I come bearing gifts

No really – I kid you not ^^ After a long day I decided to relax and check out the gifts that I picked up when I visited the Festival of Sin II. If you have not been there yet, you should check out the gift shop ^^


festival of sin II - second life

You can see even from the picture that there are lots of goodies inside. I will try to show as many items as I can. I tagged all of the stores that are represented on my bed, so check the bottom of my post to see if your favorite store is shown here. There are plenty of more stores, but I tried to show one of each item offered. I think I am missing the water globe, though.

I have a travel mug (which is funny because i am drinking tea right now from a similar mug ^^), fuzzy dice, a clear tote bag, shot glass (24K gold, bishes!), deck of cards, shades, and poker chips.

I am also wearing Blacklace‘s latest group gift – the Rousing Caress Floral set. Don’t forget to check out the Vintage & Cool Fair – you have a few more days until that ends. Same for the Festival of Sin ^^


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