Do you have an page?

Hey guys! I know this topic comes up every so often. But due to the growing use of social media for Second Life, I feel that it’s still relevant. It can also serve as a reminder for people who have it, and forget to update. So, what is, and why should you have a page?


Azul dress - Entwined hair - Second Life Fashion The Big Picture of You
Make a personal page and inspire people to connect with you. is a place where you can list all of your social media places in one location. In addition, you can give basic as well as background info on yourself. This comes in handy because with so many places that SL’ers hang out, I sometimes lose track where I have actually joined. It also can be a way to deter impersonators from stealing your online identity. If it’s not listed on, then chances are the “new” account is not you.



This first second is a brief intro to who I am. What I like about this is that people can see my latest blog posts, and click to read them if they so choose. And at the bottom section is a list of all of my social media sites lol. I have more for Monica than I do for real life – fact!


The second part is one of the more recent additions – the backstory. This is optional to fill out, but it provides a history of sorts to what you have done in your life.  In SL I have two resumes – one specifically for fashion modeling and one that covers my general activities, including blogging. This info comes in handy when people want to know your experience – even if it’s just how many feeds your blog is on.

There are ways you can interact with others through complimenting. You can send a number of compliments to show your interest in a person’s profile. Also, you can put people in collections. I have several collections that I add profiles to from time to time.

If this sounds intriguing to you, why not come join me on If you already have an account, perhaps now is a good time to update your information.

Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica – 12 B
Hair: [Entwined] Ivy (group gift)
Dress: AZUL– SLF&O GG 2015 June ( I am not sure if that gift is still there, but they have it in black under the Azul group gifts for sure)
Shades: Izzie‘s – Oversized Sunglasses (brown lenses)
Shoes: ->VeNuS♥ShOeS<- Lydia
Pose: Pretense 
Location: Baja Norte


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