Heartbreak and reconnaissance

I have to be out by noon tomorrow
Said my tall, dark, and handsome lover.
I should had known heartbreak would be soon to follow
When I found those lace panties under the bed cover
I cried because my heart was full of sorrow
My psyche in shambles, my insides hollow.
Blacklace Lingerie

Went to my loft and had a look at his file
Found out that his indiscretion had been for weeks
With his profile picture wearing nothing but a smile
What did he see in them – they were nothing but freaks and geeks?
I opened my window and threw out his laptop computer
Smoking my cigarette, it looks like it’s time for a new suitor.

But there is no way that I’m leaving without a fight
Will go to the house and pick up all of my things
Might even practice a few of my bat swings.
But after I’m done, the place will be worse than a bomb site.

Styling Credits
Skin: Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica 02
Hair: .: fiore :. SIMONA Hair
Lingerie: Blacklace – Lavine Black (Omega applier for Maitreya Lara) (at the Vintage and Cool Fair)
Shoes: {Livalle} Marissa -High Platform Heels- Noir (at the Festival of Sin II)
Rings: RealEvil Industries Raven Rings SLC
Cigarette & Ashtray: .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette
Chocolate (in mouth): Mingle Chocolate
Chocolate Box: HND Designs – Box of Chocolates
Ripped Photos & Lighter: Plethora (The Breakup set) (at the Festival of Sin II)
Bed w/ laptops: Aria


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