have someone to share LIFE 2 with 🙂

Life_003Because we can’t leave home without it

Life_002If I had a proper bathroom at home it would go in there…sorry 😛

Life_007What? I needed to take a quick rest with my round pillow…

The only thing I didn’t list here was Health, but that’s because it is dependent on how well you monitor your other stats. If you drop below a certain percentage in any stat (except entertainment), your health drops too. Yes, you can “die” in LIFE 2, and then you would need to get yourself revived with an adrenaline shot. I’m not telling you how or where to get it – just never neglect yourself and that won’t happen ^^

You can always “pause” the HUD if you get tired of constantly refilling your stats. My HUD is paused now, even though I resumed it briefly to show my friend how my stats increased after using the items.

How much does this cost?

This was the price breakdown that I observed and either paid or was given Ls to buy in June. I don’t remember what I paid for, but it was probably some soap and a couple of food items. The prices in parentheses reflect group pricing (always join the group before buying anything at the store – it’s free to join).

HUD – 500L (446L)
Entertainment: Phone (225L) + 100L refill (90L)
Toilet: toilet paper (108)
Hygiene: Soap (63L)
Resting: Pillow, coffee (36L) – pillow I got for free
Rassasy  chicken , spaghetti – 50L each
Rassasy sushi – 50L
water – 50L
veggie and feta spinach – 100L

So it can get pretty pricey. Rassasy Foods is one of many stores on the LIFE sim that sells Life-compatible food. I knew of the store before it joined the LIFE sim.

How is LIFE 2 interactive?

When you use any items, you get messages such as:

[16:47] > Monica Querrien is playing with their [Life2] LIFESUNG Universe 3.
[17:12] > [Life2] Sloca Cola Cup is being enjoyed by Monica Querrien.
[17:12] > Monica Querrien takes a bite out of [Life2] Kiwi.
[07:34] CD-DrumstickNuttyCaramel: 7 licks left.

In addition, you can “cook” food by buying recipes from the LIFE store. More on that can be found here because I have never made any food. I have eaten food made by them, like ham and cheese sandwiches and spaghetti.

The person who introduced me to LIFE 2 lived in Giano Estates at the time, which is a New England family RP sim. It also has its own LIFE-affiliated store, which I visited one time. Every morning she would set up breakfast  outside and invite me, neighbors, and even people in the LIFE group chat to come over and eat. I would be hungry at that time too, so it was cool to come over and chat while refilling my stats.

There are other ways to interact with LIFE, but I only feel comfortable in talking about features that I have actually experienced.

Last thoughts

I think LIFE 2 would be excellent for families and people who want to find common ground with others within a community. Entrepreneurs can stand to make money selling consumable items to a niche market. I will definitely tell more people about LIFE, and a special thank you goes out to the person who helped navigate me through it.

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