Party at the Cyprian Terrace

As some of you may know, I’m a rental manager over at the Manor Suites. It’s on the same sim as the Cyprian Garden – a beautiful place with lots to explore (adults only!). The owner has worked hard all summer long to update and renovate the place, and tonight was time to celebrate and enjoy.

The Cyprian Terrace can be found within the garden – it’s an area with a big dance floor where you can look at the water that’s on two sides. The DJ who who was playing the awesome 80’s tunes was Potvin Tigerpaw, aka DJ 4Play. I didn’t know that he used to publish a couple of magazines that I used to read (said so on his profile anyways).

There was a raffle for 2000L, and the winner was…

[19:00] Raffle Board D (MAIN) 2.1: Congratulations to Luka Fairey for winning the contest: ‘Our Raffle’. They have won ‘L$2000’.

 I felt like Lucille deserved it. The music was 80’s themed, and she really did look like she was from the 80’s, green skirt and all.

I used to go out in SL all of the time, and nowadays when I go out it seems like a big deal. Like the other day I attended the launch party for L’amour Diversity magazine, and I went out and bought a dress for it.



This is a raw shot – no editing except to resize…you see our kitchen in the background there. I guess my cats are all sleeping or else you would had seen them over there on the rug.

Okay – enough rambling for tonight. I just wanted to share with you guys some of my happiness. Let me know in comments if you want to come out next month for another party at the terrace!


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